30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 27 – Estella Bartlett 'Wish' Bracelet

July 27, 2013

Wish with love

Oh dear, it’s not been the best Saturday for me! I woke up feeling a poorly Pickle, with a really bad sore throat and feeling achey all over 🙁 I have spent pretty much all day lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself, watching Laguna Beach and playing Campus Life! However, I did perk up quite a bit when the post arrived with a little letter for me! My new Estella Bartlett Wish bracelet!

I had bought two of these Wish friendship bracelets at the Spirit of Summer Fair in May, one in navy / black and one in pink / red. I just thought they were so cute with their little silver stars and would look great layered up together. However unfortunately the navy one broke the first time I wore it sob sob! The bracelets are made up of two knots which means they can be adjusted, and one of the knots came undone. I emailed the company to ask if I could get a replacement and I got a reply back the next day saying of course they would! And it arrived today HURRAH! It came with a lovely little note from Harriet saying “This is our very last one so love it well!” which I thought was really cute! And don’t worry, I will!


Thanks Estella Bartlett!


xx emsypickle xx

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