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January 20, 2015

You may have seen in my New Years Resolutions and Aims for 2015 post that my main goal for this year is to finally get fit and healthy (and fingers crossed lose a good few pounds too). I’ve been doing pretty well so far (despite a couple of slip ups involving left over Christmas biscuits) and thought I’d share a few of the healthy snacks and nibbles I’ve been enjoying to help me on my quest.


Nakd bars

I have become literally OBSESSED with Nakd bars! My ultimate favourite is Cocoa Delight which has cocoa in to satisfy my chocolate cravings but without all the sugar and fat. Made up of pure fruit and nuts smushed together, they’re vegan friendly, dairy, wheat and gluten free, AND they count as one of your five a day – they’re basically miracle bars! They’re only 135 calories each bar and are so so filling. I can have one of these for breakfast on the go, and not feel hungry until lunch time. I used to shun these in favour of Alpen Light Double Chocolate cereal bars which are only 79 calories, but I would still be starving after one of these so it is definitely investing double the calories and have a far more nutritious and filling option. If Cocoa Delight doesn’t tickle your pickle they also do heaps of other flavours and I want to slowly but surely make my way through them all! The Cocoa Orange ones have been particularly good at weaning me off the Terry’s Chocolate Oranges I became a bit too accustomed to at Christmas!

Special K Multi-Grain Porridge

These porridge sachets are so simple to make up – just pop the oats in a bowl, fill the sachet with milk, pour it in and then microwave for 2 1/2 minutes. Simples! They make a really filling breakfast or as part of a light lunch and are lovely on these cold wintery days. Again there are lots of varieties on offer and I’ve tried the Original flavour and Almond and Honey which is without a doubt my favourite.

Bear Nibbles Fruit YoYos

Another new favourite of mine are these Pure Fruit YoYo packs. Again each serving makes up one of your five a day, which is perfect for me as I really struggle to eat fruit (really not a fan!) however give me what is effectively an adult Fruit Roll-Up and I’m all over it! Each pack contains two ribbons of rolled up fruit which are only 27 calories each and full of natural goodness. These are great for when I’m craving sweets and again come in several flavours (though I’ve only tried strawberry so far). To appeal to your inner kid even more, you also get a collectable card in each packet which has facts about different countries around the world. Ok fine I’m pretty sure these are meant for kids, but whatever I like them ok?!


Peppermint Tea

I’ve never in my life had a cup of regular tea, but I do like a steaming mug of peppermint tea. As well as warming me up on these cold days, it’s also great for curbing hunger pangs when I’m cutting back on snacking and helps increase my water intake. It is naturally caffeine free, aids digestion and is really refreshing – perfect for a post lunch pick me up!

Cadbury’s Highlights Hot Chocolate 

I used to drink Options Belgium Hot Chocolate but since the beginning of the year have switched to the Cadbury’s alternative and it is so much nicer! For the same amount of calories as Options, it tastes so much more chocolatey and also less sweet and artificial. I love a mug of this after dinner when I fancy a sweet pudding, and at only 38 calories a serving it’s much better for me!

Little Miracles*

I blogged about my fizzy drink addiction in my 2015 Resolutions post. Whilst I do drink 2-3 litres of water a day and am absolutely in love with sparkling water, I do have a pretty bad habit of guzzling soda. While I no longer drink Coke, my love for the good stuff has been replaced with lemonade and even the diet Sprite Zero and 7 Up Free is far from good for me. I know this, but really do crave a little pick me up around midday, and want to break up the monotony of my water drinking with a little bit more flavour. I was sent these Little Miracles Organic Energy drinks* to try out and I’m really impressed with them. They combine organic tea with fruit juices to give you a healthy zing. There are four flavours and each is free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners and are all less than 90 calories per bottle. I’ve tried out the Green Tea, Ginseng & Pomegranate and Lemongrass Tea, Orange Juice & Ginger flavours and both are really fresh tasting, and contain Ginseng, which is a herbal remedy said to boost your mood and fatigue, as well as be good for your immune system. Impressive! They’ve been a great substitute for my lemonade obsession, although my MyFitnessPal app does freak out about the amount of sugar which is in each serving (about 20g) so I make sure I only have half a bottle at a time, and only very occasionally. 

Which leads me on to….


Now obviously this isn’t something edible but it is a great way of recording everything I eat! MyFitnessPal is a free app and it’s blooming marvellous for anyone wanting to lose weight. You simply input your stats and how much weight you want to lose and how quickly, and it cleverly calculates how many calories you should be consuming to reach that goal. Each day you just fill in the food diary and it uses it’s magical knowledge bank to track the nutritional value of everything you eat and drink. It’s great as if there is something not in it’s library you can add the details yourself, as well as save groups of items together to form your favourite meals etc. You can also input any exercise you’ve done and this is all taken into account too. MFP also has heaps of restaurant menus stored so you can pre-plan your healthiest option to stay within your suggested allowances, or know just how naughty your YOLO cheat meal is! Once you complete each day’s food and exercise diary MFP then calculates “If you were to eat like this day everyday, in 5 weeks your weight would be XX”. This is possibly my favourite feature as I find it so motivating on a good day to see where I could be at if I keep up my healthy eating / diet, and it’s also a great deterrent on days I lose track to make me get my head back in the game the next day. You can do it Emsy!



So there you go, some of my favourite snacks and low calorie alternatives which have been getting me through January so far! I’ve been experimenting with cooking new healthy dinners too so let me know if you’d like me to share some of these recipes too.

What healthy snacks do you enjoy? I’d love to know to broaden my snacking range, cos, you know. I just love to snack!

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*Thanks so much to the Little Miracles team for sending me some of their drinks to review. All thoughts are honest and my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.

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17 responses to “Lifestyle // My Favourite Healthy Snacks”

  1. Lemontierres says:

    Hello there! They all look very good. X

  2. Emma Luxton says:

    I love the Little Miracles drinks, they're so yummy. I'm a fan a a hot chocolate when I need something sweet, and I adore peppermint and other green teas. I'd recommend the Twinings salted caramel green tea, it's amazing! Emma xΒ Writing Essays With Wine Β 

    • Emsypickle says:

      Ooh salted caramel green tea sounds yum! I've never been able to train myself to like green tea lol but salted caramel can make everything taste delicious! Will give it a try, thank you xx

  3. New Girl in Toon says:

    I keep meaning to try the Nakd bars! We're on a major health kick too, I want to lose a few lbs before I'm a bridesmaid in March and my boyfriend has a stone to lose to reach his healthy weight. So far we're doing really well – we're always on the look out for good snacks though so I'll make sure he sees this!Chloe

    • Emsypickle says:

      That's so exciting you're going to be a bridesmaid πŸ™‚ Good luck with your health kicks, hope you like the Nakd bars! I think lots of them are in the penny sale at Holland and Barrett at the moment too πŸ˜€ xx

  4. Hannah Webster-Sudborough says:

    I am obsessed with little miracles drinks. I was pretty surprised when I saw how much sugar etc. is in them because they do package them to seem really healthy but I think when it comes from fruits and not chemicals its still a lot better for you! I've just discovered the nakd bars too, the orange is currently my favourite! x

  5. Caitlin Jade says:

    I really like my fitness pall i just forget what ive eaten or im to lazy to input into it! I havn't tried alot of the snacks youve mentioned and ill be adding them to my shopping list. I have bought so many of these teas but i just hate them so much haha i just want to like them but i don't, then again i don't like tea!! Great

    • Emsypickle says:

      Thanks Caitlin! Yes, it definitely takes a while to get into the habit of remembering to put everything into MFP. I find it so good for keeping me on track when I'm in he habit though xx

  6. Danielle says:

    the fruit things sound really good haha i've never heard of them!xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    • Emsypickle says:

      They're so yummy Danielle! (And I am not a fruit fan lol!) I find they're really good for throwing in my handbag when out and about too and stop me buying sweets! xxx

  7. Donalyn Twinkle says:

    So I've just bought a tub of Options Belgium hot chocolate and it's okay but isn't amazing! Once it's finished I'm definitely going to try Cadburys highlights! I also want to try those Nakd bars and the Little miracles drink. They both sound tasty! :)Love From Twinkle

    • Emsypickle says:

      Ooh yeh, definitely give Cadbury's Highlights a try! They're so much nicer IMO! My boyfriend drinks the full fat Cadbury's and said the low cal one tastes really similar. Mmmm so yummy!! xxx

  8. Rebecca Ellis says:

    Great post πŸ™‚ one of my resolutions was to improve my health in 2015 which mean getting fitter πŸ™‚ so this was a lovely post to come across! I use PumpUp for workouts – honestly It's a bit like Instagram πŸ™‚

    • Emsypickle says:

      Oh cool thanks Rebecca I'll check PumpUp out – sounds just what I need to keep motivated πŸ˜€ Good luck with your health kick xx

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