Favourites // January 2018

February 6, 2018

Well January was a long old slog wasn’t it?! I thought it may never end and payday would never come. But here we are, wahooo! January was pretty quiet, lots of nights in watching films and eating bread and cheese (clearly wasn’t quite ready to let Christmas go!) however I’ve also had a couple of really lovely meals out, one my best friends baby shower and of course been doing some blogging – which I’ve been LOVING!


Diptique Unicorn Frosted Forest Christmas Candle

Talking of not being ready to let go of Christmas – I have been LOVING my Diptique Unique Frosted Forest Christmas candle this month. It’s absolutely stunning – a fresh pine and mint smell which fills the whole upstairs of my house (flatmate’s been loving it too!) I’ve actually had to ration my use of it as I’ll be so sad when it runs out. Can we also talk about how pretty it is too?!


Salt Yard

My boyfriend and I had our first date at Salt Yard – a middle priced tapas restaurant in Fitzrovia. We love its friendly atmosphere and incredible food, and thought it was high time we paid another visit to lift our January blues. As well as ordering our favourite Padron Peppers, Pork Rillions with Apple Sauce and Jamon Crumb and Confit Old Spot Pork Belly with Rosemary Scented Cannellini Beans, we also tried the Salt Cod Brandade with Pickled Clams and Squid Ink. My GOD! It was a work of art on the plate and tasted absolutely ink-redible sorry not sorry. I’ll do a full blog post about Salt Yard as it really should be on every London foodies wish list.


Lunchtime walks

My job can be pretty full on so it’s easy not to take a lunch break and just crack on and try and get out at a semi decent time. However, I have made a little pledge with myself to go for a walk for at least 15 minutes each day, partly so I actually get to see some daylight (leaving the house and getting home when it’s dark everyday is not the one) and also to give my brain a little break and get my steps in! I work in Kensington so it’s a super pretty area to walk around, with beautiful houses, cute cafes and gorgeous parks. You can stalk my lunchtime walks on my instastories – @emsypickle.


Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb 

I had to work between Christmas and New Year, and whilst it wasn’t the most fun way to spend the festive period, it did mean I got to hit the Lush sale at Victoria Station nice and early. YAS! I’ve got ridiculously sensitive skin, so only really use the Butterball bath bombs which I adore. They’re even more adorable at Christmas when they turn into the Butterbear bath bombs. Look at him! I’m determined to make more me time this year and aim to indulge in a little Lush bath at least once a month (which I realise is ridiculously minimal to many!) I was able to stock up on these bad boys for less than £2 each and spent a lovely half hour soaking in the tub with one after a particularly long day at work. 


New Balance 420 70s Running Nubuck Trainers

Over the last couple of years I have turned into a right trainer convert. I wouldn’t dream of wearing them outside of a gym pre-2016, but now I wear them most days and can’t get enough! My beloved New Balance 420s finally died, after a very long fulfilling life, so it was time to replace them, and Curly and Sue hooked me up with a new pair for Christmas (thank you parents). I wanted a pair pretty similar to my previous ones as they were super comfy and went with most outfits without making my feet look enormous. They also fit perfectly round my stupidly low ankles. I went for the 420 70s Running Nubuck which are just as comfortable and I really like the mix of textures on them. They’re a grey / blue / black nubuck material and the dark grey pebble detail at the back makes them nice and feminine. 



Grandma’s Ring

A firm favourite for the last few months is my Grandma’s ring. I love having jewellery from people who mean the most to me, as it’s a little piece of them you can always have with you. I started wearing Grandma’s ring everyday at the end of last year when I felt I needed a little bit more kindness in my heart and a little bit more courage on my feet (ooh deep). The deep red garnet goes with everything and the diamonds give me a little winking sparkle, which is kind of how I’d describe my Grandma!


Zoella Lifestyle Storage Tins

Is there anything more peak January than decorative storage tins?! I saw these before Christmas and really liked the design, especially of the gold and green palm print one. However they were £12 and I knew they’d go down to at least half price in the Boots sale. I decided to take the risk of them selling out and wait for the sale (I’m a wild one me) and – hurrah – I picked them up for £6. I love them! They’re great for storing important letters and bits and pieces I need to keep together and look lovely on my shelf. 


Elle Next Door

I’ve been loving YouTube recently and I can’t get enough of Elle Next Door’s videos, particularly her New York ones. I’m off to New York in March so have been getting all the inspiration from watching her vlogs, and don’t even get me started on her Instagram posts! You know I’ll be forcing Andy to help me try and reenact her sweet NYC pics (and you know I’ll look ridiculous!!) She’s also super relatable and loves a good Primark haul – my kinda gal! 


Charlie’s Baby Shower 

As I mentioned at the start, I celebrated my best friend’s baby shower this month. Charlie and her girlfriend Antonia are expecting a little baby girl in March and her Mum Kath threw them such a beautiful party to celebrate. We played games, drank all the champagne, had sausage dog cuddles and marvelled (read: devoured) the absolutely stunning cakes Kath made – seriously how amazing?! It was a really lovely day and a great way to celebrate the impending arrival of baby Isabella! We can’t wait to meet you baby girl! 


So that was January! I forgot how much I loved doing Monthly Favourites posts, such a nice way to record the highlights of the year. As I said above, blogging has also been a firm favourite of January and I’m hoping to get a more regular posting schedule together soon. 

What were your January favourites? 

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  1. Lauren Konopacz says:

    Grandma's ring brought a wee tear to my eye!! Miss you!

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