Favourites // April 2018

May 16, 2018

So despite my promise I would do a Favourites post each month without fail in 2018, I didn’t quite get round to March. The month seemed to fly by, mostly taken up by my SPECTACULARLY EPIC HOLIDAY! Yep, I know I haven’t gone on about it enough…. ahem …. but my trip to Iceland and New York really was as magical as I hoped (and then some!) I’ve got some blog posts coming soon about it as I don’t want to forget a single thing, but if you want a little taster you can check out my Instagram where I documented all of our adventures. April is also slightly late as it’s been crazy at work since I’ve been back (anyone else having all the fun with new data protection laws?! GDP-ARGHHHHHH). April was a nice month though, with lots of catching up with friends and family and being asked to be my best friend’s bridesmaid (roll on 2020!)


Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Bag 

You may remember in my March Wishlist I was hankering after a Michael Kors Jet Set handbag, and of course I couldn’t resist picking one up while I was in New York. I almost didn’t buy it, as I also treated myself to a DKNY bag that morning. No you get too frivolous on holiday. I decided not to go for the saffiano leather version however, as I prefer my bags to be softer and more flexible, as it’s so much easier to get things in and out of. After A LOT of umming and ahhhing, Andy spotted this quilted version which I love! It’s got silver hardware, which makes it really different to the rest of the range which is mostly gold detailed. The leather is beautifully buttery soft and it also fits a hell of a lot inside – I can even squeeze my Olympus PEN camera in, so it’s basically my dream bag. Plus it was 30% off wahey! The only thing I’m not too impressed with however is the fact that it didn’t come with a dustbag but hey ho! I’ve been wearing it non stop since we got back and it’s such a classic design I know it’s going to be a long term favourite.


CaseApp Palm Print Phone case

I upgraded my phone before I went on holiday to the iPhone 8 Plus, which was great for taking photos on. I decided to revamp my phone case too, moving away from the white and  grey marble I’d had for the last few years and going for this beautiful palm print one from CaseApp. I’ve had their cases before (review here) and they’re such good quality – really light but sturdy and the print is really pretty. I used one of their preset designs but you can also personalise them if you wish too. £24 for a phone case may seem steep but it’s lasting and wearing really well, and brings the Club Tropicana vibes to me on the daily. Which I am all about. 


The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis

I had planned to read a new book a month this year, but that has fallen completely by the way side! I did however blitz through The Honeymoon in three days in April. I couldn’t put it down! It’s a crime thriller which unfolds as you read it, told by an unreliable narrator who you’re never quite sure if you trust or not – my kind of book! It skips between the present (where Jemma is on her honeymoon, finding her newlywed husband has just gone missing) to the past (where we learn all about their complicated relationship, the lead up to the wedding, and ultimately the events that unravel to reveal his whereabouts). It’s written in short sharp chapters, often a couple of pages each, which keep the pace up, and make it perfect for commuting. 10 out of 10 recommend. 


ASOS Debossed Marker Pink Tonal Watch 

I love my grey strap Cluse watch, but decided I needed a bit of a summery wrist refresh! I’m loving pink at the moment (as you may have been able to tell from my recent Nike and Ted Baker goodies) and really liked the simplicity of this rose gold and pink watch from ASOS. And it was only £12.50 in the sale. Bloody bargain! They’re still in stock too, so go grab one!


OGX Hydrating Macadamia Oil Shampoo

I’m a HUGE OGX fan and have shouted their praises many times on my little blog. My go-to shampoo and conditioner is their Thick and Full Biotin & Collagen volumising set, but I’ve been mixing it up with this Hydrating Macadamia Oil Shampoo to give me a bit more nourishment.This soothing shampoo is infused with macadamia oil as well as sugar cane and bamboo extract, and really helped breathe some more life back into it, leaving it shiny and soft. Now I’ve chopped off my dead ends I’m going to keep using both this and my trusty old volume one to keep my hair in top top condition.


Pure Gym

Yep. It’s happened. I have finally rejoined the gym! I’ve been really enjoying getting back into classes and am thinking of taking a couple of PT sessions to get me confident on the gym floor as well, as that’s one area I still feel super self conscious and inept at! Whilst Pure Gym is still more expensive than I’d like – £36.99 per month – that does give me access to pretty much all of their gyms, so I can mix and match which one I go to so I’m not limited and can choose from heaps of classes. I also love how easy it is to book and cancel classes and view the timetables using the app. So far I am loving Pure Combat, Bootcamp and a bit of Zumba and I am also upgrading to full membership (£42.99 pm) so I can get back into my old classes at London Victoria, as you really need to pay for premium access there to even have a hope of getting booked onto one of the more popular classes. I’ll keep you posted.


Alpro Coconut / Almond Milk Overnight Oats

As part of my new health and fitness kick I’ve also been meal prepping like a bad boy! Inspired by lovely Naomi Victoria I have started making overnight oats. I’m trying to cut out dairy from my diet and have been loving mixing my oats with either coconut milk and a tablespoon of cocoa powder for a bit of a sweet kick, or most recently and preferably, dark chocolate almond milk. Yum! They’re both so delicious and make for such a yummy start to the day. I tend to use 40g of oats and 90ml of milk, give them a stir and leave them in the fridge over night. So quick, so easy, SO GOOD! 


I’ve really enjoyed posting this, so really do want to get back into writing on my blog regularly. May is shaping up to be another fun month too – any month with two bank holidays is a winner for me! I’ve also got a long weekend in Tuscany coming up in a this weekend so I’m very excited to commit carbocide for 5 solid days. Better keep up that gym routine in preparation….

What have you got planned for May?  

Send me any book recommendations, I need a new The Honeymoon

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  1. Pam Scalfi says:

    I used to go to Pure Gym and I love their Zumba classes! Have fun!Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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