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January 24, 2019

Don’t worry lads, we’re nearly at the end of January! The closer we get to payday THE BETTER!

January has been a bit of a wash out for me so far – I started the year with flu, and now have another cold, which I’m really hoping I can shake soon. I want to grab 2019 by the balls but so far it’s definitely been more of a ballache!

I’m definitely looking forward to a more action packed few weeks once my bank account has been replenished and my full health restored. I sound like Duke Nukem. Here’s what I have been up to the last few weeks (spoiler – it’s about to get very homey and cosy…)


My 2019 didn’t start quite the way I wanted to – I was struck down with flu on 30th December which kept me in bed for a full week, and then still snuffling, blowing and coughing for a further week. Grim!

I ended up absolutely GAGGING to go back to work, but I did get through a LOT of Gossip Girl and reading my MAHOUSIVE new Harry Potter From Page to Screen book which I got for Christmas from Andy’s mum. You can always rely on Potter to cheer you up can’t you.

Squirrel Walk

When I was finally feeling able to get out and about again, Andy and I resumed our favourite routine from the end of last year – spending our Sundays on a park walk.

We’ve been really enjoying Dulwich Park as it’s really large with plenty of paths to roam and open spaces to explore. There’s also – most importantly – always LOADS OF DOGS!

This time we discovered a conservation area, which was full of cute, friendly little squirrels! We spent ages watching them as they chased each other round the trees and they were also super tame and came up really close. Very cute!

Pub Roast

Apparently we hadn’t had enough roast dinners over Christmas and the other weekend Andy and I headed to The Bishop in East Dulwich for Sunday lunch. I’d not been there before, and to be honest probably wouldn’t go back again either! Fair enough I was still feeling pretty under the weather after my flu bug, but it was just a bit meh.

We each had the roast beef and the meat was clearly not the best quality, the roast potatoes weren’t very crispy and the gravy was very thin. We still had a good time people watching and chatting, but next time we’ll definitely make sure we book ahead at The Palmerston just down the road, which is meant to be INCREDIBLE.

Re:Imagine Performance of Drive 

For Christmas I bought Andy tickets to see a 16 piece orchestra perform the soundtrack of Drive. His Ryan Gosling dreams come true. Yep, my boyfriend loves Gosling more than I do.

The gig was at XOYO and it was quite surreal being at a club with all the lights, smoke machine and electro music stone cold sober! It was really nice to do something different though and the orchestra and singer were great.

They do quite a lot of different performances, usually albums such as Kanye West and Drake which I think would be really interesting to see performed in this way. They have also performed Beyonce’s Lemonde, and a Best of Destiny’s Child medley which I would be so down for!

Brunch with Curly

I was due to take my dad out for a good long drive and lunch down in Riegate over the Christmas holidays but unfortunately due to the flu couldn’t make it over. He’s currently undergoing cancer treatment so has to be very careful to avoid germs and illness if possible, so I was keeping everything crossed I’d get better soon so I could go and hang out with him.

I finally made it over on the 12th January, and we had the best day ever! He was feeling in good spirits and like he’d be able to make it down to the new café round the corner and ended up walking there and back without having a Parkinson’s attack, something which hasn’t happened in so long I don’t remember the last time we did it. It was amazing!

We had a lovely brunch – full English all round – and nice little catch up, and Curly was still feeling on good form when we got home. We jumped in the car went for a drive and mooched around two supermarkets. It may seem like no big deal, but I haven’t seen my dad this mobile for this long in one go for years. It literally warmed my heart and I hope we get many more days like this I 2019. Love ya Curls.


I bloody love a board game me. In a quest to save money and keep cosy in the evenings, we’ve been playing A LOT of Scrabble the last few weeks.

I love coming home, putting a film on, sprawling on the floor and battling it out for the highest score! I’m currently the reigning champion leading 5 games to 3, but there’s all to play for! I really want to go to a board game café and discover some new games soon. I’ve also got my eye on a Jurassic Park board game I think I’ll treat myself to for my birthday next month.

Glasgow for Work

I spent another few days up in Glasgow for work, going to work a Uni Refreshers Fair, and helping to advertise upcoming our Summer Camp USA Job Fair.

It was really productive, and I also got to walk around the city a lot – enjoying the beautiful architecture and epic street art.

As well as a mural celebrating comedy genius Billy Connelly, I also spotted this beautiful robin mural, and who doesn’t love a good motivational quote on the pavement eh?!

Getting My Hinch On

Well, kind of! Whilst ill in bed, I found myself really enjoying Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories and even longing to do some cleaning myself. I know, very unlike me – I must have been *really* ill!

I started off small, giving my dressing table a damn good dust and wipe, followed by hoovering the whole house. Oh yes!

When confronted with the bathroom and kitchen however, I decided it was all a bit too much effort and have persuaded my boyfriend we need to get a cleaner in for a deep clean. Baby steps eh?!

Joining The Library

I’m a big fan of audio books, and make full use of my Audible subscription. Whilst £8 a month is good value compared to the cost of buying an audio book outright from Amazon, I am trying to cut back on my spending this year, with the aim of potentially buying a house before 2019 is over. If there’s any silver lining to Brexit, I’m hoping it will be an affordable home!

I decided to join my local library, to give me access to their app, which lets you download ebooks, audiobooks and even magazines FOR FREE! I’ve downloaded a couple of audio books so far, and will report back on how I think it compares to Audible.

Not the most exciting What I’ve Been Up To, but I’m hoping to be fully well soon. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE!!!

Payday will also definitely help rejuvenate the social calendar!

See you in a couple of weeks (pray for me that I’m no longer popping Night Nurse like there’s no tomorrow!)

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  1. Lauren Kono says:

    I have been getting really into logic-style/abstract strategy board games, for example Azul, Tsuro or Tzaar. 10/10 recommend! I don’t love the role-play style games, but I do like to think and compete. These are normally fairly quick (10-40 minutes per round) and can be played with 2+ people, which is perfect for me. Max and I recently picked up Hive, which was FANTASTIC and we played for literally hours one night.

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