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August 15, 2014

Ooohh I love a Twitter retweet competition me! If you follow me on Twitter (@emsypickle) you’ll see I enter quite a lot. Ok a lot. #SorryNotSorry It’s such an easy way to win some fab prizes – you’ve gotta be in it to win it right?! I’ve been really lucky and won some amazing things including free make up, clothes and even One Direction concert tickets! (I still can’t quite believe that!) A couple of months ago I also won a 3 day juice cleanse from @JustJuicesUKamazing! I thought I’d give you a run down of my detox experience and let you know how I got on 
(get ready – it’s a long one!)


I’d been seeing a lot about juice diets and their amazing results on Twitter, with people saying they’d lost about half a stone in 3 days, and dropped inches too! However, I’d never really thought to buy one myself as they’re usually around £70 for 3 days worth, so I was mega excited when I won the chance to try it out for free. Just Juices were great and contacted me straight away to arrange a date to start my cleanse and explained that they deliver every Tuesday and the detox takes place the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of that week.

I had a quick scout through my diary and chose a week where I didn’t have any dinners or activities planned so I could focus solely on doing my detox. I decided to do it at the end of May and Just Juices let me know that my juices would actually arrive on the Wednesday morning, because the Monday was a bank holiday. Bring. It. On!!! 

To get ready to track my weightloss I weighed myself and measured my bust, waist, hips and thighs and made sure that I had a relatively light dinner the night before, avoiding red meat (as was suggested by other’s reviews). I went to sleep feeling pretty excited but also nervous! I’m not going to lie, I flippin’ love food (haha as my weight and measurements confirmed!!) and I’d read several reviews of people saying they couldn’t cope without eating for 3 days and had to give in to hunger pains before the detox was up. I also (which I hadn’t really thought of as an issue in the excitement of having won the prize!) really don’t like fruit or yoghurt… the prime ingredients in a smoothie! Doh! Classic Emsy…! However I felt determined to rise to the challenge and successfully last the length of the detox.


My juices arrived a bit late – at 9.30am the next morning. By this point I was STARVING as I would usually have had my breakfast by this time and I didn’t want to eat or drink anything in case I broke the rules by accident! I was so impressed when my delivery came however – everything was well packed neatly inside a white Just Juices cool bag complete with ice packs to keep it cool and fresh. Very nice! 

My kit included:

*1 bottle of Wake Up shot – to be taken every morning when I woke up

*1 plastic shot glass to measure out the Wake Up shot (which I broke pretty much immediately!)

*1 lemon to be sliced and added to hot water and drunk every morning 

*3 x Boost It juices to be drunk at 10am each day

*3 x Beet It juices to be drunk at 1pm each day

*3 x Feel It juices to be drunk at 4pm each day

*3 x Love It juices to be drunk at 7pm each day

*3 x Herbal tea bags

*A selection of colourful straws to drink my juices with

*Instructions leaflet



The instructions explained that I should only consume my 4 smoothies, one shot, and a hot lemon water per day, as well as as much water and herbal tea as I liked. As well as the main instructions, each juice came with a different “Top Tip” written on the label which I thought was really cute.

So here’s how I got on each of the days…..


As soon as my package arrived I quickly read my instruction leaflets and got going! Due to my late delivery I had my Wake Up shot at 10am and then drank my first juice – Boost It straight away. Well I’m not going to lie, the Wake Up shot was literally disgusting! It tasted really bitter and basically like bile (grim, sorry!) Horrified, I did have fleeting thoughts of “It’s not too late, hand the rest of the drinks to your colleagues and settle down with a nice cereal bar and Starbucks Iced Mocha!”. However I persevered, cracked on and (gingerly) openied up my Boost It morning juice. How pleasantly surprised I was! I had thought this would be the one I liked most as it contained lots of vegetables rather than fruit, including spinach, peas and mint – three of my favourite things! It was really lovely – very zingy and fresh tasting and very smooth to drink (I’m really not a fan of anything containing pulp, seeds or bits. Haha oh dear I sound like a right Fussy Fanny don’t I?!)





Feeling pretty Boosted (see what I did there?!) I went about my mornings work and only thought about food one hundred zillion times! (So actually only a few times more than usual!) I wasn’t actually hungry, but always like to plan my lunch as a way of passing the morning by, and each time had to remind myself that I would be having another (hopefully) delicious juice instead of “actual food”. Just Juices were also amazing and responded to my Twitter DM straight away when I asked whether I was allowed sparking water (I was – hurrah!) It was good to know they were there and ready to respond if I needed any more help.

At 1pm it was time for my Beet It juice which again I thought would be ok as it had carrots, ginger, beetroot and blackberries in (bring on the veg!) and I like the taste of the black fruit gums which I told myself was exactly what blackberries taste like! This juice did taste ok, not as nice to me as the Boost It one but nowhere near as bad as the dreaded Wake Up shot! However it was very very pippy. It took me literally an hour to drink the tiny little bottle as I was really struggling haha! I was trying to use the straws they sent me, thinking I might be able to filter out some of the bits but the juice was so thick it took ages to slurp up! My friend suggested doing away with the straw and it actually was a lot better as I could just gulp a load and get it over and done with quicker! BTW I do realise I sound like an absolute freak lol, all my colleagues and my boyfriend kept telling me how delicious the juices all looked, but I just really don’t like textured, fruity drinks! I’m sure if fruit smoothies are your bag you’d absolutely love them!




I was dreading my 4pm Feel It juice – pleeeeeaassee be more Boost It than Beet It – however I was pleasantly surprised as it actually was really nice! It was more like Boost It nice and zingy, made of oranges, carrots, ginger, grapefruit and with plenty of mint, it made me finish my working day feeling pretty good and still not really hungry.




When I got home from work however I went and stood in my kitchen just staring at all the delicious foods! All I wanted to do was eat something solid and crunchy! My boyfriend wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours and I was feeling pretty zapped of energy so I decided to take myself away from temptation and have a nap! I decided to stay there while he made his dinner and only got up once his meal debri was cleared away. I sat and drank my last juice – Love It feeling pretty disgruntled and as if I definitely wouldn’t  Love It as much as I would have loved the lasagne Tony had! Sadly I was right and I really didn’t enjoy my final juice of the day. Love It is described as “Our fruitiest juice of all” and was made up of apples, bananas, raspberries, blackberries, natural yoghurt and mixed seeds. It was really thick which doesn’t float my boat sadly, but Tony had a gulp and his exact words were “You’re wrong, this is delicious!” Tempted to give him the rest, I decided I’d better drink it down as I was pretty hungry and knew I’d be ravenous tomorrow if I didn’t have anything for dinner.





I woke the next morning feeling pretty deflated. I’d dreamt that I’d eaten cereal in the night and felt guilty for (subconsciously) breaking my detox! The thought of another shot of Wake Up was also less than appealing! I drank it down and soothed the taste with a lovely hot lemon water and vigorous teeth brush and all was ok though. The thought of a yummy Boost It breakfast juice in a couple of hours also cheered me up.

My day passed much the same as the day before – two juices I loved and two juices I hated, and again I considered skipping the dinner time Love It juice as I really did not enjoy it. Throughout the day I found myself thinking about food a lot and a few times had to remind myself that I could not have a bag of crisps or handful of nuts as I was juicing. By the end of the day I was feeling pretty fed up about not eating any solid food.  Interestingly I never felt properly hungry but was more craving textures and flavours of food and wanting to eat out of habit or boredom rather than actual need.



Whilst yesterday I’d started the day off feeling quite flat and sluggish, on the third day I lept out of bed feeling quite invigorated and ready to go! Whether it was the fact that the fruit juices had indeed detoxed my system and filled me with goodness, or whether it was just the fact that I was on the last leg of my juicing journey I’m not sure! 

I even felt less pain when getting through the thick fruity lunchtime and evening juices and began to think that perhaps I could even go through another couple of days of detoxing! That evening (a Friday) my boyfriend stayed in and ordered a curry for dinner and whilst my mouth watered looking at it’s deliciousness I felt really proud (and a bit amazed!) that I had managed to complete the three days without giving in (other than in my dreams!) My boyfriend did complain slightly that I was watching him eat every mouthful in aweand laughed when I begged him to eat a poppadom which I adore (giant crisps – what’s not to love?!) You know it’s time to call it a night when you’re asking to watch other people eat, so I had another early night.



I bounded out of bed the next morning –BRING ON ACTUAL FOOD! I excitedly measured my progress to see if the juice cleanse had altered my measurements and weight at all. It only blimmin had!

6lb weight loss

Waist – 1/5 inch loss

Hip – no change

Bust – no change 

Thigh – 1/5 inch loss

I was disappointed that I hadn’t lost much in terms of inches, but wasn’t surprised as I didn’t look or feel any smaller and let’s face it, I hadn’t exercised at all over the last three days (as advised in the instructions). I was impressed with a 6lb weight loss but was a little bit jaded as to the fact of where had it actually gone from?! I was pretty sure it was mostly water weight and that the minute I looked at solid food it would probably all pile back on! However I did feel very pleased with myself for making it through the three days successfully with no cheating and also learnt an important lesson that a lot of the time I eat due to habit or boredom, rather than actually being hungry. A lot of people talk about having much clearer skin from completing a juice cleanse due to the amount of water you drink, but I drink between 2 – 3 litres a day anyway so didn’t notice much difference in this respect.

As I thought, I did end up putting all the weight back on very quickly after returning back to a normal (and healthy) food regime. This said to me that whilst the juice cleanse was a great (very) “quick fix” and would be good to do before a special occasion like a wedding, it’s not actually a sustainable way to lose weight (and keep it off). However this is of course just my experience and my opinion so do have a read of other people’s thoughts too! It was however excellent in that it’s made me think about how much I eat and why I am eating it as the majority of the time I was just bored or having cravings which didn’t need to be fulfilled.

I am glad I got to try out a juice cleanse and see the results for myself – thanks Just Juices! I don’t think however that I would do one again. The loss of pounds was quick, but came back on even quicker, and it’s a very expensive diet to sustain (and sadly those pounds don’t just grow back in all the wrong places!). To be honest, I get a lot of enjoyment from food, trying new flavours and textures, and being stuck on a very limited liquid diet wasn’t very fun! I also actually missed doing exercise as you aren’t supposed to do any whilst detoxing. Overall I enjoyed my experience but think a mix of a healthy diet and exercise is the best way forward for me.

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? I’d love to hear what you thought about it.

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4 responses to “Lifestyle // Juice Cleanse with Just Juices UK”

  1. Cat at says:

    Thanks for sharing this experience! I've thought about doing a juice cleanse before, but agree that it's SO EXPENSIVE. I could never afford it. I agree that most of the weight lost will probably just be put right on again once you start eating solid food again, but hopefully it "cleaned out" your system some and will inspire you to eat healthier now that you're back on solids.Cat

  2. Coco Cami says:

    Sounds great, I could do with a detox 🙂 great blog, I have followed you with Bloglovin and if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!Camille

  3. Stephi LaReine says:

    this was sooooo informative, I'm starting mine in a few days, Just Juices contacted me and asked if I was interested, of which I've just got back from Leeds Fest and all the burgers haven't helped so juicing is going to be a massive helplove this post, and the blog!!!Stephi

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