Midweek Manicure | Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

April 2, 2014

Tip top top coat 

As well as my new Tangle Teezer, my amazing boyfriend also got me another fab beauty themed present for Christmas: the renown Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Is this really the holy grail of top coats?


I think I have to say yes! For me, for now anyway! (but keep reading – as this may well change)

I’ve tried many top coats throughout the years, but often find they make little to no difference in sealing my polish in place, and my nails chip just as quickly as if I didn’t have it on, so I often found myself not even bothering with the final finish.


I’d heard and read so many times about the legendary Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and it’s unwearing finish, but thought that it would probably be just like the rest and didn’t bother to try it out. So I was so glad my boyfriend decided to treat me, and even more glad that it was just the product I’ve been hoping for!



It really does seal my nail polish in place, giving my manis a much longer life. It’s great over glitters and nail stickers too – it’s thick formula covering all textures and leaving my nails nice and smooth, and with a gorgeous glossy finish. Its also very long lasting.

Here are some of the manis I’ve used Seche Vite on to successfully seal the deal

I have read reviews of many bloggers saying that  Seche Vite can shrink their colour nail polish, pulling it away from the cuticles and making it peel / curl slightly. I have been using quite thin layers of Seche Vite, wary of this happening and haven’t experienced any troubles myself, so I guess just something to be mindful of.

I have also, literally just now while finalising this post, seen the warning on the back of the bottle:

WARNING! This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. 

This seems like a pretty serious warning to me! I will definitely be looking into this and will very likely stop using the product if it turns out to be correct. I have heard that some brands have changed their formula to sell in the UK market and am hoping Seche Vite have done / will do the same. If not, my quest will have to continue, as that is too dire a warning to ignore. I can’t believe I didn’t see this before! Whilst I still think it does a great job as a top coat, I am not prepared to risk my health to use it, and wonder how many others are aware of the warning it carries? I will keep you posted on what I find out.

Overall I was very happy I’d found my perfect glossy topcoat, however I will be looking into the scary warning on the back of the bottle and the hunt may well begin again! If you know anything about it please do let me know. 

What’s your favourite topcoat? Any others I should give a try, or is Seche Vite your number 1 too? Do you know anything about The Warning?

xx emsypickle xx

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2 responses to “Midweek Manicure | Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat”

  1. Emma Mereta says:

    Great post! I've never tried seche vite before, I've seen mostly the reviews that say it shrinks the polish etc. And what a CRAZY warning. That's slightly scary… You don't ever imagine nail varnish to be quite that risky…! Hopefully they change the formula! Good to read that you have had no shrinkage though! X

  2. zzyytt says:

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