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August 22, 2013

Blast from the Past!

I saw one of my fave bloggers @KirstieLouiseS of A Yellow Brick Blog had recently done The 90’s Tag! Being a 90’s child myself and loving all things to do with this FAB era, I decided to fill it in too! Let me know if you shared any of my experiences!

1) Favourite Disney Film

Ahh so many to choose from! They don’t make them like they used to, and for me the best ones will always be the 90’s releases! I LOVE Aladdin and The Lion King – such amazing sound tracks! Although not strictly released in the 90’s, I also grew up watching Mary Poppins – I was always dying for a tea party on the ceiling! And I also love love LOVED Bedknobs and Broomsticks! Bobbing along, bobbing along, bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briney sea! And have you spotted it is BRUCE FORSYTH who plays the thuggish assistant in the book shop who threatens to stab Charlie?! I KNOW!! The Little Mermaid was also constantly on in the background at my house, but Ursula used to terrify me and I’d follow my mum around for the rest of the day after watching it! Wuss!

Some of my Disney collection

2) Favourite Music Artist

Like all 90’s girls I was a big Spice Girls fan! My best friend had a Spice Girl birthday party where we all dressed up as our chosen Spice (I was Baby), only played Spice Girls CDs and ate spicy food. Best party EVER! I don’t think a single lunch break went passed in Yr 5 where the school playground wasn’t filled with groups of girls making up dances to Spice Girls songs! I also had hundreds of the “Now…!” CDs – essential for summer holidays! Haha how funny thinking about going away on hols and my entire handluggage backpack was filled with “Now…!” cd’s! Thank goodness for iPods! I was never a huge obsessive boyband lover, I did however have a HUGE poster of Peter Andre from the Mysterious Girl video, which my mum bought for me when we went to see him for my first ever concert!

3) Favourite candy / sweeties?

Weirdly I used to always spend my pocket money on Polos! I was obsessed with mints when I was little! So much so that when I go into the sweetshop by my parents house now, the lady who still works there always says “Ahh it’s little Emma with the mints”! I was also a massive fan of Sherbert Dip Dabs (and was very excited when I found them on sale at Sainsbury’s last month!), cola laces and candy braclets – tasty and stylish! 🙂



4) Favourite Game (Board Game, School Game)

My brother and I went through a stage one school holiday when we would play Monopoly EVERY DAY! Haha must have been a rainy summer that one! I also used to play Shark Chase and Mousetrap (and remember always being disappointed when it was FINALLY time to set off the trap, but it never ever worked properly without a few extra helping prods!) Some of my older friends used to have DreamPhone which I was always desperate to have but wasn’t allowed as it was “too grown up!” haha! I also used to love my electronic GameBoy (this and all the little cartridges would also fill my holiday backpack!) especially Paperboy and a Barbie shopping mall game! Ahh I wonder if my parents still have my GameBoy?! Would love to get that out again!

5) Favourite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy?

Happy Meal toys were always a bit hit and miss, but I remember once they were giving away Micro Machines for boys and mini Barbies for girls. That was McGreat! The best thing though was I remember in Pizza Hut once they did a Land Before Time theme (awww I LOVE that film!!) my brother and I got incredible rubber hand puppets! Mine was of Cera and he had Spike! Well done Pizza Hut, well done!

I love Land Before Time!

6) Favourite Book?

I used to love old fashioned books when I was little, especially Enid Blyton’s Mallory Towers series and The Famous Five. I now collect old copies of The Famous Five books and love searching second hand book stalls for them! I also LOVED the Sweet Valley series, and would read all of them, from Sweet Valley Kids right up to Sweet Valley University (though not sure I quite “got” it all when I was 10 years old!) I also collected all the American Girls books, which were really popular in Hong Kong, and based around 6 different characters, who were each set in a different period of history – so educational and exciting 🙂


7) Favourite Clothing Store

In Hong Kong I would run around outside all day, so would always be in shorts and a big baggy t-shirt! I used to love going to the Temple Street Night Market and choosing bright patterns and designs, and had loads and loads of Boy London t-shirts and an amazing watch which Rihanna would love to wear right now 😉 Back in the UK I’d always shop at Tammy Girl and Etam which were one combined shop in my local shopping centre! 

RiRi rocking Boy London!


8) Favourite Nick Jr Show?

We never had Sky or anything, but lots of the Nick Jr shows were on Channel 4 during the summer holidays and as part of BBC’s Live and Kicking (omg who remember’s that with Jamie Theakston and Zoe Ball?! Grabbit Rabbit anyone?!) I used to LOVE The Secret World of Alex Mack, and whenever I’d go swimming or take a bath would lie with my face just below the water to look up and pretend I had liquidised like she used to!


9) What would you watch when you got home from school?

When I was little I’d always watch Playdays, Brum, Sooty and Sweep, Lets Go Maths and Words and Pictures (again loving the fun /educational mix!) As I got older it was all about The Wild ThornberrysAs Told By Ginger (I used to love that unlike other cartoons she changed her outfits!), Animals of Farthingwood, The Racoons, Saved By The Bell, Sister Sister, Hang TimeGrange Hill, Heartbreak High and of course Byker, Byker, Byker, Byker Grove! (And many many more in my collage below!)


Ahhh so many amazing memories! I wish I could be a kid back in the 90’s again! Please let me know if you have filled in this tag, I’d love to read your answers!


xx emsypickle xx

Little Pickle! I’d totally wear that shirt today if I could!

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