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October 24, 2014

Last year I reviewed Kim Kardashian’s perfume Glam, which I had bought half price in Superdrug and was pretty impressed with. So when I saw another of her fragrances – Gold – on sale at half price, I thought I’d treat myself again!

If there’s one thing the Kimye wedding showed us it’s that Kim is one of the glitziest, most glamorous celebs around, and you can definitely see that from the packaging of the bottle! The same shape and style as Glam, Gold has (as you might have guessed) an exuberant gold finish which is kept (relatively) classy with black accents. Whilst the box and bottle were a nightmare to photograph (noooo reflection of me and my camera you are not wanted!) they do look quite pretty amongst the others in my perfume collection.

The back of the box says: 

Throughout the centuries gold has held a fascination that comes not only from it’s undeniable beauty but it’s immense value. Luxurious, sensual and rare. Kim Kardashian Gold is iconic, a true precious luxury captured in a new fragrance. Transcend ordinary with Kim Kardashian Gold.

Oohh I say!

So on to the smell…

I have to say, I really like it! It’s quite strong when first sprayed but soon mellows out to a very pretty and quite sexy musky scent. It still has lots of floral undertones as you would expect for a Kimmie K offering (or any of the standard celeb perfumes really) but has a lot more depth than Glam and is perfect for a night out. It actually really reminds me of Vera Wang Princess Night (which I ADORE!) and at only £20 for a large 100ml bottle, is a snip of the price. Of course I did get this half price, and I’m not sure I would pay the full £40 for it (I’d rather go for the Vera Wang which has a much longer staying power). It is a great alternative though and I’ve taken to keeping it in my desk drawer for a quick spritz when heading out straight after work.

Have you tried any of the Kim Kardashian perfumes? 

What’s your favourite celebrity scent?

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2 responses to “Beauty // Kim Kardashian Gold Perfume”

  1. Lemontierres says:

    It looks interesting and I'd love to give it a sniff!

  2. Melissa Zia says:

    Love the look of the bottle!! the scent sounds really nice too :)Melissa || x x

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