Midweek Manicure | Barry M Textured Nail Effect – Station Road

August 8, 2013

Yearning for yellow!

You may have noticed a bit of a theme in the last few Midweek Manicure posts – they’re all Barry M! I’ve recently rediscovered this fab brand and their fun affordable range of colours. This week I decided to try one of their textured nail effects in sunshine yellow Station Road.

I am never quite sure what I think of yellow nail paints. I always like the idea of them and always love them on other people, but often find myself thinking of nicotine stained fingers! Gross! However, I’m perpetually on the hunt for the perfect yellow polish and found myself drawn immediately to Station Road as it’s quite unlike any others I have in my vast collection. Unlike the soft lemon pastels, taxi cab brights and intense neons I have, it sits somewhere between them all and has a fantastic fine golden glitter running through it! Could this be my perfect yellow?!

It’s certainly comes very close! And I think it’s definitely more wearable than some of my others. The colour on the nail is very true to how it appears in the bottle – a pretty sunshiney colour but quite strong and bold looking, leaning almonst to neon in direct sunlight, yet still with a whiteish lemony look which makes it softer and wearable for work. It definitely does not look like nicotine stains (too bright and pretty for that!) however I do still think that, like many yellows, it manages to make my nails look a little bit dirty around the edges. I think that perhaps this is due to my skin tone though, and think it would look fabulous with a lovely tan.

The glitter doesn’t come through quite as stongly on the nail (sadface) but I think this is due to the textured effect surface, it gets hidden in some of the bumps. It does shimmer nicely under light and I keep finding myself twiddling my fingers in front of my face to catch the gimmers! (please tell me you also do this?!)

Trying to capture the glitter shimmer on camera is tricky! You can kind of see it here though!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the textured surface as I LOVE the feel of a really smooth glossy nail, but also really like the look of a matt finish. Station Road doesn’t appear to have quite as matt a finish as some swatches I have seen for some of the other textured nail paints (particularly the mint green Ridley Road), however this could be due to the presence of the glitter which adds depth and sparkle. One thing I was slightly concerned about was just how textured would it be – would it snag my tights etc – but it’s fine! You will only really notice it if you run your fingers over it. It feels a bit like when you go to bed with still-tacky nails and get bed sheet imprints!

I love how the colour clashes with my favourite turquoise ring!

I found Station Road quite difficult to work with as it was quite a thick consistency. On one hand this was great as it meant that the colour was nice and strongly pigmented and I didn’t experience much dragging (as I usually get with yellow polishes) but it did mean it was quite gloopy and messy, which was enhanced by the grainy glitter and texture granules.

Overall it’s a nice addition to my collection, and definitely one of my favourite yellows. The unusual colour, glittery shimmer and textured finish make it quite unique and I always like my nails to be a bit different, rather than sticking to a safe glossy pink. It looks really great when taken in as part of a whole outfit as it clashes nicely with most things I wear but in a lovely feminine summery way. I will definitely be taking this on holiday with me!

What’s your perfect yellow nail polish?

xx emsypickle xx

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2 responses to “Midweek Manicure | Barry M Textured Nail Effect – Station Road”

  1. Justme Amy says:

    I don't tend to wear yellow nail polish for he same reason as you! But I do have lots of Barry M nail varnishes 🙂 I have "Ridley road" textured nail effect, which is a mint green colour… I love it too!

    • Emsypickle says:

      The Ridley Road colour is GORGEOUS!!! I'm such a sucker for mint green! I want all 4 of the textured colours – the pink one looks like candy floss and the baby blue reminds me of clouds 🙂 xx

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