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April 28, 2014

Pampered Pickle!

I love getting my hair styled, and wish I had the time (and skill!) to give myself a big bouncy barnet every day! However, I’m usually running late so am very much a wash-throw-my-head-upside-down-blast-with-the-hair-dryer-and-go kind of gal! So I was very excited when I was offered the chance to go to The Purple Salon* in Soho, London for a professional wash and blow dry. Yes please! 


From the moment I stepped through the doors of The Purple Salon I was well looked after and made to feel right at home. After a quick meet and consultation with my stylist Karl, I was whisked over to the hair washing station, which was unlike any I’d seen before! Now maybe it’s that I don’t get out much (and I usually get my hair cut at home, so haven’t been to a salon in a while!) but never have I seen luxurious leather beds to lie down on whilst having my hair washed! So comfortable and felt very lavish – I could get used to this! 


Karl and I decided that volume was the key aim for my blow dry (as I’ve blogged about before, this is my permanent hair quest in life!). I also mentioned that as it’s been a while since I’ve had my hair cut (bad beauty blogger) I would quite like some TLC given to my ends, which have been looking a little dry recently.

Getting ready for my wash and blow dry

Karl started by spraying and soothing some Moroccan Oil Treatment onto the lengths and ends. This was then followed up with some L’Oreal Professionnel Techni Art PLI Thermo Fixing Spray. This is apparently designed for thick hair, but hey – fake it till you make it sista! 


Karl then set about using ceramic barrel brushes to comb out my hair, and start getting some bouncy volume blown through! This is where the decadence really kicked in – once Karl had rolled my hair up in to the barrel brush, Megan his assistant held them in place while Karl worked on another section of hair. Once the barrel brushes had helped dry and set my hair, Karl then unwound my hair, and re-wound each section around rollers which were clipped in place until my entire head of hair was all rollered up!


Then it was time to take out the rollers and release my inner glamourpuss! I was so excited as Karl gently unwound the rollers, and slightly brushed and smoothed out my hair. He swept the main lengths of my hair behind my shoulders, so I couldn’t quite see the finished product, but I loved how shiny and well conditioned my hair looked, as well as the lift around my roots. Karl set the style with Wella Performance Hairspray, and my look was finished!


I loved how my hair was really sleek with a slight curl at the endglamorous but natural, and it definitely had more volume in it than normal. It also smelt divine, and was lovely and soft – it was all I could do to stop myself running my hands through it constantly! I was heading out for dinner with my boyfriend that night, and felt well and truly ready for a night out! I found that by the time the evening came I needed to give my hair a bit of a brush, which meant I did lose some of the volume, but it still looked far glossier and chicer than it usually does. Even after washing my hair the next day, it still felt much softer and in better condition than usual.



I really enjoyed getting pampered at The Purple Salon, and felt so well looked after. Karl and Megan were great, and I was really happy with the end result. It is between £25 – £30 to have a wash and blow dry at The Purple Salon, so not something I could afford to indulge in too regularly, but it was such a wonderful treat, and a great way to get me ready for a night out. Thanks guys!

Have you had a professional blow dry?

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*Thanks so much to Jade at Catalyst PR for organising for me to have a complimentary blow dry at The Purple Salon. All thoughts are my own – please see my Disclaimer page for more information.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Like you I don't generally get my hair professionally blow dried, only when I've had a cut and then I *always* ask if it can be dried with curls as I have very similar hair to yours, so volume is a quest for me too. But last year my housemates bought me a blow-dry on my birthday and I asked for huge bouncy 60's hair and got it, it made me feel a million dollars all night, well worth it.

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