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May 16, 2013

To celebrate the bank holiday Mr Pickle took me to London Zoo for a fun day out! I’ve been saying for the last 5 years that I really want to go so I was really really excited! I’ve been a few times before, some when I was little and twice as an adult and couldn’t wait to see all the animals, but Tony was a bit apprehensive having never been and not being a big fan of zoos. We’ve been to Longleat Safari Park together (AMAZING! I highly recommend a trip here!) but Tony’s never been sure about zoos, where obviously the animals have much less freedom. However he was pleasantly surprised!


Thankfully it was a gorgeous day, bright and sunny – perfect weather for hanging out at my favourite spot at the zoo – PENGUIN BEACH! Seriously, I could spend all day every day here! I LOVE PENGUINS! We had lots of fun watching them swim, splash and waddle around, they’re just so cute and silly!


Throughout the day, London Zoo runs a variety of talks and shows and we went along to “Penguin Beach Live” to watch the penguins being fed and learn a bit more about them. It was really fun to watch them all dive for the fish being thrown for them, was really cool at the start when they all swam en masse towards our end of the pool towards the keeper! We learnt that there are abut 50 penguins living at the zoo – all Humboldt Penguins except for one Rockhopper named Ricky! And also that Penguin Beach is the largest Penguin Pool in England, so its nice to know they’re in a good home, with lots of room to move about etc. They certainly all seemed happy while we were there! There’s a video below from “Penguin Beach Live!”

We also saw the “Animals in Action” show which was really cool and showed off some of the animals natural talent and skills! We saw Basil the Coati’s excellent balancing skills, George the Parrot’s swooping and climbing skills and, my favourite, Little Bob the Burrowing Owl’s speedy running! They also had an Armadillo named Marion who was pretty funny, who knew they were so fast! We also went to see the “Deadly Birds Live” show on the Display Green and was amazing to see such big, beautiful (and kind of scary!) birds swoop and “hunt” up close.


We had such a great day wandering round and seeing all the animals and particularly enjoyed the penguins (obviously!), otters and “Meet the Monkeys” area where you can walk about as adorable little monkeys play in the trees around you (check out the cheeky little guy above!).

Tickets were £25 each which is quite expensive, but there’s so much to see and do it really is worth it. The money for ticket sales goes directly back into running the zoo and helping to care for all the amazing animals so I think that definitely makes it a worthy day trip! We took our own picnic lunch too, so didn’t spend anything whilst in there either, though there are plenty of food and drink options inside too.

I definitely reccommend a trip to ZSL London Zoo, I can’t wait until I can go again. Next time I’d like to go and do the “Meet the Penguins” experience where you get to go behind the scenes at Penguin Beach and see the penguins up close *beyond exciting!!!* (though this is quite expensive and doesn’t include your entry to the zoo). Throughout the summer they are also running “Zoo Lates” sessions again where you go to the zoo in the evening and as well as all the fabulous animal attractions, there’s also a silent disco, bbq and bars too! The perfect summer evening and only £12.50 a ticket! (Look out on Time Out Offers for the half price £12.50 ticket deal).

Have you been to London Zoo?

What’s your favourite animal to go see?

xx emsypickle xx


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