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March 3, 2019

Is there any more life defining tv show than Friends?!

13 year old me couldn’t wait to be a 20-something living in a sick apartment with my best friend, lounging around in coffee shops all day, only stopping briefly by my AMAZING job to check in and collect my pay cheques, and have a series of beautiful boyfriends until I finally settled with The One, ready to have a lovely family before hitting the big 3-0.


Yehhhhhh my life didn’t work out quite like Rachel, Monica and Phoebe’s, but I still found that Friends was there for me every step of the calamity that has been my actual life! Seriously no matter how many times you watch it it just gets better and better. And at least I’ve never done a Ross and got fired for yelling at my boss over a sandwich.


So when my friend Niamh heard about a Friends Pub Quiz at the Tattershall Castle (a floating pub moored up at Embankment) we did a proper I HAVE ELBOWS squeal and signed up, along with 10 of our excellent Friends obsessed colleagues. Plus it was only £3 per person. BARGAIN!


The next few weeks were spent quoting Friends at every opportunity (the more people present in those meetings the better), Skyping relevant memes across the office, using only Friends gifs in the work WhatsApp chat and of course avidly playing Friends Trivial Pursuit every lunch time. Mate my office is fun!

On the 6th February we finally all headed down to Embankment ready for a right old booze filled night to celebrate our favourite show and cockily claim our rightful titles as Friends Champions, getting our mitts on the Geller Cup.


The Tattershall Castle is such a great idea in principal. Basically a pub on a barge and moored up opposite the London Eye you get gorgeous views day or night, and there are heaters and covered deck areas so you can enjoy them all year round.

It’s a bit shabby inside – literally on a level of a typical Wetherspoons, but hey! We were about to do a Friends quiz so could be in a shack and not really care. Let’s get a drink!


Ohh, non moving picture. Just call me Dean Thomas.

And this is where it all started to go wrong.

£6.45 for a pint of Peroni?! Holy Actual Christ. Like literally what?! I’m a born and bred Londoner and never have I ever spent so much on a pint of beer in the capital before. I was so shocked at the price of beer I felt like I need a bloody good drink to calm down!


Telling ourselves it would be fine – we would at least win a £50 bar tab prize – we headed downstairs to our allocated table (trying not to spill a drop of beer worth 50p as we went)

Obviously we got straight to browsing the food menu – jollily called Joey Doesn’t Share Food! Beer rage dissipating, Friends makes everything better!


Again it was expensive but a bit more along the lines of what you’d expect from London pub grub prices. It did look pretty horrific when it came out though and I was glad I only ordered a bowl of chips! Beige buffet sharing platters all round for most of the gang, which randomly came with two out-of-place sticks of asparagus which stuck out a bit like the minced beef in Rachel’s trifle. Yummy.


The tables were laid out with The Picture Round – 10 celebrities who had all guest starred in Friends – we had to name them and say the connection between them. Surely it’s more convoluted than just they were all in Friends? I mean it’s a Friends quiz. No? Oh. Ok…..


The main quiz got underway and there were 10 rounds including a quote round, who said what about who round, and a round on the actors themselves (which is where our knowledge faltered – damn not learning the actors’ birth dates!!). All good clean fun, but the questions were fairly simple and the sorts of things most people would know, if they had even a light knowledge of Friends.

The quiz master however was TERRIBLE!

He was obviously tasked with dragging the quiz out for 3 hours despite there not being enough questions to naturally fill that time, and mostly just talked nonsense which was so irratating. JUST GIVE US THE FRIENDS QUESTIONS DAMMIT!


He also clearly knew nothing about Friends, constantly misquoting and mispronouncing things. Now I know not everyone is as obsessed as us, but it was a Friends quiz for Friends fans. So we kind of expected the quiz master to know a little bit about Friends! There was A LOT of eye rolling going on and cries of “get on with it” around the boat! At least it promoted camaraderie and bonding between the different teams!

Despite his blabbering, the quiz actually finished pretty quickly and we swapped sheets with the table next to us. Outrageously we only scored 50/56 which I was pretty ashamed about – particularly as most the questions – other than the round about the actors themselves – were pretty simple and high level, the sort of thing anyone who’d seen a few episodes would know. Definitely nothing of mega fan status!


Never mind – there was a tie break with 4 teams competing for the top 3 prize winning spots. We could still play vicariously through them!

Oh wait, no. They were gathered on the top deck with no mics so no one could see or hear what was going on. Booo! Most people therefore decided to leave the boat as there was nothing really to stay for other than another over priced pint.


In this time I should also add many of us got our phones out having had them stashed away during the quiz – no cheating here kids – only to be aggressively told by staff “No phones or you’ll be disqualified”. Calm down darling the quiz finished 15 minutes ago.


As you can probably tell, I wouldn’t recommend a quiz at The Tattershall Castle. The questions weren’t to the level of super fandom we were expecting, and the quiz master was more annoying than Janice on Valentines Day. Most irritatingly of all were the ridiculously jacked up prices and poor customer service, which left a pretty disappointed taste in our mouths.

Final verdict – Give it a miss, there are plenty of much better drinking locations in LONDON BABY! Hopefully we’ll find another FRIENDS quiz to try out somewhere else one day too.

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