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February 13, 2018

Remember in my Looking Forward to 2018 post I said I was going to stop wasting my money on Harry Potter tat from Primark and sort my finances out? Yeh, that isn’t going so well! Mooching round Primark is one of my favourite things to do (I have such a busy, active life…) and they keep releasing such amazing HP merch I just haven’t been able to help myself! Here’s a little look at some of the magical bits and pieces I’ve picked up over the last couple of weeks.


Acceptance Letter Cushion – £6

I first saw this on Instagram and made it my absolute MISSION to find (totally worth the 9pm-out-of-the-way trip to Marble Arch). I absolutely LOVE it! It’s a super cute design and also really well stuffed (all those lists of books and supplies to buy inside…) 


Burgundy “Waiting for my letter from Hogwarts” sweater – £10

My lovely cousin bought me this for Christmas and I love it! I really like the burgundy colour and it’s made of the softest fuzz inside. It’s quite thin, so makes the perfect jumper for curling up in bed in when it’s too cold for a T-shirt.


Platform 9 3/4 Knee High Socks – £2.50

My cousin also gave me these for Christmas and I’d never seen them in store before so was super excited. They’re a lovely burgundy colour, so go with my cute new jumper for ultimate coordinated cosy goals, and I really like the simple design. I’ll definitely be taking these on my trip to Iceland next month to keep me warm. 


Hogwarts socks – £3.50

has an amazing range of HP socks. When Andy and I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour I bought him a set of house socks so he could rep his Hufflepuff pride (which he’s too attached to to let me photograph for this post…) Not wanting to be left out I treated myself to this cute white and gold toned trio which are super pretty and perfect for Sundays spent at home. My favourite is the Hogwarts pair as they remind me of the big Philosopher’s Stone film poster I had on my bedroom door as a child, which I lovingly saved up coupons from Coca Cola bottles for! 


Framed Platform 9 3/4 Ticket – £6

Be still my beating heart! I actually let out a little squeal of delight when I saw this. I really do think it’s a piece of beauty and for £6 is probably the best value thing I’ll buy all year! The Mina Lima graphic designs are some of my favourite things about the films and these Hogwarts Express tickets are super pricey to buy at the Studio Tour or King’s Cross Platform 9 3/4 shop. This was a snip of the price and comes in a nice inoffensive frame too, so you can get it past any Muggle housemates with no bother!



Cauldron mug – £5

I first saw this around October time and thought it was really pretty but I didn’t need it blah blah blah. BUT MY HEART WANTED IT!!! After looking desperately in both the central London stores and my local one, I finally resigned myself to the fact I’d missed my chance and I’d have to either go without or buy a super expensive version from the official outlets. I suddenly spotted a fresh batch of them in the Bromley store a few weeks ago. I think it’s too pretty to actually drink out of so use it to hold my tv remote controls. Which when I haven’t got my glasses on and stand on the other side of the room looks a bit like a group of wands. So that’s cute.


Hogwarts Candle – £7

If you’re a mega Potter fan and you don’t follow @PotterwatchUK on Instagram then you really need to sort your priorities out. But prepared to be poor. Very very poor. This purchase is entirely down to Shannen, who splashed its beauty all over my insta feed and I just had to have it! They’re £7 so pretty pricey for a Primark candle (and especially a Primark candle you have absolutely no intention of burning) but I absolutely love the design on the glass and the cute HP logo on the lid. They also have versions for each individual house and I momentarily considered buying one of each, but if I’m spending £35 on a candles you know it will be for a  Diptique bad boy.



Marauders Map Cosy leggings – £4.50

I absolutely adore the pattern on these. I used to have some comfy pj bottoms in the same design from Primark but unfortunately they got worn too much and had holes in them left, right and centre. These ones are the perfect replacement for lounging round the house, and they’re even fur lined so super cosy. They are quite thin though, and more like tights than leggings, so not ones for wearing outside the house unless your bum is covered. 


So there you go, my full confession haul of Primark goodness I absolutely needed. They are continuing to bring out new merch all the time so I’m pretty sure there’ll be another edition of “Harry Potter Crap I Wasted My House Deposit On” soon. I can’t bloody wait!

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  1. Emma Farley says:

    That framed ticket is incredible! Need!!!

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