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September 26, 2013

The quest for the perfect tan

As you may have seen in my earlier posts, I’ve just returned back from getting some late summer (or beginning of Autumn?!) sun in Lanzarote. Ever on the quest for the beautiful golden tan, I thought I’d give Malibu Continuous Spray Dry Oil Spray a try.

I have quite sensitive skin so usually stick to classic Nivea Sun Cream to protect my skin on holiday as I know it doesn’t aggravate me, and always gives a nice, non greasy application. However as this is likely to be the last bout of sun I get until next summer I decided to try an SPF tanning oil to really make the most of it!

I have tried Hawaiian Tropic Oil Spray before but found it was very very greasy, left me glistening like Peter Andre in the Mysterious Girl video (not a good look) and the spray also got clogged up and stopped working after a couple of days. Needless to say I was not impressed!

Enter the Malibu Continuous Spray Dry Oil Spray which promises

“…quick and complete coverage in just the press of a button a fine mist is dispersed evenly over exposed skin to create a veil of protection….and can be applied at any angle helping to eliminate the danger of missing any areas…non greasy…”

Could this be the answer to my previous tanning oil catastrophes?!


The Pros

It certainly did apply wonderfully easily, literally spraying out like a deodorant or hairspray. This meant it covered my skin really evenly and quickly, and required just a little rubbing in. I also worked continuously throughout my holiday- no clogged up sprayer hurrah!

It definitely wasn’t greasy. As soon as I gave it a quick rub in, the baby oil slickness disappeared, meaning I didn’t look like Jodie Marsh posing for a body builder comp. Phew!

It was quite moisturising (and more so than I expected). I can often get quite dry legs, but this wasn’t a problem whilst using Malibu Continuous Spray .

I was also pretty impressed with the tan! My skin felt nice and protected whilst lying out in the sun, and I never experienced that horrible prickly feeling you get sometimes as your SPF needs topping up. I used the spray on my legs (which take FOREVER to tan) and they definitely got a nice bit of colour! Though I couldn’t say for sure that the colour was deeper than if I’d used normal sun cream.

The Cons

Whilst I was a fan of its hairspray-like spraying action, I wasn’t a fan of the fact it smelled like hairspray! Urgh! Definitely one to apply outside or in a well ventilated room! I sprayed it in our apartment bathroom on the first day and found the smell and fumes a bit overwhelming! I even had to take my inhaler to ease the chesty feeling it gave me! (Curse you asthma!) However, once I went back in the bathroom later that afternoon, the lovely coconut smell you’d expect from a sun cream had taken over (and this is also how it smells on your skin thankfully!)

As well as smelling very chemically when being applied, it also felt quite chemically on the skin at first, with a bit of a tingle.

For these reasons I only used the spray on my legs, as I didn’t want to risk using something which smelled and felt so harsh and chemically near my face.

Also, whilst I did say the generous spray was a positive as it gave a good coverage, it also meant that it ran out quite quickly! I used it everyday for a week just on my legs and it is pretty much empty now! So not as good a value as a regular sun cream which lasts forever!! (Though still better value than my previous tanning oil spray which broke and meant I couldn’t use half the bottle).


I think I would re-purchase the Malibu Continuous Spray Dry Oil Sprayfor future holidays. Whilst its probably not the healthiest thing to put on my skin, and I couldn’t 100% say it helped my tanning campaign, I am a sucker for a gimmicky product, and it did make topping up my SPF protection a doddle!

What’s your favourite sun protector?xx emsypickle xx

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