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January 18, 2018

Yes I am jumping on the new year new me bandwagon. Yes I do it every year. No I never stick to it. But ya know, a girls gotta try. I last posted my Look Back at 2017 so thought I’d also put together a few things I’m going to strive to achieve in 2018.

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My name’s Emsy and I am TERRIBLE with money. Yep. Absolutely awful. I spaff cash on utter rubbish, have a total disregard for budgets I set myself and am far too good at telling myself “treat yo self”. Well no more! I do not need to spend £4 a day on Starbucks, nor do I need to buy another pair of black ankle boots and I absolutely do not need to buy any more Harry Potter tat from Primark (ok that last one I do). 2018 is the year I sort my finances out, get back on the saving train and be more careful about what I spend my money on. The £962 I would spend on Starbucks a year could be an absolute banger of a holiday.


I managed to fit in some pretty good travel adventures in 2017 and want to do the same in 2018. I’ve already got trips to IcelandNew York and (exotically) Birmingham booked and I am hoping to go to India for a friend’s wedding too. I’m pretty sure Andy and I will squeeze in a trip to Budapest as well and I’m keen to squeeze in a couple of UK adventures if we can too – hello Chester Zoo! Travel plans will be my ultimate push for getting my spending goal sorted.


Another confession – I get through plastic likes there’s no tomorrow. And as David Attenborough says, there will be no tomorrow for many species if we continue to consume plastic the way we do. I became a lot more environmentally minded after working on a game reserve in South Africa last year, and watching Blue Planet has wedged my commitment to change firmly at the forefront of my mind. I’ve already stopped buying bottles of Coke Zero (also helping my spenny situation above), take in my own metal cutlery to work and have invested in multiple reusable bottles to take out and about with me. Small changes to make our world a better place. Peace.


This year I am going to tackle motorway driving. Since passing my test in March last year, I’ve pootled around my local area every now and then when I can borrow my parents’ car, but I still haven’t mastered motorways. I went on once. It wasn’t great. I nearly rolled the car. There was a lot of Clueless-esque screaming and I’ve never heard my dad swear quite like that before. But I didn’t pass just to drive to Lidl and back, blasting Lemonade for all to hear. Ok I did a little. But I’d love to get a good long road trip in this year.


I try to learn a new skill each year, to enrich my mind and feel like I have something positive to show for another 365 days on earth. For the last two years I’ve vowed to learn to beatbox. You know, cos that’s so handy. I think it’s time to sack that off now, as I can still only just about manage boots and cats without giving myself an asthma attack. I toyed with learning Spanish (mostly so I can understand the essence of Neymar’s Instastories) but am pledging to pass my TEFL certificate this year. It’s something I always wanted to do when I was younger, and whilst I highly doubt I’ll be rushing off to Vietnam to teach English as a foreign language any time soon, I’d like the option, yaknow.

So there you go, my top pledges for 2018. I also want to go to the gym more, read a book that’s not Harry Potter every month and have as much fun as I bloody well can. So buckle up, let’s make 2018 a good un!

What are your 2018 resolutions?

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  1. New Girl in Toon says:

    I grew up in Norfolk so grew up not having any motorways to drive on! The nearest Motorway to us was the M11 towards London, a good few hours away from home. I think I’d been driving for about 5 years before I had a chance to give it a go! I still get a bit nervous on them now, I’m much better on little country lanes!

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