Midweek Manicure | No 7 – Lucky Lilac

August 28, 2013

Professional Purple!

I love love LOVE lilac coloured nails so when I saw this No 7 beauty on display I knew I had to have it! No 7 is not a brand I shop very often, as I usually go to Superdrug rather than Boots, and usually stick to £5 and under for nail polishes, unless they’re from OPI. However I was having a nosey in Boots the other day whilst waiting for a friend and couldn’t resist this little Lucky Lilac purchase!

I quite like packaging of the No 7 nail polish, as the tall design makes it look like you get a lot more than the standard 10ml (even though you don’t!). The lid also has a pretty dark pink shimmer in it too which adds a pretty touch, which you can just about see in the picture below. Anyway, enough about the packaging, what is it like on the nail?!

Well, it is a very nice colour! I think “nice” sums it up quite well – it’s pretty and inoffensive but not much else! That sounds quite harsh, but maybe it’s because I’ve been wearing lots of bright bold colours recently, and using the Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly finish polishes, so anything else does seem quite dull in comparison! The below shows two coats over a base coat, but I bet a slick of ultra shiny top coat would give it a bit more life.

It is a very nice neutral shade though, which I would probably group in with my greige collection, despite the fact it’s “Lucky Lilac“! It comes out darker on the nail than it does in the bottle, and lends itself more to a grey tinge than true purple. It is an absolutely lovely shade for work – quite low key but more interesting than wearing just a typical pale pink or nude colour. I think this will definitely become a good go-to work-appropriate nail polish for days when I have big meetings or need to look that extra bit professional, and don’t want too bright or bold (or boring!) a colour.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the application of this nail polish. Whilst the colour is nice and pigmented and gave good colour coverage, I did find that it was a bit tacky, and left dragging marks on my nail. Even with a second coat this was still visible on some nails, and I don’t usually like to do more than 2 coats, as I find it chips and peels easily.

You can see the dragging lines particularly on the middle and pointer fingers


Overall I’m a bit torn with this week’s Midweek Manicure choice. It’s a perfectly nice light purple colour, but one I think I will use more for a work setting than an everyday all-round choice, as I usually like something with a bit more spark. My quest for the loveliest of lilac’s continues, and I think I will have to try the Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Paint version to see if that’s got a little more pizazz about it! Lucky Lilac for some, but not for me 🙁

Are you a fan of No 7 nail polishes?


xx emsypickle xx

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