Payday Wishlist // March 2018

March 8, 2018

I ended up spending an absolute TONNE in February! My credit card took a bit of a battering as I booked lots of items for my upcoming holiday, and also booked lots of tickets and tours for while we’re away. I could definitely do with having a fairly relaxed month and let my savings recover a bit, but where’s the fun in that?! I really want to do some shopping in New York to pick up some pieces I can’t get here in the UK, and it’s always nice to have things to remember a trip by. Bring it on!


Footballers Wives – £17.45

I don’t really watch much tv but when I do you can guarantee that 99% of what I do watch is absolute crap. And it doesn’t get crapper than Footballers WivesI bloody love it! My boyfriend’s a huge football fan so we spend a lot of our Saturday afternoons watching Jeff’s Soccer Saturday and it always just makes me crave watching the glorious tacky 2000’s drama. I’m so tempted to order Series 1 on dvd, despite the horrendously large price tag. Surely such shit should only be a couple of quid?!

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Bag

I know I’ve just gotten a beautiful Ted Baker crossbody bag, but that one is blush pink and I also need a new black one – I definitely put my bags through their paces and my Modalu model which is super similar has gotten a bit too tatty and needs to be replaced! I’ve been eyeing up the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Bags for years and really like their classic styleThey will never go out of fashion and are beautifully made so I’m hoping it will last quite a long time. I’m planning on picking up one of the Jet Sets while I’m in New York so it’ll be a nice little reminder of my holiday too. Unless of course I go full radge and pick up the Gucci Disco Bag my heart so desperately wants. Watch this space.  

Iceland Guide Book – £10.48

If I haven’t banged on about the fact that I’m going on holiday enough – I’m off to Iceland soon! We’ve put together an action packed itinerary with lots of tours and sight seeing, and I’m sure we’ll get lots of information from our guides. However we will do a couple of days exploring Reykjavik on our own, and I do like to read up on what I’m going to see and do so I can fully enjoy it while I’m there.


I LOVE COLOURPOP! It literally pains me that we can’t get them here without paying a fortune in tax and shipping rates (which I have done a few times). They’re now available in store in Sephora so I will be definitely going in and grabbing some. Their matte liquid lips are INCREDIBLE and I think Midi will forever be my go-to colour.

Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Nude Lips – $28

Looks like we’ll be spending a lot of time in Sephora when we get to New York! I’ve always wanted to try one of the Sephora Favourites sets but have never been able to get one. I love the look of the Give Me Some Nude Lips set as I’m an absolute sucker for a nude lip. This is a great low cost way of trying out lots of different brands and shades without breaking the bank.

iPhone 8 Plus

My phone contract is finally up for renewal and I’m going to upgrade my iPhone 6s to the iPhone 8 Plus – Portrait Mode camera COME AT ME! I’ve decided I’m going to switch networks too as I get zero signal with Three, though I’m going to double up on phones for a month so I can have a decent camera phone for my trip, and also utilise being able to use my data in the USA for free.

ASOS Chunky Jumper in Ombre – £32

I’ve become a bit obsessed with jumpers. Whether it’s because I’m going on a cold holiday, or because it’s been ABSOLUTELY BLOODY BALTIC in London, I’m not sure. But my jumper drawer has absolutely exploded. I love this knitted number fromASOS – the colours are just gorgeous and it would be super cute to wear in springtime too. (Though please let the weather warm up in time for spring!)

Yeh, doesn’t sound like I’m going to be saving any money this month does it?! Follow me on Instagram to see stories and pictures from my trip (and purchase updates!) – @emsypickle – and I’m sure I’ll do a Holiday Haul here too.

What’s on your wishlist this month?

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  1. Lauren Konopacz says:

    It could be a massive cash drop, but buying a SIM-free iphone in the US would be cheaper over time than paying on installment this side of the pond!

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