Favourites // May 2019

June 3, 2019

Favourites are BACK! Yes there was a bit of a break from what are – ironically – some of my favourite posts to write. March was bloody busy – loads going on at work, and lots of social activities. Then in April I felt pretty uninspired with all things blogging. Having switched over my blog from Blogger to WordPress in December with a jazzy new theme from Pipdig, then spending the next month or so customising it to be exactly how I wanted only for the coding drama to come to light. FML!!!

But I rallied at the end of the month and switched themes to this babe by Kotryna Bass. I’ve still got to sort out some category / tag issues which weren’t resolved in the initial transfer to WordPress, but all in good time all in good time!!

So here are some of my favourite things from the last couple of months…


monthly favourites May 2019

Heart & Home Lime Splash Candle

I got given this for my birthday in February, and as you can see I’ve been burning it pretty much everyday since!

I love a fresh scented candle and this one smells of lovely zingy limes. It’s been lovely to light after work on the spring evenings we’ve had and gives the whole living room a lift.

Fiji Essie Nail Polish

I decided to treat myself to some new nail polish and went for this gorgeous cool toned baby pink – Fiji by Essie.

It does come out quite sheer, so my nail technician added three coats on top of my acrylics to get a spotless non streaky finish.

It’s a really pretty pink which goes with everything – even my Grind coffee cup! Priorities.

Primark Mirror of Erised

No YOU changed out of your pyjamas and dashed to Primark at 8pm on a Saturday night, as soon as you saw these posted on Instagram! I mean how could you not?!

We all know I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and nothing pleases me more than filling my flat with HP tat I definitely don’t need. And until our housemate mentions the growing collection, I’m going to keep going!

Hello Mirror of Erised! It was £9 from Primark, is beautifully detailed and looks banging propped up on our bathroom windowsill.

Cocoa Coconut Nakd Bars

I love a Nakd bar, and pretty much always have one in my handbag. I nearly lost my shizzle when I spotted these new coconut chocolate flavoured ones at Tesco, and prayed to the snack gods they wouldn’t be a let down.

Well fear not – they’re bloody glorious! They do have quite a strong coconut taste so if that’s not your bag they may not be for you, but I love it, and it’s really nice to have something so flavoursome for breakfast on the go.

I’m trying to be a lot healthier at the moment and I love that they count as one of your five a day too – a great alternative for when the 4pm Bounty cravings kick in!

I’ve also heard delicious rumours they’ve just released a coffee and walnut cake flavour one too! TAKE MY MONEY NAKD!

The Race Across The World

I have been obsessed with watching The Race Across The World. I’ve literally watched it on repeat 3 times since it finished!

It follows competing couples as they travel from London to Singapore without using aeroplanes and with a limited budget.

It’s such a fun show to watch to see which routes they choose and how quickly and cheaply they can do it in. It’s also great if you love travel to learn more about some off the beaten tracks locations. Azerbaijan is now firmly on my To Travel list!

Pink Matalan Suitcase

Remember back in February when I won Hero of the Month at work? Part of my prize was a high street voucher, and I decided to put it towards a cute new suitcase.

And how adorable is this one?!

It was £45 from Matalan, and they have a larger size to match too. I really like the solid frame and four wheels, which make it really easy to manoeuvre and feels nice and sturdy despite its “cabin” size.

It’s also got split sections inside, which I’ve never had before, but made it perfect for my work trip to Bristol in March, as I could separate my personal items from my work collateral, and still have loads of room.

It’s sold as cabin sized but I’ll definitely be checking the dimensions carefully before using it on a plane, as it does appear quite large – and airlines are changing their definition of “cabin sized” all the time! It’s going to be great for UK weekends away for sure though.

So there’s a little glimpse at the things I’ve been loving for the last few months. I’ve just got back from Nepal and am feeling pretty inspired to put lots of effort into my little blog, so there shouldn’t be any more gaps in my Monthly Favourites post! Watch this space!

What have you been loving recently?

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  1. Michelle says:

    Have just put on race across the world, thanks for the recommendation!

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