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September 4, 2014

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me tweet up a storm a few weeks ago about fruit, veg and juicing. That’s because I was at the #CurrysIntroJuicing event run by Currys and Joe Blogs blogger network. I mentioned a little bit about it in my InstaLIFE post that week, but I enjoyed the event so much I thought it deserved it’s own post too!


#CurrysIntrojuicing gathered lots of lovely health, fitness and lifestyle bloggers to give us all an insight into the magical world of juicing. Juicing is a bit of a hot topic at the moment what with summer and everyone trying to be as fit and healthy as they can be, so I was excited to learn a bit more about it and even give it a go myself. As well as offering an introduction to juicing, the event also included a body conditioning class with personal trainer Derry Temple. I am really starting to enjoy exercise right now and trying new classes, but was a little bit nervous about the class, particularly as there seemed to be some very fit people attending! Yikes would I be able to keep up?! 


There were so many incredible bloggers attending the event, including my lovely Holland and Barrett Buddy Dani! It was so great to meet her at last after spending so long tweeting, texting and emailing! Dani and I met up before the event along with Bei from BeiFit and were the three musketeers for the rest of the night! This was fab as not only are they both total sweethearts, they also already had some experience of juicing and intense training so luckily held my hand throughout the evening haha! Thanks girlies!


Once we arrived at the event we settled down and had a nutritional talk from Derry, giving us a great insight into the benefits of juicing, the best ingredients and how much of each to use, and even which veg really should be bought organically. One thing Derry was keen to stress is that juicing is great but should be used to supplement a healthy lifestyle, and that juice only diets are not healthy. I found this really interesting having recently completed a 3 day juice cleanse (read all about that here). One thing that really stuck with me were Derry’s wise words “You’ve got to eat fat to burn fat” so juicing alone is really not a good solution to weight loss.






Next it was time to grab our Currys sports bottles and get our juice on! At the back of the room were heaps of beautiful brightly coloured fruit and veg, ready for us to squeeze into (hopefully) lovely drinks! I decided to go rogue and just gather up ingredients I like, rather than follow one of Derry’s recipes (such a rebel…) I went for a handful of spinach, a few giant lettuce leaves, a carrot, an apple, some celery, some sprigs of mint and a lime. Derry had told us that vegetables should be the key ingredients in juices and smoothies rather than fruit (which was lucky for me as I’m really not a fan of most fruit!) so I hadn’t strayed too far from his guidance! Bei, Dani and I then queued up at one of the many juicing stations and had a good chat whilst waiting for our turns.




I have never used a juicer before and couldn’t actually believe that you could put an entire apple in and it would completely smush it all up and turn it to juice in seconds! Craziness!I got chatting to Vicky from Currys and she was telling me about the Phillips Avance Juicer (which is what we were using) and how they will pretty much mulch ANYTHING! It was so much fun watching everyone make their juices and smoothies and see what colours they turned out and how much juice each fruit / vegetable produced. Then it was my turn yikes!


It was so easy to use and even more fun to be in control of the machine myself! Dani also recommended I add some rice milk to my ingredients, which I’d never tried before but was really tasty and much lighter than cows milk. It packed out my smoothie which was good and I also added a scoop of protein powder which is meant to help prevent muscle ache after exercise (I had a feeling I was going to need it!). A high protein diet is ideal when trying to lose weight too, so this is a good way to add more protein to your diet. We popped our smoothies in the fridge and made our way next door to the Urban Kings Gym ready for the much anticipated (and slightly dreaded!) body conditioning class.




My nerves weren’t any more settled when we were asked to remove our shoes (what, I can’t even stop and pretend to do up my shoelace if it gets too much for me?!) In the centre of the studio floor was an array of torture instruments fitness equipment such as steps, weights and kettle bells uh ohhhhh!! After a quick (and truth be told, knackering!!!) warm up we got split into two teams and were told we’d be doing circuits. Racing against each other. GAHHHHH!!!! ALL THE TERROR!!!! 


Derry talked us through each station, and explained that we’d be going one at a time against the other team and only once the person in front had finished their station could the next team member start. Oh goodness please let me be able to keep up and not let my team down / embarrass myself horribly! The circuit we had to complete was:

** 20 lunges 

**10 burpees

**10 squats lifting kettle bells 

**10 step ups

**10 weighted bag rolls

**10 press ups 

**10 squats

**10 bunny hops over a bench

**3 ladder runs, stepping both feet between each rung

I’m exhausted just reading it all!!


Well I’m proud (and slight amazed!) to say I survived! I even enjoyed it! It was really hard work and there were definitely moments when I didn’t think I’d manage it, but I did and I’ve never experienced adrenaline after exercise like it before! I’ve never done a circuit class before and it was actually really refreshing to try new exercises and use weights which I never normally do. The atmosphere was fantastic too, really supportive with all of us bloggers and Derry cheering each other on. Thanks guys! 


We staggered back to pick up our juices which were very welcome after our gruelling workouts! After a quick chat, and cool down it was time to go, and I have to say I was absolutely buzzing! What a great event – I learnt so much, met loads of new friends, and had one of the best workouts of my life! I wasn’t able to walk for a week, but it was definitely worth it!!!

What’s more, I also won a Phillips Avance Juicer of my own too! I still can’t believe it! Thank you so much to Shaun and the team at Joe Blogs and Currys for a really great evening. I can’t wait to put everything I learnt into practice and start introducing juicing into my daily routine.

What’s your favourite juice recipe?

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6 responses to “Lifestyle // #CurrysIntrojuicing blogger event”

  1. New Girl in Toon says:

    This event sounds amazing, I definitely would have been so nervous about trying to keep up though. Part of me REALLY wants to try a class in the gym but every time I walk past them they look so scary, full of shouting and people who look like they know what they're doing. I'm very much a solo runner on the treadmill!Chloe

  2. Andrea Thompson says:

    Great thorough review, I almost felt like I was there to! So so wished I lived in London, such awesome events. xxx

  3. best sports bar nyc says:

    The chef was willing to even change some of the menu choices upon request. We opted for station style and had some unique choices like a taco bar.

  4. Emma Luxton says:

    Sounds like such an awesome event. I'd love to know more about juicing. I would have been so nervous about the workout part! Emma x Writing Essays With Wine

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