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September 5, 2018

Back in the day when I used to blog really regularly  (oh how I miss those days!) some of my favourite posts to write, and some of my most read ones, were my weekly round ups of what I’d been up to that week. I’m dying to get back into blogging “properly” again with a regular posting schedule so thought I’d take it back to 2014 and bring back my weekly diaries. However, I’m definitely not as interesting as I used to be, and doubt anyone will want to hear about the grind of a 30 something year old Marketing Manager and her commuter woes and gym goes – so I’ve decided to do it every two weeks instead! Surely I’ll do something interesting at least once every fortnight…


Peterborough United Football Game

I wrote in my June Favourites post about how I’ve never really been into football. My dad’s a rugby man, none of my exes have been big fans, and I went to a girls’ school so most of my mates – like me – just go to the pub to watch The Game for an excuse to drink beer and perve on men in shorts. When I met Andy however, it soon became clear that football would become a big part of my life. And I am LOVING IT! I love that he is so passionate about sport, and it’s definitely infectious – I too rush to “do my Jeffs” each week (if you know you know), know my Jose from my Pep, and could even tell you what the offside rule is. I think! Andy’s home team is Peterborough United and I’ve been badgering him to take me to a game and help me tick “Football Game” off my bucket list. This week was the week! We headed to Charlton Athletic’s ground The Valley and promptly bagged ourselves a pint and a pie. My kind of dinner! We then headed into the Away stands and settled down amongst the Blue and White Army of Posh fans. Omg I loved every second of it! There was chanting and singing (and I was not the most tuneless), everyone was super friendly and chatted to each other whether they knew their neighbours or not, and I didn’t have to queue for the ladies once. The atmosphere was electric, the game was action packed and a little bit scrappy (my fave kind) and my favourite player Marcus Maddison came on for the second half. I also haven’t seen anyone use the wanker sign in real life since Year 3 of primary school. Amazing! To top it all off we scored a penalty in the 88th minute to win the match. WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, SAY WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE! I will definitely be going to future matches, and my aim is to have a Posh shirt ready for the next one. Andy’s created a monster!


Ikea with Curly and Sue

Is it really a British bank holiday if you don’t go to Ikea? I hadn’t actually planned to go, but headed over to my parents house on Bank Holiday Saturday to spend some time with them before they go on holiday and give them a big old box of cookies to give them a bit of a pep as they’ve had a difficult few weeks. Sue causally dropped in that she needed to buy 120 glass bowls – as you do – for a church dinner she was hosting, so off we trotted to Ikea. I did the driving, which was fab as I haven’t been out in the car for a proper length of time in ages (and I actually drove “very well” – Sues words, which translate to “you didn’t play loud music, swear more than 3 times or make me feel like I was at Alton Towers”). We had a really nice time – got everything we needed, didn’t buy too much we didn’t (other than the giant bag of Daim bites – Curly’s fault) AND managed not to be one of those families squabbling over which chopping board looked nicest. Curly got to give his new wheelchair a spin (his first proper outing in any wheelchair) and it was a roaring success – he said it was his most comfortable trip out in ages. Hurrah! I got a nice little work out pushing him around, and we managed not to crash into too many furniture displays in the process. Success all round! I didn’t buy anything too exciting – a new black poster frame and a bathroom bin wild – but I did get this rather glorious faux palm leave for £3.50. Yes I did buy it purely for the photo opps. No I’m not embarrassed. 


Zip Now

Back in the day I was a bit of a dare devil. In fact when I was travelling, my mum stopped answering my calls as they would always start with “I’m just about to throw myself off / out / at / down…” Bungee jumps, canyon swings, sky dives – you name it, I’ve done it. I still like to think I’m a bit exciting, though there aren’t many extreme sports opps in London (despite living in Brixton). So when I saw London was now home to the world’s longest, fastest city based zip wire in the UK, of course I signed up. I booked Andy a go too, but he wimped out had to bail due to a shoulder injury, so I had to fly solo – literally! The nice guy on the check in desk took pity on me and said I could do Andy’s ride myself, and threw in the “Mega Drop” for free too. Alright! Whilst it would most definitely have been more fun climbing to the top of the tower and racing Andy down the wire, I still had a great time,and I had him to be my official videographer – win win! Five stories high, I climbed the tower, got hooked up to the wire then took three slightly tentative steps down a staircase leading into thin air. “Bend your knees then step off into the air” my instructor George called, and then I was off! It was super fun and it was a shame it only lasted 20 seconds! I then did the Mega Drop which I also really enjoyed. Basically when you get to the other end of the wire, rather than going down the stairs to ground level, you just step into nothingness and plummet to land on a crash mat at the bottom. I’d been dying to do this off the Sky Tower when I was in Auckland but I’d run out of money, and as I said – Sue had stopped answering my calls for fear of me ringing to talk about activities like this so I couldn’t ask for an IOU! Well this was definitely not as mega as the Auckland Sky Tower but it was fun – I think I enjoyed it more than the Zip Wire! Zip Now is open until 9th September so whizz on down soon if you want a go. Check out Time Out etc too for special deals as there’s lots around at the moment. You can watch videos of me doing the zip and the Mega Drop over on my Instagram.


Walking With Dinosaurs

If you know me you know I’m obsessed with dinosaurs. I’m a ten year old boy at heart. Andy got us tickets to go see Walking With Dinosaurs as part of my Christmas present and my god it was worth the wait! An arena spectacular on at the O2, it featured none other than real life super hero Michaela Strachan – and let me tell you, she hasn’t aged  at all since I used to watch her everyday on The Really Wild Show as a kid. She played narrator – paleontologist Huxley who took us on a journey way back 245 million years ago to tell the stories of the dinosaurs, taking us through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretacious periods back to the present. She was accompanied on stage by REAL LIFE DINOSAURS (disclaimer: not actual real life dinosaurs but pretty bloody close). Some of the smaller ones were people in extremely lifelike puppet costumes, others were tiny electronics and the larger species were huge animatronics. It was absolutely incredible and you really did feel like you were in the presence of real dinosaurs. We even saw baby Velociraptors hatching, which I literally have no idea how they managed to do! My Jurassic Park dream come true! It’s no longer on, but they have done the tour before and I’m sure they will again – defo grab yourself a ticket if you can! I will absolutely be going again! Big shout out to Andy for also coming back in the interval with an adorable cuddly Brachiosaurus for us! 


48 hours in Oxford

I spent a couple of days up in Oxford with work for a Manager’s strategy planning session. Unfortunately it was during a week in which myself and a colleague both had a horrible stomach bug so we didn’t get to enjoy much of the social side of things! Obviously I won’t bore you with the work we did – which was A LOT – but Oxford is such a pretty little town. I’ve been punting before a few times but never have I hired my own punt – as in not guided, you have to do the punting yourself. Nice little team building activity. My teammates certainly all came together to yell BRACE BRACE every time I steered us into the bank! We went to some lovely little cafes and bars, had a meeting in a converted prison, had breakfast at The Breakfast Club – I could only manage dry toast and a hot water with diarlyte – never has the food envy been so real. For our evening meal we went to Victors a beautiful Hamptons inspired restaurant which serves “posh tapas” of a variety of different cuisines. The food was great, but I definitely ate more than my poor tummy could handle – what can I say I’m a greedy little blighter, and I can’t resist good food especially after 4 days of not eating! I definitely want to come back and visit now I’m well again, and will be planning a little Oxford trip with Andy soon.


Honest Burger

I had been craving a burger so very badly as Andy had two while I was ill with my stomach bug, so after Zip Now we headed to Honest Burger in Brixton Village to finally get my fill. I really like Honest Burger – I think it’s one of the better burger chains, and chips come included – amen! Anyone else really hate paying for chips separately?! Honest Burger chips are just as good as the burger – skin on and covered with rosemary salt. Amen. I ordered the Tribute burger – cheese, bacon, burger sauce, mustard,  pickles, onion and lettuce, while Andy went for the Brixton exclusive burger, made in collaboration with Brixton institution Fish, Wings and Tings – jerk rubbed beef, bacon, red leicester, grilled pineapple, tamarind mayo, pepper sauce, coleslaw, pickles and rocket. They were so good – big, juicy, cheese perfectly melty! I love the Brixton Village location too – being sat outside in the lanes of the actually inside village is still always a trip to me.


Primark Tottenham Court Road Haulin’

Fun fact – I used to go to Primark Tottenham Court Road every week – either Friday after work or first thing Saturday morning. Cool eh. I hadn’t been for bloody ages so thought it was high time – I mean who can resist that Harry Potter section?! I only picked up a few bits, though the haul did include the jazziest little candle ever! Yep that is a Harry Potter Chocolate Frog candle, and yes it does smell – vaguely – like chocolate. I will not however b lighting it – this candle is staying well and truly on display with my Hogwarts candle. I also grabbed some plain white pumps (£3), this cute skinny belt set including one black croc print and one suedette leopard one (£3 – bargain), this Sea Salt Mist room spray – one of my favourite scents and it was marked down to only £1. I also, quite randomly, got this funky monochrome table runner for £4, which – like my leaf – is purely for photographic purposes! And don’t you think they look good together in the pic above!



That’s it for the last fortnight – actually a lot more action packed than I thought! I do need to figure out a day which best suits to post this so hopefully I’ll have that all figured out for the one in two weeks time (I’m currently thinking the first and third Monday of each month). I’ve got some fun stuff coming up over the next couple weeks too, including a girls weekend away, some tourist action in London and some holiday prep too.

What have you been up to?

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