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November 26, 2018

I’ve been making a conscious effort this November to make sure I make time for me. I’ve been ensuring I properly rest and recharge, particularly as we come into winter when short days and rubbish weather mean it’s easy to become sluggish and run down. 


In fact, new research by E.ON* has revealed that 42% of Brits admit to having lower energy levels at this time of year and needing a recharge, and around half (44%) of us are feeling more drained this year compared to last. Cheery eh!

With just 35 days left of the year I’m trying to get in good habits this side of Christmas so that come New Year I’m already on my way to bucking the trends and having a positive, productive and fully charged 2019.

Here are my top tips for unwinding and recharging –

1) Keep Busy…Doing Nothing

Nearly a quarter (23%) of us say we feel more drained because we’ve not had time to recharge our mind, body or soul.

I’m notoriously terrible for taking downtime – mostly because I feel guilty for doing so! There’s always something I *should* be doing, rather than sitting back and relaxing.

I find reading so good for my soul. Audio books are amazing as you can get absorbed in a story, and still get things done.

I like to listen to one while cleaning and doing chores, so I don’t feel guilty, or get stressed that there’s lots of other things I “should” be doing. Plus it makes cleaning the bathroom go super quick! 

Colouring books can also be a great way for people who struggle to relax sit down and take some down time as you’re still doing *something*.


2) Exercise – No Matter How Tired You Feel 

16% of people say that not exercising makes them feel drained. As I said in my last Fortnightly Round Up post I’ve been making an effort to go for a good walk at the weekends to get some fresh air and light exercise, even if I’m not feeling like it at the time.

I always feel so much better after exercising
– even if it is just for half an hour or so. 

I feel less sluggish, my mind is always clearer, and it’s great for mindfulness to focus on the surroundings of where you are. (Plus combining it with a coffee is a nice treat!) 


3) Banish the Sunday Blues with Bath Time 

You literally cannot beat a good hot bath to unwind. Throw in your favourite bath bomb, bath salts or bubble bath, turn on your favourite film or grab a book, light a candle and relax.

I’ve started to build bath time into my Sunday night routine – it’s a great way to keep those back to work blues at bay. It also gets me nice and relaxed ready for bed time so I start my working week nice and refreshed and recharged. A good nights’ sleep is invaluable!


4) Indulge your Passions

Yes my love for Harry Potter is borderline obsessive, but who cares?! Surrounding yourself with the people and things you love most can only do good things for your mind, body and soul.

To me HP is comforting and familiar – I grew up with Harry, nothing soothes me more than Stephen Fry’s voice reading JK’s genius words and I find it both relaxing and invigorating to see how the magical world has come to life.

I LOVE getting up early and going to check out the Primark Harry Potter range, adore visiting the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios and always have the audio books with me, wherever I go.

If it makes you happy, then why not!


You can find more top tips from health and well being experts at at – including mega babe Melanie Sykes. 

She always looks fully charged so I’m definitely taking her tips on board for 2019!

What are your favourite ways to recharge your batteries? 

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*This post was sponsored by E.ON, to help advertise their wide range of products and services. Although I was paid for this advertisement, all views – and Harry Potter excitement – are my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.

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