30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 31 – The end of the 30 Day Snap Challenge

July 31, 2013

Time flies when you’re having fun

Well, it’s the end of the 30 Day Snap Challenge for Thinking Outside the Pickle Jar! And you lucky lot got an extra day as I was a bit late on the bandwagon and picked up @Sprinkleofglitr’s challenge in July rather than June! I decided to use my last day’s Snap as a reflection over how I’ve spent the last 30 days and what I learnt / got up to!

July seemed to be a pretty busy month!

The first thing I noticed was wowza, quite a lot of food / eating out posts haha! Definitely something I need to work on, I must get healthy I must get healthy…. But eating out is a great way to explore the wonderous city that is London! Don’t worry Pickles, I’ve got plenty more restaurant / food reviews still to come! And I did start exercising –  playing tennis and going to the gym to balance it all out!

I also think I did a pretty impressive number of outings this month – theatre trips to The Globe and The Book of Mormon, days out to see The Saturdays and Bon Jovi and lovely family trips- afternoon tea at The Ritz and birthday bbqs. I like to keep myself busy and spend lots of time exploring London and catching up with all my lovely friends and family!

The last 30 days have also shown me that I’ve had a bit of a lucky winning streak recently – always a nice thing! I don’t know how I managed it but in the last 30 days I’ve won a Victoria Fox book, the entire set of Rimmel Apocalips and tickets to opening night of Indian Tempest at The Globe! These were all Twitter RT competitions, so easy to enter and such fun when you win! I absolutely love Twitter so do come on and say hello – @emsypickle 😀

I think perhaps the most glaringly obvious thing the 30 Day Snap challenge has shown me is that I shop. A lot. H&M hauls, Primark goodies galore and so SO many nail polishes have been bought, along with much more! But hey, I’ve been having a clear out to make way for my new treats so that’s ok right?!

I’ve really enojyed taking part in the Challenge, it’s been great as a new blogger to have something to focus my posts and also let my readers get to know me a little better, and see what sort of things I enjoy and will be writing about in the future. I’ve also really enjoyed following other bloggers adventures throughout the month too.


I hope you’ve enjoyed following my 30 Day Snap Challenge, please do let me know if you hear of any more blogger challenges you think I’d enjoy taking part in!


xx emsypickle xx

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