Midweek Manicure | Nail Art – Made in Chelsea Monochrome

July 17, 2013

Inspired by Binky!

So I’m a big an of Made in Chelsea, and love Binky and the clothes she wears – she always looks so effortlessly stylish, and like she hasn’t needed all the immaculate polishing the other girls go for. I follow her on Twitter (@BinkyFelstead) and a few weeks ago saw she posted a pic of an amazing monochrome manicure she’d had. I loved it! Monochrome is a key trend at the moment and thought this edgy yet elegant manicure was a great way to try it out…..

Binky’s manicure (pic taken from Binky’s Twitter account @BinkyFelstead

Well mine didn’t turn out quite as well as Binky’s (shocker!) but I was still pretty impressed with my attempt! (Apologies for the pictures not being the best quality, I took them on my Blackberry). Haha I was terrified it would be more like Fail Art and like one of those hilarious “Pinterest Fail” Meme’s! (Fingers crossed you don’t think it looks like that!)

It was a really simple look to create. First I painted all my nails with a coat of white nail varnish. I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect white nail varnish, which won’t leave me looking like a school girl who’d been playing with tippex at lunch time (did anyone else use to do that?!) However for this look I wanted a really bold, bright white so did reach for one of my more tippexy cheaper polishes. I used L.A. Colours “French White”.

I then used my Models Own Black Nail Art Pen to draw on the black rectangular detailing on my index and ring fingers (please stay steady hands, pleeeaseeee!). I began by drawing a sloping line starting from  the base of my nail tip to half way down the nail. I then drew 4 vertical lines to form the grid and coloured in the squares to mirror Binky’s. 

It actually went ok! The trickiest bit was drawing the dividing diagonal line, and if you look closely you can see I did make a small error on one finger, not taking it far enough down the length of the nail, so the bottom rectangles would have been very long and the top ones too short. I tried to cover it up with another layer of white but it didn’t quite work! Though once the black rectangles were drawn and coloured in it didn’t notice too badly!

Overall I was very happy with my attempt at Binky’s Monochrome Manicure. It was relatively simple to create and looks smart enough for the office yet fun enough for the weekend. I def want to try this again, maybe experimenting with different colours for a jazzier effect!

What’s your favourite nail art?

xx emsypickle xx 

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