Payday Wishlist // February 2018 – Birthday Edition

February 8, 2018

Isn’t payday great. That much needed injection of cash into your bank account after slogging your guts out for 31 days. If you’re like me, you spend your whole month desperately wanting to buy EVERYTHING but do your best to hold out until you get some money at the end of the month, dreamily making To Buy lists on your phone as you go. I used to love making wishlist posts before My Big Blogging Break so thought I’d bring them back, if nothing else, so I can go and laugh at all the crap I desperately wanted at a later date. February is actually my birthday month (Valentines Day baby, don’t you know) so I thought I’d make this one a kind of Birthday Wishlist, despite the fact I’m horribly awkward when it comes to receiving presents, and never actually ask for anything


Accessorize Sterling Silver Perfect Circle Necklace – £15

My brother and his fiancé gave me a gorgeous gold version of this necklace for my 30th and I love it, so I was really excited when I found a silver version in Accessorize. It’s really simple but very pretty and makes a great everyday necklace.

Baywatch DVD – £6.99

The crush I developed on The Rock after watching this film was the biggest shock of 2017. Zac Efron who?! I saw it three times at the cinema and absolutely bloody loved it! Please bring out a second one! I’m a big DVD fan, as I tend to watch the same stuff over and over and NEED this in my collection.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – £19

My holy grail mascara, I literally cant live without this! I’ve written about it many times before, but it really does do wonders for my lashes, lifting them, giving them volume and making me feel fabulous. My tube (is it a tube?!) is nearly finished so I need to get a replacement ASAP.

ASOS Parka with Detachable Fur Liner – £75

I’m off to Iceland and New York next month and it’s only now just hit me that it’s going to be absolutely bloody freezing! I don’t really have a super warm coat and need something which is warm and durable enough for my outdoors adventures in Iceland, but also nice enough for my city break in New York. I really like the look of this ASOS fur lined parka, and it should keep me nice and toasty.

Accessorize Diamante Horn Gold Necklace – £15

This little guy is a great dupe for the Monica Vinader necklace that every blogger and their Aunt Muriel has, but for only £15 is a snip of the price. I tend to wear mostly silver jewellery but am keen to add to my gold collection this year as I’ve been wearing more burgundy and forest green colours and these compliment gold really well. It has got little diamantes all over one side but I’d probably wear it with the plain gold side showing as I’m not really one for the bling life. Shocking I know.

Clarks Drafty Haze Boots – £32

As above, I’ve also not really thought about sorting myself out with suitable footwear for my holidays. I don’t want to be wandering round New York in hiking boots but thought these Clark’s fur lined boots would be cosy in Iceland and have enough grip for exploring the snowy fjords and glaciers, and still look quite cute in NYC too. 

Accessorize Sterling Silver Attitude Hoop Earrings – £12

I wear the same pair of silver studs everyday (and have done for the last 10 years!) I was watching a Zoella vlog the other day and she had some gorgeous little hoops with a dangling arrow and looked really cute. I want in on that vibe! These ones are sterling silver so will be nice and kind to my little ears, and won’t turn them green. So that’s good.

Get Your Shit Together – Sarah Knight – £9 

I’ve heard a lot about these books, and as 2018 is supposed to be my year of sorting my girl boss self out, I figured I should give it a read! Not usually a fan of the self help genre, this seemed like quite a low-key way of getting some hints and tips.

So there you go, that’s what I’ve been eyeing up recently. Who knew I was such a big fan of Accessorize?! I will do another of these posts at the end of the month and excitingly it will likely be full of goodies I want to pick up on my holidays. Watch out NYC, I’m coming for you! 

What have you been lusting after recently?

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