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January 5, 2015

Who else was back to work / school / uni / reality today?! I had the full two weeks off over Christmas for the first time in years and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! I had a really lovely break, celebrating and catching up with all my friends and family. I had such a good time it also meant a little break from blogging whoops! My first post of 2015 was a look back at all my 2014 Favourites (which you can read here) and I thought it was only fitting that today, with my return to the real world, I also think about my New Years resolutions and aims for 2015.

Get fitter, healthier and happier

This is probably the most cliched New Years resolution ever but this year it really needs to be my priority! I say this every year but always seem to end up fatter not fitter so 2015 has to be the year that I sort myself out once and for all! I put on weight this year and am not at all pleased about it and really would like to get body happy this year. I want to lose weight, tone up and above all feel healthy, fit and confident inside and out. Come on Emsy you can do it!

Look after myself

In line with my first goal, I want to look after myself better this year. As well as stop filling myself with fatty foods, I want to eat much more healthily and make my soda obsession a very occasional treat rather than a daily habit. I also want to make sure I set aside time to pamper myself more. Sounds good to me!

Get organised

I love to stay busy but can also be a bit of a lazy pickle at times. Ahh sofa, how I love you!! This year I really want to be mega organised and stay on top of all my projects. As well as working full time, I’d like to keep to my schedule of posting at least 3 times a week on my blog. I also need to find time to get fit and healthy – gym expect to see more of me! – and also fit in time with friends and family and the all important me time! (Especially as Pretty Little Liars is now on Netflix –hurrah!) I am going to try to be as organised and motivated as possible to make this happen. Here’s to a productive and proactive 2015!

Get more involved with the blogging community 

Talking of blogging, I also want to make sure I contribute to the blogging community more this year. I really love taking part in blogger chats but towards the end of 2014 I found I was always busy when they were on and I really missed them! One of the best bits about blogging for me is being part of this amazing group where there is always someone to chat to who shares the same interests and I’ve been so lucky to make and meet lots of blogger friends this year. I want to make sure I set aside enough time to take part in chats again as well as comment more on all the blog posts I read. I often tweet people to tell them I love their posts but want to make sure I leave comments and like posts on Bloglovin more to show my support too. I also need to make sure I reply to comments on my own blog more as I’ve become very bad at this. Sorry guys! It really does make my day when someone leaves a comment and I appreciate the effort that goes into it so much, so I really must make sure I say thank you.

Up my photography game

Now this is another wide spread blogger aim but I really do want to get better at photography. I often find I’m so busy with work and personal life that the photos for my blog can be a bit thrown together with a “that’ll have to do” attitude. And really that just won’t do! (and I’m pretty sure it shows when this happens!) I really want to think more carefully about how I set up my pictures, as well as practice taking better photos. I don’t have an all-singing all-dancing camera but maybe if I master the tools I have got right now, that’ll be something I invest in in the future. This aim will also tie in nicely with my resolution to get organised so I utilise natural light to take my photos in! 


My final resolution for 2015 is more of a perhaps / maybe kinda one! I’ve been thinking about having a go at that old YouTube thing for a while and think 2015 could be the year to go for it! I’m thinking lifestyle and baking vids but I guess we’ll have to see how brave I’m feeling! Watch this space….!

Quite a lot to work on there but even if one of these things changes for the better I’ll be happy! They do say that writing aims down is proven to increase the success rate so hopefully the odds are ever in my favour! I’ll of course keep you updated with how I ‘m getting on throughout the year. And fingers crossed by this time next year I’ll be a mega organised, healthy, happy me!

What are your resolutions and aims for 2015? 

Leave me links to your posts I’d love to have a read! 

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4 responses to “Lifestyle // New Years Resolutions & Aims for 2015”

  1. New Girl in Toon says:

    These all sound like very worthy New Year Resolutions to me! I've not really made any official ones but we have had a really good clear out in our little flat which feels amazing – there's something so great about clearing out forgotten kitchen cupboards and dumping rooms .. I feel like I've made a lovely fresh start :)PS too excited about the idea of you doing YT this year … do it!Chloe

    • Emsypickle says:

      Aw thank you lovely!! I'll let you know if I'm feeling brave :DAh a new year clear out is always good! I managed to get rid of three bin bags of clothes over Christmas and feel so much better for it!! (hehe and it means I can shop guilt free in 2015 knowing I'll have space to put my new purchases! 😀 xxx

  2. Stephanie Hartley says:

    This are pretty similar to mine! Headed back to uni and my first gym session of 2015 today. I wrote a similar post the other day – it's good to write it down so you can remember what you wanted to challenge yourself with!Steph –

    • Emsypickle says:

      I totally agree! I'm really hoping writing them down for once will make me actually stick to them! Well done for heading to the gym! I've been going for early morning swims and feel so much better for them! Thanks for leaving me your link, going to check out your post now 😀 xx

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