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August 1, 2016

If you’ve read any of my last three posts, you’ll know that I had the time of my life visiting Chicago in May this year. (You can read my travel diaries and see what I got up to HERE!) As much as I love my using my blog for documenting my adventures, it’s also nice to have a more traditional keepsake which I can use to show off my pictures at all times and not just when my laptop is on. Cue the Cheerz Portrait Photo Album!* I’ve written about Cheerz’s amazing photo printing services before (like their Little Square FramePolaroid box and photo strips) so was super excited when the team kindly offered to print my Chicago pics out in their new photo album format for me. Thanks guys! I’m thrilled to bits with it – it’s the perfect way for me to show off my favourite pictures all together and I love looking through it and reliving the memories whenever I have a spare moment.

The Cheerz photo album is so customisable you can make it exactly how you’d like it, from the pictures included, the order they appear and even the colour of the book and box it comes in. Perfect! This also makes it a great gift for someone as you can tailor it exactly to their preferences. The album can house between 12 and 150 pictures, so no matter how snap happy you are you’ll have plenty of space to showcase your pics. I took over 600 photos in Chicago but whittled it down to 150 keepers which I spaced over 48 pages. It did take me quite a lot of time to pick which ones I wanted to print and I then went through and edited some and named them in order of days I took them as I wanted my album to be a chronological reflection of my trip, but if you’re not quite as anal as me it shouldn’t take you too long!

You then simply upload your chosen pics to the Cheerz website and can get about choosing how they fit on the pages, just as you would if you were making your own scrapbook album at home. Really handily you can click to have them auto arranged for you, but as I said above, I was being a bit of a fussy fanny and wanted to arrange everything myself! You can put several photos on one page, arranged in a variety of different formats, a bit like when using a photo collage app on your phone, or you can just have one picture on a page if there are any you want to give particular prominence too. I really liked the versatility with this, as again it meant I could have everything exactly how I wanted it. I’m really proud of some of the photos I took in Chicago so it was great to have a couple blown up larger than the others to sit on their own page. The website also lets you choose what colour you want your cover to be (I went for a pretty mint green) as well as giving you a choice of cover image and to name and number your album.

I was so happy when my album arrived – it looked AMAZING! It came in a presentation box which was the same mint green colour and had my selected album cover photo on too.  It would seriously make such a lovely gift for someone. The album itself is gorgeous too. I really am thrilled with it! It’s made with “flat lay technology” which means each time you turn a page it lies completely flat, so you don’t get the two hills effect which would distort your pictures. It means it works perfectly on display too – I can’t wait to move out again, get me a coffee table and have this laid out on top, turned to different pages as the mood takes me!

The quality of the printing is great too – the colours are just as vibrant as they are in the original files. As with the other Cheerz products I’ve ordered, they also make sure to tell you when you’re uploading your pics whether any are under print quality standards, so you can be sure they’re not going to come out pixelated or blurry from being blown up too large. I really liked as well that the inside covers were covered with a black and white collage of all the included pictures. Although a small thing, I think it makes it really special and is a lovely addition. Seriously, I’m obsessed with my album!!!

Once again Cheerz have smashed it with their photo album – I will definitely be using them again to create lasting memories of my upcoming adventures. They’re such a great way of displaying your pictures in a really beautiful and interesting way, and prices start at only £35, which is a bargain for the level of quality you get. I’m tempted to go back through all my old photos and make albums for all of my old trips!!!

I definitely recommend checking out Cheerz if you fancy printing out some of your favourite pics. They have so many great products – there’s definitely something for everyone! You can also get £4 off your first order with the code EMM7ZA you are welcome! 

What do you like to do with your holiday photos?

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*Thanks so much to Cheerz for inviting me to try out their amazing Portrait Photo Album. All thoughts are honest and my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.

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  1. Pam Scalfi says:

    i've seen this before and im thinking of doing something similar when I get my wedding photos 🙂 I can then gift these albums to my family members 😀 so cheaper than wedding albums :DPam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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