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September 19, 2018

A couple weeks ago I started a new series on my blog – The Fortnightly Round Up – posting every other Monday and chronicling what I’d been up to. (Yes alright, this one is slightly late!)

My first post saw me ride the world’s fastest, longest city based zip wire, go Walking With Dinosaurs and take a trip to Oxford.

I’ve had another good couple of weeks, slightly less activity based than last time, but with plenty more foodie adventures, homeware shopping, pampering and a girls weekend away to Center Parcs. Let’s dive in.


The Leicester Square Kitchen

Andy and I went for an impromptu lunch at The Leicester Square Kitchen. We’ve been before and love their small plates of Mexican and Peruvian tapasanyone else all about nibbly sharing feasts?! 

Part of the The Hampshire Hotel, and recently featured on Celebrity Masterchef, The Leicester Square Kitchen is tucked in the corner of Leicester Square, just by the TKTS booth.

They have a nice outside space, separated from the hustle and bustle of the Square with plants, so you can still people watch to your heart’s content, but with a bit of privacy and set back from the tourist mania.

The food comes beautifully presented, is full of flavour and isn’t actually too expensive, especially considering it’s location. Highly recommend! 
We ordered the:
♥ Homemade nachos and guacamole;  

♥ Josper-grilled chorizo soft tacos with guacamole, arbol chilli and spicy lemon salsa; 

♥ Crispy duck and pomegranate ensalada with papaya chilli dressing

♥ Tiger prawn hard tacos with lime and cilantro 

♥ Robata chicken wings with green habenero chilli sauce – my fave! Y U M!



Sorted out my India tourist visa

I finally got my India visa sorted! Hurrah! It actually was a lot less of a stressful process than we were anticipating, having read all sorts of nightmare blogs and articles about what a lengthy and complicated process it would be, with no guarantee of getting a visa at the end, despite paying out £75.

Whilst the online forms are a little bit tricky to navigate as they’re not written in the best English so are slightly open to interpretation at times, they didn’t take too long to complete. At times we googled to check if we were reading the question the way everyone else was, others we just crossed our fingers and went for it, but we got there in the end!

We uploaded the info, sent off our pictures (which also have annoyingly non-standardised specifics), paid the fee then kept everything crossed waiting for a “visa granted” email. 24 hours later we were all done and dusted, and the countdown to our trip is officially ON! Now to book hotels and internal transfers…


Senzala Creperie – Brixton Village

Andy often works afternoons and evenings at the weekends so we go out for a lot of brunches together. Living in Brixton is great as it has so many good brunch spots and one place we love to go is Senzala Creperie in The Village. I adore their galette – The Spaniard – which is stuffed full of chorizo, cheese, baby spinach, red onion and topped with a fried egg. ALL THE GOOD THINGS!

They’re always packed with fillings and the galettes and crepes are always perfectly cooked – light and fluffy with crispy edges. They’re such a great brunch as they’re really filling but I never come away feeling like I’ve eaten *too* much and wiped for the rest of the day. 


Homeware shopping – H&M

I love pottering around and browsing homeware shops. Brixton H&M has a really big homeware section, and I had a lovely afternoon browsing all their cute homey bits. I fell in love with these two teacups and have decided I now want a whole collection of same shaped teacups with different patterns on.

I love the cheetah image – they’re my favourite big cat and hold a special place in my heart after seeing them wild when volunteering on a game reserve in South Africa last year. My favourite was the “Seek Magic Everyday” design – it’s so simple and obviously perfect for a Harry Potter fan.


Watching Rising: Re-building Ground Zero – 9/11 Documentary series

My boyfriend and I are both huge documentary fans, as well as huge New York lovers, so we’ve watched a lot of 9/11 documentaries in the last couple weeks (obviously tied in with the 17th anniversary of the tragedy).

When Andy and I visited New York in March one of the stand out times from the trip was visiting the 9/11 museum and memorial, and going up the One World Trade Centre tower. Andy told me at the time about Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero – a six part documentary executively produced by Steven Spielberg which focuses on the building of the memorial and new tower, how they chose the design and the building process (I’m a big architecture nerd so this is right up my street)

It’s a really fascinating documentary, and refreshing to watch one based on the aftermath, regrowth and defiance against the terrorists, rather than the attacks themselves. It’s definitely one to watch if you are visiting New York any time soon.

One World Trade and the memorial is such a powerful and poignant tribute to the victims, and I learnt so much from the documentary, for example that the new Oculus train station was positioned so that every September 11th at 10:28 (the time the North Tower fell) the concourse is flooded with sunlight, to symbolise light shining through the darkness. 


Girls weekend at Center Parcs Woburn Forest

Oh you can’t beat a good girls weekend away can you? 11 of us went to Center Parcs Woburn Forest for a weekend of girly fun, plenty of good food and wine and frolicking in the forest! Whilst Center Parcs is expensive, it’s lovely to be tucked away from reality in a land of trees, where no cars are allowed and there’s plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

We went down on the Friday, headed out for dinner that night at the onsite Las Iguanas then home for plenty of wine and reminiscent dancing round the living room to garage music. Lads lads lads. 

On Saturday we spent the day at the Sub Tropical Swimming Paradise, riding the rapids, flumes and lazy river until we were shrivelled like prunes and our belly’s ached with laughter! We also squeezed in bowling, more boozing, a lot more eating and a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity before spending Sunday in the Spa having a full on pamper -perfect. Same time next year girlies?! 


Getting my nails done 

I always feel so much better when my nails look nice. Before heading to Center Parcs I thought I’d spend my morning off work at the salon getting a fresh set of acrylics done.

I know they’re super bad for your nails, but sadly my natural nails are so thin that they are super sharp like a baby’s, no matter how short they are. I suffer from eczema and allergies, meaning my skin is very itchy, and when I do scratch my nails often cut the skin making it super sore and it’s something I get very self conscious of.

By having acrylics, the tips are thick and smooth, so don’t graze my skin if I scratch which is much better for me. I had my nails painted with my favourite go to colour – Go Ginza by Essiewhich is the perfect blue toned pink. I love them!


Its pretty much one month to the day that we head to India, so I’m aiming to have my whole trip planned by the time I post my next Fortnightly Round Up on the 1st October. 

We’re going over for a wedding so I’ll be doing some Indian outfit shopping with the bridge and groom in the next couple of weeks, and I’m also finally having my Mum visit Brixton to show her my new hood. Tell you all about it next time!

What have you got planned for the next fortnight? 

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  1. Pam Scalfi says:

    all this food is making me hungry (and I just ate haha)And yay for the visa!Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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