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August 7, 2018

Wow it seems like just the other day I was posting my June Favouritesahem! Yes they were horrendously late, but look how beautifully on time these July Faves ones are! July was a lot less stressful than June – whilst moving day itself was testing, I’ve since been in my new flat and able to settle in and enjoy my new neighbourhood. And I am LOVING IT! I’m going to do a full post on exactly why I find Brixton such a great place to live soon so keep those peepers peeled. I’m also loving my shorter commute which has meant I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and have been feeling super energised and motivated to go to the gym. At last! It doesn’t hurt that I’ve also finally booked my flights and accommodation for India too – bring on that October body! I had some really fun day trips in July too – Hyper Japan festival, the Athletics World Cup, and a visit to the Udderbelly Festival, all whilst trying not to melt in this heatwave. There’s also been a fair bit of shopping action and I somehow managed to win myself a free holiday too!


Athletics World Cup

Back in March, I battled The Beast From The East to go and watch the IAAF World Indoor Championships athletics up in Birmingham. The weather couldn’t have been more different for our trip to theAthletics World Cup Final at the Olympic Stadium on the 15th July! It was an absolute scorcher, so of course we enjoyed a Magnum and ice cold coke – diet going well obvs – as we watched the events. It was such a lovely day, meeting Andy’s family to watch the football World Cup Final in the afternoon and then heading to the Olympic Stadium together afterwards. While USA took the cup, Team GB did really well – especially the ladies 4 x 100m relay team who took the Gold. The stadium was fairly empty which was a shame, but the atmosphere was still really buzzing, with lots of cheering and fabulously British Union Jack waving. 



Fab Ice Lollies

The UK has actually been having a summer this year – it’s been beautifully hot and sunny for pretty much 6 weeks straight now. This of course means one thing – EAT ALL THE ICE LOLLIES!!! I’ve been living for Fab lollies – they’re such a great treat for just 81 calories. The chocolate bit is just enough to satisfy sweet cravings and I love the different textures from the nobbly sprinkles, smooth milk section and ice cold strawberry layer. YUM! I’ve been buying them at Iceland and Lidl, a box of 12 for only a couple of quid. LONG MAY THE SUNSHINE CONTINUE! 



The Udderbelly Festival – Circa’s Peepshow

I do love the Udderbelly Festival – the Southbank is always a great place to grab a drink, but I particularly like the little secret garden of giant flowers, Pimms bars, food carts and circus tents that is the Udderbelly. What’s not to like? I try to see something performed there every year, as well as just going to hang out, as they always have such an interesting mix of shows and some really underrated talent. I was due to meet my cousin for a drink and dinner and we thought it would be fun to check out a show too. From the Box Office is great for grabbing last minute tickets and they’re often pretty cheap too, so we decided upon Circa’s Peepshow – an intriguing sounding acrobatic circus performance in the Paradiso tent – a part of the Festival I’d never explored before. It was so good! Essentially acrobats in underwear, the troop of 6 tumbled, contorted and aerialed their way through the performance which was mixed with comedy, blaring bass music and a lot of smoke machine action. It was actually super intense – particularly with the loud music thumping through you – but really enjoyable, and totally unlike anything I’ve seen before. For £24 a ticket, it was well worth it! It’s on until the 18th August too, so still time to grab a ticket if you can. After the show we had a beer and a good old catch up, discussing how we too would long for core muscles of an acrobat while we stuffed our faces with nachos. Perfect!


Body Combat

Spurred on by the desire for an acrobat’s core muscles, and a particularly strong love of nachos, I got well into the gym in July. I’ve discovered Body Combat class and have been loving releasing my inner Anthony Joshua every Monday evening with a mix of boxing, Thai Chi-ing and Muay Thai-ing. It’s brilliant exercise, makes me feel super strong, and most importantly is so much fun! I feel like I’ve found my groove with the gym and am looking forward to continuing it into August and beyond. It’s so good for my mental health, gives me something productive to do with my time and I’m starting to make a few gym buddy friends too. Big smiles all round!


Primark Jurassic Park T Shirt

Talking of big smiles – holy shit you should have seen my face when I spotted this bad boy! As anyone who knows me will tell you – I’m a bit obsessed with Jurassic Park (did you read my June Favourites?!) I was gutted not to get to see the giant Jeff Goldblum statue which was erected outside the Mayors Office recently, but now I get to wear him splashed all over this most excellent t shirt! God bless you Primark


Boho Moon Zodiac Necklace

A firm June favourite was my beautifully delicate and elegant PANDORA necklace. I went for a bit of a different tact in July, and wore this amazing Gold Zodiac Necklace from Boho Moon pretty much every day. I spotted it as a sponsored post on Insta and fell in love! I’d been after the perfect length, gold, borderline-chav necklace for AGES – and this one fits the bill perfectly! I love the size of the Aquarius pendant, and the twisted chain softens the gaudiness, adding delicacy and a pretty sparkle as it catches the light. I get so many complements every time I wear it (and yes I am taking Curly’s comment that it looks like a piece of cursed treasure from The Pirates of Caribbean as a compliment too!) and several of my friends have ordered their own as well. It’s a really fun piece which goes with everything and can be dressed up or down. Obsessed! I’m definitely going to check out more of the Boho Moon range and have been eyeing up a lovely silver and opal ring. Watch this space.



Rebecca Chance Bad Twins

I’ve been absolutely appalling at reading this year. I did have grand plans of reading a new book each month, but other than having the Harry Potters on repeat, and devouring crime thriller The Honeymoon, I’ve failed MISERABLY! I was just about to cancel my Audible subscription, but then noticed Rebecca Chance had a new book coming out at the end of July. I’ve read all of Rebecca’s books (and reviewed a fair few too) and always enjoy them! They’re always a fantastic length, have a salacious, involved storyline and a good bit of comedy in them too. I quickly downloaded Bad Twins, and proceeded to listen to it almost in one day! I loved it! Focused on the Sachs family as the four siblings battle to prove themselves worthy of taking over the family billion dollar hotel business, there’s plenty of bitching, back stabbing and bonking. It’s the perfect holiday read! 


Paco Rabanne Olympea 

I haven’t yet unpacked all of my perfume collection yet, but one little badger that has made it out the box is my Paco Rabanne Olympea. I adore the bottle – it’s such an unusual shape and looks really classy on my dressing table. The scent itself is also lovely – it’s quite a sophisticated, grown up fragrance – not too sweet and not too floral, but the perfect balance between the two. It’s really nice to wear everyday as it is fairly subtle and as you can see I’ve pretty much finished mine now. 


Dorothy Perkins Nude Spirit Block Heel Sandals 

These are literally everything I look for in a sandal! No blister inducing toe post? Check! Ankle strap for low key support on my high ass arches? Check! Tiny heel so you still feel slightly sophisticated and – nanna alert – you don’t give yourself sciatica?! Check! Nude goes-with-everything-colour? Check! Absolute bloody bargain at just £17? Check! I’ve loved and worn these so much that I’ve actually gone out and bought a second pair – the ones pictured here – noone needs to see my old grubby toe-marked sandals up close! That is the only downside of these shoes is that being nude they do get a bit dirty, and being faux suede they do trap dust and dirt more easily than if they were wipeable leather. I picked up a second pair as I know they’ll be fabulous to wear in India in October, and as I’m going to a wedding will want a nice fresh pair to wear. They also do these in black, khaki, gold and silver and I’m so tempted to pick a pair up in every colour. 


That’s it for July! I can’t quite believe it’s now August – this year is absolutely racing by! August is looking like it’s going to be a great one – it’s Andy’s birthday, we’re off on a free holiday to a mystery destination with Wizz Air (we find out where to when we land!), I’ve got a work trip to Oxford and there’s another  bank holiday to look forward to too. Plus The Meg is finally out in cinemas. Jason Statham + whack off shark = very happy Em! 

Have you tried Boho Moon before? 

Where else does amazing jewellery I should check out?

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    those shoes are fab! and give me all the ice lollies! hahaPam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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