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March 6, 2018

While January was the LONGEST MONTH EVER, February seems to have absolutely whizzed by. I had a really fun month, it was my birthday on Valentine’s Day and I had a really lovely day celebrating with Andy. I also went to the Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibition at the British Library, met my bestie’s new puppy (spoiler she’s ADORABLE) and did A LOT of holiday planning not long until Iceland and New York woo!


My Birthday

Yep let’s kick start with my favourite Favourite! My birthday was on Valentine’s Day and I had such a lovely day. Andy and I both took the day off work, had a nice long lie in and ate Valentines cupcakes in bed for breakfast. Start the day as you mean to go on. He surprised me with some absolutely beautiful birthday gifts, including a trip to Tuscany in May which I am super excited for! If you’ve got any tips for where to go, what to do, see and EAT then let me know! We had grand plans to go to lunch at my favourite restaurant Aqua Kyoto (more on that below), check out the Whales exhibition at the Natural History Museum and visit the House of Mina Lima However Andy surprised me with tickets to see The Exorcist (which was awesome but absolutely bloody terrifying – I screamed three times. Loudly), and we were decided we’d rather spend the afternoon relaxing and chatting – and drinking – at the Aqua bar all afternoon and evening. It was a really lovely day and Andy was so thoughtful, leaving me thoroughly spoiled. 32 ain’t so bad after all!



Ted Baker Camisa Tassel Detail Camera Bag

My boyfriend bought me this gorgeous Ted Baker bag for my birthday and I love it! It’s the softest leather and the prettiest blush pink colour with rose gold detailing and a stunning big tassel. I am obsessed with cross body bags and love that this one will take me perfectly into Spring and Summer, and has been brightening up my winter outfits in the last couple weeks too. As I said in my January Favourites post, I love having pieces I can wear that come from my loved ones as it’s like carrying around a piece of them with me. Yep I just vommed in my mouth a bit too. 


Aqua Kyoto

Probably my favourite restaurant in London, it’s no surprise that we decided to come here to celebrate my birthday. The dining room is the perfect size so you always have an atmosphere but never feel crowded in, its luxe but without being pretentious and the food is absolutely out of this world. We had our favourites – rock shrimp tempura with chilli garlic sauce and the shrimp tempura with scallop rolls. We also has the derakkusu chirashi (assorted thinly sliced sashimi, ikua, scallop, tamago with wild herbs and miso), vegetable tempura, black cod and ebi tabiko roll, and decadent “Tokyo Banana” dessert – hanaho yuzu banana sorbet, roasted kinako with plum wine bubbles. SO GOOD! 



Nike’s Internationalist Prism Pink White Sheen

Again in my January Favourites post, I talked about my new found love for trainers and my trusty New Balance 420’s. Well dial that up by ONE MILLION and you’ve got these sassy little saucepots. I AM OBSESSED! I got them in the Office sale (they’re still only £50) and love how they fit – they are super comfy and have a kind of bobbled sole rather than a normal full shoe one, which makes them really springy to walk in. They’re also obviously so pretty and I love the soft baby pink suede and the flash of metallic rose gold at the back. Love love love.


Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Of course there had to be something HP related! On the 20th Andy and I went to the British Library Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition, managing to nab tickets just before it closed on 28th Feb. I’ve never been to anything at the British Library before and didn’t really know what to expect but it was done so well! Whilst I think it was quite short – we got round in an hour – and there possibly wasn’t as much information as I think there could have been, it was laid out beautifully. Each room depicted a different Hogwarts subject and was decorated accordingly, with information relevant to that section. I loved the Astronomy room and learning about where J.K. got her inspiration from for the names of many characters. For example Bellatrix not only means “female warrior” but it is also the name of the third star in the Orion constellation…the star which sits on Orion’s shoulder…just like Bellatrix is Voldemort’s right hand woman! SO CLEVER! 


Betty the Beagle

I got to spend the weekend with my bestie at the beginning of Feb and had such a lovely time. Her and her fiancé have just got the CUTEST little Beagle puppy named Betty and my god she is the most adorable thing! She’s got super long ears, big lollopy paws and has absolute flashes of naughty puppy madness! Kiffy’s set Betty up with her own instagram – the_hitchin_beagle – so def go follow for the sweetest little pics and videos! I loved going to visit them, checking out their lovely new house and having a good old catch up. Prosecco, puppy cuddles and far too much drunken pizza – what more do you need?! 


Dunelm Deco Charm Gold Wire Laundry Basket

Yep this is what my life has become. I’ve fallen in love with a laundry basket. Though when I instagram storied it, a lot of you said you loved it too! If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me! Look how pretty it is! I love the gold metal, and whilst it is quite large, the geometric pattern and white fabric means it doesn’t overcrowd my room.


Options Belgian Hot Chocolate

How crazy has this snow been?! Even Central London has been subject to fluffy flurries and seen temperatures drop to -6 degrees! Yep, it’s definitely a test run for Iceland! It’s been absolutely bloody freezing, and I’ve loved getting nice and cosy in the evenings, chilling out (and thawing out) with a cup of Options Belgian Hot Chocolate. It’s only 40 calories a cup, so a great way to have a sweet treat without going crazy. YUM!


Rebel Kitchen Coconut Mylk Iced Coffee

We all know I love a Starbs, and whilst I have definitely reduced my intake as I pledged at the beginning of the year, I’m still buying more than I’d like. On a lunchtime trip to Whole Foods, my friend introduced me to the Rebel Kitchen Coconut Mylk Iced Coffee. Oh my GOD it’s amazing! It’s still fairly pricey – I think this little carton was just under £2 – but it’s cheaper than a Starbucks and much more healthy. I’ve actually stopped drinking cows milk this year and I loved the taste of this coconut milk drink. It’s very creamy, and even has some coconut bits in it – all natural dahling. I’ve taken the bold steps to remove the Starbucks app from my phone and am going to treat myself to one of these every now and then instead. I will stop wasting money and reduce my plastic intake!!!


So there you go, February is over and out. I am SUPER excited for March too and my holiday, so I’m pretty sure there’ll be A LOT about that in next month’s Favourites post!

What did you get up to in Feb?

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