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March 1, 2019

I love going to the theatre, and I much prefer going to see a character based drama than an all singing all dancing musical.

The Mousetrap is the longest running show in the WORLD, having first opened in London in 1952. Written by Agatha Christie, it’s a clever who dunit with a big twist at the end.

It’s featured the best of British actors over the years, including royalty like Julie Walters, Patrick Stewart and Richard Attenborough (I would actually DIE!)

The story tells of Mollie and Giles Ralston who open their guesthouse the same night as a terrible snow storm. As their guests arrive – and get snowed in – news breaks of a terrible murder in London with the killer on the loose and looking for its next victim

I absolutely LOVED IT!

Each character got a chance to shine and share their story with the audience, helping us to understand who they were – or who they wanted us to think they were – so we could spend the interval guessing who the killer might be. (I am proud / ever so slightly smug to say that I guessed correctly!)

The set was simple – the whole show played out in the drawing room of Monkswell Manor. I loved this, as it let the plot and characters be the main focus without distractions of jazzy sets and elaborate changes on stage.

The plot and script was great – mixing suspense with humour, leaving me engaged but happy and stress free. No tense headache inducing agonising here!

I’m obviously not going to share too much as I don’t want to reveal any secrets but we really enjoyed the show! I highly recommend taking a trip to see if you too can solve the mystery. You can also get some pretty reasonably priced tickets as well – from approximately £20 per person.

It’s apparently also going on tour so worth a looksie to see if The Mousetrap is coming to a theatre near you.

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