Lifestyle | The London Blog Project, Week 3 – Sights & Attractions

February 18, 2014

So many things to see and do!

Time for week 3 of The London Blog Project, and today I’ll be showing you my favourite sights and attractions to visit when in London. These posts seem to get harder every week, as there are just so many incredible and iconic things to see and do! Short of saying GO SEE IT ALL!! I’ve put together my cream of the crop, and some fun experience based activities to help you make the most out of your time in London.


I decided I’d give an overview of some of the more fun and wacky adventures you can have whilst sight seeing, as I’m sure everyone knows of Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s, The Shard etc etc. Here are some of my favourite ways for seeing a lot of London in a really fun way!

1) The Ghost Bus Tours

The Ghost Bus Tour is such a fun way to see the city! Board the bus on Northumberland Avenue and be driven around for a night time drive as the in-character conductor and driver narrate the city’s rich and spooky history. You get to see all of London’s key sights including Downing Street, Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and The Tower of London, all the while being entertained (and mildly terrified!) The bus itself is an old Necropolis bus used to take mourners to and from funerals, so you’re in pretty creepy company before you’ve even set off!

TOP TIP: You can often get cheap tickets for the ghost bus tour on websites such as Groupon so keep your eyes peeled! Things are even more fun when you get them half price!


2) London RIB Voyages

So we’ve had a fun tour on land, how about one on the water?! The London RIB (rigid inflatable boat) company gives you the speediest and most exhilarating trip down The Thames you can find! You get suited and booted and pile into the boat, before being whisked off down the river, with lots to see and a nice narrative about it all. However, the fun really starts once you’re further down the way, past all the tourist attractions (such as Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Tower of London, Canary Wharf). Once you hit the quieter open waters, the power ballads are cranked up and you zoom off towards the Thames Barrier (the world’s largest movable flood barrier don’t you know?!) It is so much fun speeding down The Thames with the Baywatch theme tune blaring out, and not something you get to experience day to day (unless perhaps you’re James Bond…or a RIB driver!)

TOP TIPTours are run whatever the weather, so don’t be put off by the typical London rain and cold! You’re well catered for with thick waterproof coat and trousers, and even goggles to protect your eyes, and it all adds to the fun and sense of adventure!


3) Up at the O2

Now time for a tour in the air! When I lived in Sydney I always wanted to walk over the top of the Harbour Bridge and will probably always regret not doing it! So as soon as Up at the O2 opened I jumped at the chance! And I’m glad I did! It’s great fun to walk up and over the top of the O2 Arena (previously known as The Millennium Dome). You get kitted out in an action-man style jumpsuit and safety harness then it’s time to latch yourself on to the safety wires and climb on up! The walkways are bouncey and good fun to clamber on, and it’s exciting to be able to take control of your own journey by sliding and latching your pulley across the wire (though I admit it took me a little while to get the hang of this!) When you reach the top you’re given a good amount of time to enjoy the view and spot all the famous landmarks (and there’s some handy information plaques to help you identify them all!) Then it’s time for the journey down the other side – which is even more fun as it’s pretty steep, and seems even bouncier!

TOP TIP: You are filmed for the entire duration of your climb and you can even buy a snazzy little video to remember your day – so remember to smile (and not curse when you can’t quite get the hang of the safety pulley system right away…..!)

I made it to the top!

So there you go, 3 fun and different ways of seeing all of London! I’m always out and about in the city, so definitely want to continue to do these types of posts, so do keep your eyes peeled for more! Let me know of your favourite attractions and sights, as I’m always up for a good day of touristy fun!

Have you been on any of these tours?

xx emsypickle xx

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8 responses to “Lifestyle | The London Blog Project, Week 3 – Sights & Attractions”

  1. Nicola Bishop says:

    I've been to London countless amounts of times and never knew these exsisted. I've really enjoyed reading you London Blog Project posts so far 🙂

  2. London Mum says:

    As a Londoner I know of all these things but have yet to enjoy them! It's strange, I forget to explore the countless fun things London has to offer because I assume they'll always be on my doorstep… must start putting some effort in! shame on me!

    • Emsypickle says:

      It's so easy to not do the touristy things in your home city I think. I have to remind myself regularly to make sure I'm getting out and about and exploring! xx

  3. New Girl in Toon says:

    I meant to do "Up at the O2" before I left London but never got round to it 🙁 It looks great, I bet the view is amazing! x

  4. Lisa says:

    This is the second time I've read about the Ghost Bus Tour, even as a Londoner it does sound fun!

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