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February 18, 2011

Lifting it Higher and Higher

Usually a fan of electro, dance, drum and base and the like, I was quite shocked to discover myself desperate to get tickets for The Saturdays Headlines tour. Whilst my ipod would usually be stuck between a medley of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Santogold and Leftfield, since hearing The Sat’s version of MadCon’s “Beggin’” on Radio 1 Live Lounge , their upbeat lyrics and sunshine rhythms have been tantalising my ears non-stop!


Having supported Girls Aloud and completing their own successful tour, I was expecting great things from this fab fivesome and myself and two friends couldn’t wait to see what Frankie, Mollie, Una, Vanessa and Rochelle would have to offer.

At 25, I had suspected my friends and I might be the oldest ones in the crowd but were pleasantly surprised to find a huge mix of teenyboppers, teenagers and twentysomethings, both girls and boys, all gathered at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo on February 17th 2011.

Bursting onto the stage with current hit “Higher” the girls started as they meant to go on with great vocals, energetic dance routines and costumes so sparkly, Liberachi would have been proud!

They continued with the upbeat numbers, belting out “Up”, “One Shot” and “Lose Control” and then evening it out (and giving the jumping crowd a rest) with ballads “Denial”, “Died In Your Eyes” and “Issues” which really showed off their almost flawless vocals. Whilst Vanessa White is widely thought of as the lead singer of the group, it was Rochelle Wiseman who really stood out as having a fantastic and unique toning to her voice which really set her aside from the others.

As well as a great set list of their own hits (see below) and VTs showing clips from their ITV 2 show “The Saturdays: 24/7” the girls also treated us to a Rihanna medley, performing Love the Way You Lie (Part 2), What’s My Name and Only Girl (In The World) which was a great tribute to the Barbadian lady of the moment, which truly did her justice whilst allowing a nice insight into the girls’ own taste in music. 

Very few props were used and the set was quite minimalist, with only a moving staircase and some coloured balloons that the girls incorporated into their routines. Whilst this did seem rather lacklustre compared to some of the huge budget sets seen on other tours, it also allowed the girls talent to shine out, with their own singing and dancing allowed to speak for itself without being overshadowed by elaborate gimmicks and hoards of backing dancers. The girls can sing and dance in their own right, without the help of other artificial “wow factors”. It also helped to make the concert feel quite intimate and as if you were “one of the girls”, rather than an audience member beholding a great being. This feeling was added to by great audience interaction and Vanessa’s “paparazzi” shots of the crowd, which have subsequently been uploaded to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Whilst this low-key staging let the girls’ talent stand out (Frankie in particular shone) it also slightly resonated of being somewhat lower budget and it would be great to see the Sat’s next tour in December have a bit more glitz and glamour to reflect the success they have begun to have.

No longer thought of as a poor man’s Girls Aloud, The Saturdays shook and shimmied their way through the night, showcasing their true talent as both singers and dancers, with fabulous costumes and slick routines to boot. Complimented by personal VTs and shout outs to the crowd, it was hard to tell who was enjoying the concert more: the audience or the girls themselves. Can’t wait for December girls, something tells me it’ll be even bigger and better.

Set List:

1. Higher

2. One Shot

3. Up

4. Loose Control

5. Denial

6. Puppet

7. Work

8. Died In Your Eyes

9. Love The Way You Lie / Whats My Name / Only Girl (In The World) (Rihanna Medley)

10. If This Is Love

11. Issues

12. Karma

13. Turn Myself In

14. Just Can’t Get Enough

15. Forever Is Over

16. Missing You

17. Ego

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