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April 10, 2019

March is done, and it looked for a minute like Spring had sprung (though yesterday’s hailstorm told a different story!) Which means it’s time for another What I’ve Been Up To post!

I had a really fun month which ended up being quite action packed – there were blogging events, two theatre trips, the best roast dinner I’ve ever had, family bonding, and I booked a whopper of a holiday.

Let’s get on with it shall we…

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Moonpig

[Gifted – Event]

My March started off with a bang as I was kindly invited to check out Moonpig’s Mother’s Day range, and even got to take my mum along too!

We had a really wonderful time, having afternoon tea, practising flower arranging, making personalised cards and having a cocktail making masterclass!

It was such a fun day and really special to share it with my mum. I wrote all about it here so go check that post out to see how we got on, and to see some of the wonderful gifts and flowers Moonpig offer alongside their signature personalised cards.

Some of my mum’s flowers are still going strong literally a month later so I definitely recommend Moonpig if you are looking to send flowers to a loved one.

Booking a Trip to Nepal

Guess who booked at trip to Nepal?!

We *still* hadn’t sorted out our holiday plans for the year and decided to keep it fairly low key this year, to financially recover from India in October and save up for the big trip to New York we’re planning for December. My God I’m excited!

We started off looking at Warsaw for a city break, then decided to change it up for a week in Paris / Disneyland Paris. However when we did the maths, we realised we could actually go to Nepal for 10 days for the same price. No brainer, right?!

We go in May so have got A LOT of planning to do but we’re super excited! If you’ve got any tips / must do’s please let me know.


Roast Dinner at Blacklock Shoreditch

Andy and I have been loving roast dinners recently and had heard that the best roast in London by far is at Blacklock.

We tried to get into their original Soho branch but this gets booked up months in advance. They did however manage to squeeze us into their new Shoreditch restaurant at 11:45am. Hurrah! Never too early for a roast right?!

My god it was INCREDIBLE!

On Sundays they only serve roast dinners, and it’s all set up to be just as good as your nan’s homemade roast – served on pretty, ornate plates. We went for the All In – which is roast beef, lamb and pork all PILED on top of all the trimmings – Yorkshire pudding, duck fat roast potatoes and chargrilled vegetables, with plenty of gravy for the table. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again!

It is definitely the best roast dinner I’ve ever had at a restaurant. The meat was expertly cooked, all the trimmings were literally perfect and the gravy was the best I’ve ever had south of Yorkshire!

It was also just £20 per person which was so reasonable for the amount and quality of food we had. We’ll definitely be coming back for another roast soon!


Blue Planet Live II in Concert

Last summer Andy and I went to see Planet Earth II Live at the Royal Albert Hall and absolutely LOVED IT! As soon as Blue Planet II Live was announced we snapped up tickets.

It was at the O2 this time around which wasn’t quite as good a venue, as it wasn’t as intimate as at the RAH. We had seats pretty close to the stage but I imagine it wouldn’t be quite as magical really far away (I like to be able to properly see the orchestra and try and pick out individual instruments!)

It was still incredible though and the live choir accompanying the orchestra was amazing. It was great to relive some of the most popular sequences from the documentary and such a relaxing way to spend an evening.



World Poetry Day with Viking Stationery

[Gifted – Event]

Did you know it was World Poetry Day on March 21st?

To celebrate, Viking kindly invited me down to The Bull and Gate in Kentish Town to learn to write sonnets like the greatest poet of all – my hero William Shakespeare.

I had such a great time and it was really lovely to catch up with some other bloggers and meet some lovely new people too.

I’ve got a full blog post coming up soon to show you everything I got up to – and some top calligraphy tips I picked up!


Car Shopping with Curly

I had another awesome day with Curly – we went for lunch and a good catch up and heart to heart at a local cafe. He bought lunch, I treated him to a chocolate milkshake (which was so sugary he felt drunk afterwards!) and then we went car shopping!

Curly’s Parkinson’s Disease means he struggles with his mobility and it’s getting harder for him to get in and out of their convertible. The boot is also fairly deep, so it’s tricky to get the wheelchair in and out of, so Curly and Sue have been looking for a less sexy, more sensible option for them – and me – to drive.

By coincidence as we headed back to the car after lunch, there was a really lovely looking compact car parked in the disabled parking spot next to ours – a Kia Venga.

Neither of us had heard of this before (I mean my car knowledge is negligible at the best of times…) but it looked pretty cute, not too big, and it was obviously working for someone’s disabled access needs. Ticking all the boxes!

We headed down to the local Kia garage and took a Venga out for a spin. It was definitely different to driving the convertible which is the only car I’ve driven other than the one I learnt in, but actually handled really nicely. Get me, I always though I was more Jeremy Kyle than Jeremy Clarkson!

Despite being compact on the outside, it had loads of room inside, and Curly was able to get in and out with relative ease. The boot also has a flat bed option, so it’s easy to slide a wheelchair in and out. Perfect!

Curly took Sue down to the garage the next day and she loved it too, so new car purchased wahoo!

I’m really excited to give it another spin when I next head back to see my parents. Especially as it’s got a built in USB port for me to hook up my iPhone so I can finally play some decent music while I drive. Priorities!


Banksy Hunting in Bristol

I headed to Bristol for work with my friend Katie at the end of March. The weather was gorgeous so we decided to go on a Banksy hunt in the evening.

The city centre was a bit ropey, but we stumbled across an absolutely stunning square with beautifully coloured houses surrounding a pretty green.

We did also find two Banksys – the Mild Mild West and Rose Trap, which was cool! It was also great to see all the other street art in the city and I’d have loved to have had more time to take it all in (and take all the pictures!)


Alys, Always at the Bridge Theatre

I seem to have recaught the theatre bug after seeing The Mousetrap last month. I went to see Company at the beginning of March (though I didn’t really rate it) and then Sue and I went to see Alys, Always at the Bridge Theatre, which was INCREDIBLE!

I’d never been to the Bridge Theatre before, but it’s stunning – really modern with a lovely bar / cafe upstairs which would be a great place for a glass of wine after work whether seeing a show or not!

It also has gorgeous views looking across the river to the Tower of London, and just next to Tower Bridge. Definitely an insta-hotspot.

The show was fantastic – starring Joanne Froggatt (best known for her role as Anna in Downton Abbey) and Robert Glenister (who I love for his fantastic readings of the Strike audiobooks). Froggatt plays Frances, a quiet journalist who struggles to get noticed at work and at home. Her world is turned upside down as she becomes involved with the famous Kyte family, and she gets a taste of life in the limelight and the doors it seems to open for her.

We get to watch as she manipulates her way to the top, and as an audience struggle to decide whether we in turn are manipulated by her and want her to succeed.

It was so cleverly staged and the acting was just brilliant. It’s a shame it has now finished its run, but I’d love to see something at the Bridge Theatre again soon.


Back on the Exercise Bandwagon

Yep. I’ve done it. I’ve started going back to the gym! Hurrah!

I used to love going to the gym and then got out of the habit, having had to stop while I tried to figure out what was causing my allergies (still no idea FYI!) Then I moved in with Andy and it was all to easy to just come home and spend evenings cuddled on the sofa eating our body weight in Dairy Milk. The dream!

I’m trying to get back into healthier habits, going to the gym when I can and also going for walks at lunch time now the days are getting nicer. It’s been particularly lovely while the blossoms have been out and I came across this stunner of a house the other day!

I’ll keep you posted with my progress but I’m hoping to get into a solid routine soon and be able to balance a heavy workload, regular exercise and blogging. Wish me luck!


I’m looking forward to April – there’ll be lots of planning my Nepal trip, some girls brunches, a trip to Whitstable and hopefully some good gym action!

Have you got any top tips for Nepal?

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