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February 13, 2015

A few weeks ago I headed down to Knightsbridge to Le Chinois restaurant within the Millenium EU Hotel and was treated to an absolute feast of deliciousness in the form of their Dim Sum Afternoon Tea. I’ve written before about how much I love dim sum so you can imagine my excitement when my fave blogger network Joe Blogs invited me along! And I wasn’t disappointed – great dim sum, blogging fun and no one moaning when you want to take photos before eating – perfect!


I always love visiting London hotels. As I’ve grown up in London I’ve never actually stayed in one so I really like having a look around, especially at upmarket ones like the Knightsbridge branch of Millennium EU. Unfortunately I was having too good a time making new blogger friends when I arrived to take photos (Hi Emma and Erin!) but think lots of gold, dark marble and a sweeping staircase spiralling up to their award winning Chinese restaurant – Le Chinois – where we sat down to Dim Sum Afternoon Tea.



After a glass of champagne and warm welcome from Head of Sales Cipriano, we were shown to our lovely long table in our exclusive area oohh fancy! There was about 30 of us in total and it was really lovely to get to know the other bloggers as we were poured Jasmine and oolong tea to start the meal. I love drinking Chinese tea as its so refreshing and really cleansed the palette ready to fully taste the dim sum which was about to be served. 



And served we were! Huge platters of food were soon being laid in front of us and, in typical blogger style, everyone whipped their cameras out and started snapping away. Oohh yeh, work it spring roll! Sadly they were always slightly too far away from me to get the best shot, but I still got to taste everything and my word was it good!

Minced chicken wrapped in lettuce
Chai Siu Boa (BBQ pork bun) – with some crazy lighting from all the camera flashes!
Red bean and pandan mochi cake with freshly sliced mango
Sauteed prawns coated with wasabi
Deep fried prawns with passion fruit coulis
Siu Mai (steamed minced pork dumplings)
Crispy shredded duck spring rolls
Crispy scallop rolls
Tender beef skewers
Crispy chicken sticks

My favourites were definitely the wasabi coated sautéed prawns, which were deliciously hot to taste and I’ve not tried wasabi in this creamy sauce form before. I would literally eat anything covered in this sauce! The tender beef skewers were also incredible – melt in the mouth and full of flavour. I also absolutely adored the crispy scallop rolls. The crisp filo woven around the scallop had a great texture and was a really nice contrast to the soft scallop within. 


The one thing we all felt was missing from our meal was the wow-factor of presentation you usually associate with an afternoon tea experience. You know what I mean, that oh so instagramable arrangement of tasty treats perfectly displayed on an ornate stand. Just as we were contemplating this however, the curtains behind our table were pulled open to reveal several silver stands stacked with the dim sum we had just enjoyed, to show how usual (smaller sized) parties would be served their Dim Sum Afternoon Tea. It looked so pretty and definitely gave the wow-factor which the large platters were missing.


We were then given a demonstration on how to perfectly slice a Peking duck and assemble a pancake only using chopsticks. Did you know that traditionally the hoisin sauce is spooned on in a figure of 8 shape as 8 is a lucky Chinese number? Cool eh! I love a good fact me (and a good duck pancake!



Having lived in Hong Kong for two years when I was younger I absolutely adore authentic Chinese food, and it was great to sit down to such well prepared dim sum. I always like to celebrate Chinese New Year and having this Dim Sum Afternoon Tea would be an amazing way to do so. Le Chinois serves Dim Sum Afternoon Tea every day between 12pm – 5pm and is only £25 per person, including a glass of champagne! Such amazing value for great food, wonderful service and a really different spin on your classic afternoon tea. I would definitely recommend grabbing a table here on the 19th February to bring in the Year of the Sheep with style! 


Do you usually celebrate Chinese New Year? Where are your favourite places for dim sum?

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*Thanks so much Joe Blogs and Le Chinois for inviting me along for a really lovely afternoon. Whilst my Dim Sum Afternoon Tea was paid for, all thoughts are honest and my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.

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3 responses to “Lifestyle // Dim Sum Afternoon Tea at Le Chinois, Knightsbridge”

  1. Emma Copland says:

    Sorry for distracting you from photo taking! That was such a fun afternoon with so many lovely bloggers, hopefully I will see you at another event soon.

  2. April Todd says:

    Aaaaaand now im hungry, thanks ems! HahaThe food looks lovely 🙂 x

  3. The Unhappy Mermaid says:

    I love chinese food! (chinese everything in general haha) Everything looks delicious.

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