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December 7, 2018

I used to be a contacts only kinda gal.

Then this last year I’ve struggled horribly with mystery allergies, including sore itchy eyes, and now I wear my glasses about 90% of the time. It’s got to the stage where I think I look a bit weird if I do wear my contacts! 

Glasses are so important, as not only do they allow you the gift of sight – obvs – but they can also totally transform your face and contribute to your whole look. The ultimate practical accessory. 


So when Marks and Spencer’s got in touch to ask if I wanted to try out their new Opticians service I jumped at the chance.

Synonymous with quality British fashion, you can always rely on M&S to be stylish yet affordable and I couldn’t wait to see how this translated into their new eye wear collection.

I toddled over to Westfield White City and into the huge Ma&S department store, where their Opticians service occupies part of the ground floor. It’s a gorgeous space – bright and white with rows of uber stylish frames.


The staff were all super friendly and I was taken into the first testing room to have x-rays of my eyes to check their shape and health, and also the dreaded puff of air to the eyeball (which I’m not actually sure what it does other than make me think of Rachel from FRIENDS and snort with laughter). 


The Ophthalmologist did send me back to retake my x-rays though as she was concerned by a black spot showing on my left eye and wanted to check it wasn’t just a misreading. This was shaping up to be a very thorough eye examination! 


After reassessing the new images, she explained that it was present on the new scans, and while it could just be a freckle on my eyeball (who knew that was a thing?!) it should be checked out by a specialist, so she’d be writing to my GP for a referral. Fingers crossed kids! 


It was then time for the main sight testwhich I absolutely smashed. Though my right eye sight has dwindled further – yay old age – and my prescription has changed slightly. Every cloud though – new prescription means NEW FRAMES! 


As you’d expect from M&S they had some absolutely beautiful options to choose from, and just like their clothing range they’re all high fashion and low cost, with frames starting at just £40 per pair


As well as their own frames, M&S Opticians also stock designers like Michael Kors, Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs. I had a lot of fun picking out the frames that I wanted, with a bit of help from their shop assistant and decided on these ABSOLUTE BEAUTS


They’re basically my dream frames – tortoise shell which compliments my colouring, nice and light so they feel weightless on my face and thin arms so I can see easily out my peripheral vision when driving. YAS M&S!


I was so impressed with the service at M&S Opticians and will definitely be using this as my go-to Opticians going forward. The staff were friendly and professional, I’ve never had such a thorough eye examination and the frames are all absolutely stunning. SPECtacular! Sorry!

How often do you wear glasses? Or do you stick to lenses?

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*Thanks so much to M&S Opticians for inviting me to try out their new services  and frames. All thoughts – and dodgy poses – are honest and my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.

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