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February 18, 2019

January was a bit of a meh fest this year. I had some semblance of flu or cold nearly everyday – good job I was reserved in the January sales, every spare penny I had was spent on Night Nurse and orange juice. W. I. L. D.

I felt pretty unproductive and exhausted, so didn’t quite get my New Year New Me mantras off to the flying start I had planned. But that’s what February is for right?

Maybe the gym will be quieter now everyone has started and given up on their new year resolutions already?!

That being said I did have some fab little favourites which perked me up right nice – so here we go…

Victor & Rolf Bon Bon

I fell in love with Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon when Andy and I were in New York last March.

I spritzed myself liberally with it in Duty Free at Heathrow while our plane was delayed and then acquired many a free sample when visiting ALL THE SEPHORAs whilst there.

Andy gave me a bottle for Christmas and I’ve been using it every day since. I adore the sweet scent, which manages to be sexily mature rather than too sickly girlish, and the pretty bow bottle looks so gorgeous on my dressing table too.

It’s a scent I’ll always associate with my favourite holiday and I’m so excited to have my own bottle at home now too.

Boden French Press Travel Mug

I am back on the Save Money To Buy A House train, and still on the Single Use Plastic Is The Devil bandwagon. To help both of these causes, I bought myself a Boden Coffee Mug with built in French Press. It’s bloody brilliant!

Prior to buying this I found it a real struggle to take coffee from home. My at-home instant coffee was weak and rather tasteless and just didn’t wake me up enough. I also found my Keep cup to be utterly crap and I’d constantly stumble out the tube bleary eyed and covered in coffee.

I ended up just saying to hell with it, wasting all my money at Starbucks (seriously, who can afford £20 a week on coffee?!) and contributing to the consumption of single use cups and straws. Well not any more!

I LOVE THIS TRAVEL CUP! Its sleek black and silver design is really stylish, and it makes having tasty, real coffee so quick and easy.

I simply roll out of bed each morning, throw in a table spoon of ground coffee, then fill her up with boiling water. Get dressed, push down the plunger before I leave the house and BOOM! Like a modern day Dolly Parton.

I leap off the tube fully awake, clothes not drenched in brown coffee drips, and look like a bad ass bitch who’s got her shit together in the process.

It also comes with spare lid sans French Press, so I can use it as a usual refillable cup if I’m treating myself to a coffee shop coffee too. Parfait!


Yes, like the rest of Twitter, I too became obsessed with Netflix show You!

Like Gossip Girl on crack, we follow one guy’s obsessive love and how he turns from Romeo to RomeOH NO DON’T KILL HER JOE!

My main takeaway thoughts were Beck really needs some curtains, Dan Humphries hasn’t aged a bit and Beck looks so much like Queen Kristin of Laguna Beach that it’s distracting!

I highly recommend giving this a watch if you haven’t already, and I can’t wait for the next season to come out! Netflix, you’ve done it again!

The Break by Marian Keyes

I did a solo trip to Glasgow for work in January so to pass the time on the trains, nights on my own and walking around the city I started listening to The Break by Marian Keyes.

Like the previous books by Keyes I’ve read, the writing is slick and funny, the characters are likeable and relatable and the story is involved and entertaining. Excellent!

It tells the tale of 40 something year old Amy and how she copes when her husband tells her he’s taking a break from their marriage and family life, and going travelling on his own for six months. Which may or may not include sleeping with other people, depending on how it goes, and who he meets. I can tell you how I’d bloody cope…

It raises lots of questions about love, family and relationships in quite a thought provoking way, while still being fun, light hearted at times and heart warming at others.

Definitely worth a read, and the audio book version is great.

Fairy Light Curtain

Yep, I finally gave in to the cliche and bought myself a fairy light curtain for my bedroom wall. MY GOD I LOVE IT!

My boyfriend tried to protest but I managed to sneak it in under the guise of “Christmas festivity”, and he’s now totally sold and is happy for it to be up all year round. Hurrah! Like he had a choice anyway…

They make the bedroom so cosy and it’s so nice to come home, put on the lights and snuggle up with a book or watch a film.

I can’t believe I held off getting one for so long!

Neom Feel Refreshed candle

This month’s favourite candle has to be my Neom Feel Refreshed candle, which is part of their Boost Your Energy range.

It’s made with Sicilian lemon, basil and 22 essential oils and is so fragrant and zingy – I can see why it’s meant to boost your energy! It really does make the room smell amazing.

I’ve never had a Neom candle before, but I will definitely be buying more. They are fairly expensive but burn really nicely and fill a room really quickly.

Cluse La Roche Mesh Rose Gold and White Marble Watch

I got given a beautiful new Cluse watch for Christmas – the stunning La Roche Mesh Rose Gold and White Marble face.

I’ve never had a mesh strap watch before but I love the luxury touch it adds to each outfit. And it is easy to clean (my old leather strap was so hard to keep looking nice!) 

The marble face is so pretty and delicate, adding interest without being over powering.

Mina Lima Harry Potter Textbook Notebooks

More Christmas presents! (Yes, I was very spoiled this year!)

How cute are these Harry Potter Text Book Notebooks?! They’re probably too pretty to actually use, but Merlin’s beard they look great on my bookshelf!

There’s six to collect in total and I definitely want to collect them all. Next on my list are A History of Magic and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

What were your January heroes? Anyone else still totally obsessed with their Christmas presents?!

You can check out what I got up to in January here and here.

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  1. marie aygat says:

    I keep hearing about the series YOU and I will try to find time to watch it. Have you warched Sex Education?

    • emsypickle1 says:

      Ooh I haven’t but have heard so many good things! It’s next on my list 🙂 ohh do! Let me know what you think when you have!

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