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September 26, 2018

Since moving in with my boyfriend, I have become the biggest couch potato. I hardly ever watched TV before moving to Brixton, but there are now many nights spent snuggled in front of the telly.

I’ve become addicted to Sky (and particularly MTV) and now wonder why I *haven’t* always been spending £70 a month for ALL THE CHANNELS UNDER THE SUN…! 

I thought I’d do a little run down of the shows I’ve been watching lately.


Killing Eve – BBC iPlayer 

I’ve become obsessed with this show! Jodie Comer plays assassin Villanelle, who is being tracked by a UK based intelligence team. It’s a dark comedy and Comer is brilliant at making a serial killer funny and likeable, and her repertoire of European accents is amazing! It’s apparently already been commissioned for a second series having done so well in the US. Can. Not. Wait!

Are You The One – MTV, Monday 9pm

If you’re a fan of reality tv you’ll love this. 22 hopeless at love singles live in a luxury villa in Hawaii, having undergone intense personality testing to secretly pair them up with their Perfect Match. They then have 11 weeks to work out who their scientifically proven mate is. If they get it right they collectively win 1 million dollars. If they get it wrong they all leave without money or love. It’s always mega action packed as they inevitably end up falling for people who aren’t their Perfect Match along the way and then have to keep living together either watching their previous beau try and connect with others in the house in a bid to win the dosh, or stick together at the wrath of their housemates who are desperate to get the cash.  

The Bodyguard – BBC iPlayer

Who hasn’t been watching The Bodyguard?! My office hasn’t been as collectively excited for a show since Love Island 2017, and with good reason. A police thriller with plot twists aplenty and no idea who you can trust, it’s been hailed as a UK version of Homeland, and as good as Line of Duty. The sixth and final episode was aired on Sunday but it’s definitely worth a watch on BBC iPlayer…as long as no big mouth at work has already ruined the ending for you!

Ex on the Beach UK – MTV, Wednesday10pm

Now I must admit this is pretty low viewing. Usually featuring some kind of Geordie Shore alumni, this year’s series has Natalee from The Valleys (who no one – either on the show or not – seems to realise is meant to be a “celeb”). A group of hot young things live in a luxury villa in Mexico inflicting all kinds of pain on themselves as they patiently wait for their exes to come on a cause them to have a breakdown in one way or another. It’s not big and it’s not clever, but it’s worth having a look purely for the hilarity this year that is Scarlett. 

Ex on the Beach US – MTV On Demand 

Ex on the Beach US is like EOTBUK on crack. The same premise, though ALL the OGs in the US are reality tv / social media stars, so they’ve all got egos, all got dubious reputations / characters to live up to, and all have run in the same circles – so the crossovers of exes weaves a complicated – and dramatic – web. There’s physical fights, a shack of secrets and they use the phrase “come and stand by your golden pineapple” in a serious way. Why wouldn’t you watch?!

Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero – Discovery History

I wrote about this in my Fortnightly Round Up #2 post but it really does deserve another mention! Executively Produced by Steven Can Do No Wrong Spielberg, it tells the story of the regeneration of Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks. It’s fascinating, and a real must if you’re into architecture, as it chronicals the story and reasoning behind the design of the new One World Trade tower and Oculus that now sit on the site.

Teen Mom UK – MTV,  Wednesday 8pm

I am a huge fan of the Teen Mom franchise but am a total noob to the UK series. It’s not quite as escapist or as glamorous as the US original – going on a date in Blackpool isn’t quite as jazzy as hitting up a Vegas club, but being set in the UK makes their struggle as teen mums all seem more real – watching Shannon resit her GCSEs three years late resonates more than seeing Amber working for her American GED, as it’s more familiar. The girls are all really likeable and it’s nice to watch a reality show where you actually do care about the “characters” – well I do anyway!

Love Island Australia – ITV Hub

I touched upon this in my August Favourites post, but Love Island Australia is everything the UK show used to be and more. The presenter has personality, the narrator is properly funny, it doesn’t all feel totally staged, and there’s drama aplenty. Imagine a recoupling where someone steals another’s boyfriend just because they can! The series has finished now both in the UK and Aus, but I’m sure it’ll be kept on the ITV Hub a while longer, so get involved – it’s the perfect viewing for a hungover Saturday! There’s plenty of drama when you google which of the cast are still together now too. The gift that keeps on giving!

Please let me know what else needs to be on my To Watch list. Now that Autumn is here there’s even more excuse to stay in snuggled on the sofa and watching some good series!

Have you been watching any of the above? 

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  1. Pam Scalfi says:

    Never seen any of these, thanks for the tips for a fellow couch potato too :)Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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