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June 23, 2016

Festival season is well underway, with the mother of them all, Glastonbury, taking place this weekend. I’m a huge festival fan and love nothing better than covering myself in glitter and dancing madly in a field with a huge crowd! I love people watching at festivals and checking out everyone’s amazing outfits. We Love Wristbands* challenged me to put together my perfect festival fashion wishlist so here it is!


Quay Australia My Girl Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses with Pink Lenses – £30.00

Yes, yes, I know I keep banging on about my Quay Australia My Girl sunglasses, but I blimmin love them! The mirrored lenses are so on trend right now and I think the cat eye shape is really flattering. Festivals are all about fun sunglasses for me and I love the black marble frames and pink mirrored lens version of these. 

New Look Red Stripe Heart Badge T-Shirt – £11.99

How cute is this top?! You can’t go wrong with a little stripey tee and this one with its little love heart patch is so cute, and festivals are all about love aren’t they?! I’m a big fan of layering at festivals as you’re often out all day and into the night, so I always take heaps of cute tees which can be worn on their own, over a vest top or under a jumper.

NYX Face & Body Glitter – £5.50

I don’t tend to wear too much make up to camping festivals but one thing I do go all out for is BODY GLITTER! Why wouldn’t you want to shine like a disco ball of glory?! I’m allergic to rave paint so can never join in that fun, so I always make sure I’m sparkly and fabulous instead!

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Leather Saddle Bag – £38.00

A good handbag is key to a happy festival for me – it’s got to be able to fit all my valuables and essentials in, be sturdy enough to not buckle under the weight of all that glitter, hand sanitizer and toilet roll, and be nice and secure so things don’t go flying all over the place as I’m jumping around like a loon. And if you can get one that looks as stunning and festo fabulous as this one then Brucie bonus! This embroidered leather bag from ASOS is absolutely beautiful and it’s brightly coloured pattern is so fun and will brighten up any outfit. It’s also super practical too – with a wide leather strap, flap top and internal and external pockets to fit everything you need in. Bravo ASOS, bravo! 

New Look Grey Dungaree Pinafore Dress – £24.99

Dungaree denim is a classic festival look, but for me it’s got to be a skirt over shorts. Festival toilets are never the nicest and the quicker you can get in and out the better. No one needs to be faffing around with taking off buckles and straps and trying to hold them out the way of the long drop whilst pulling down your trousers and trying not to drop your handbag or lose balance and topple over completely into the questionable water on the floor *shudder*  The dungaree dress however means you don’t have any of these dramas! I love this grey denim pinafore from New Look and think grey looks a lot more interesting than plain black and will be great for hiding the layer of dirt which seems to engulf EVERYTHING at festivals!

Child of Wild Flash Metallic Tattoos – £20.00

I don’t like to take lots of jewellery to festivals as I’m always worried I’ll lose it or it’ll get knicked, and to be honest lots of swingy bling just gets in the way as I dance like nobody’s watching! Metallic tattoos are such a cool way to indulge in some fun body art or faux jewellery and you don’t need to worry about losing your favourite piece or family heirloom, and can just concentrate on having fun! They’re also super reflective and go with my whole COVER MYSELF IN SPARKLY STUFF vibe.

Boohoo Freya PU Coated Waterproof Mac – £40.00

A good waterproof is a UK festival essential. Seriously, no matter how much stuff you have to carry, do not overlook your rain mac! I love this bright yellow one from Boohoo and it’s so fun and bright for festivals but I think is also really chic for wearing in the real world too! Who said anoraks had to be boring?!

Ash Virgin B is Gold Metallic Leather Buckled High Top Trainer – £89.99

I’m all about sensible shoes at festivals – closed toes and full foot protection are a must for me. With British summer being somewhat unreliable to say the least, there’s bound to be a lot of mud and rain at some point and nothing will dampen your spirits more than wet soggy feet. These gold glittery Ash Boots* are so fabulous as well as being practical. They’re real leather so will keep the cold and wet out and the trainer style means they’re nice and light weight so perfect for carrying in your bag and trekking around in all day.

I hope you liked my festival fashion wishlist! I just need to sort myself out some tickets now, so I’ve got an excuse to buy it all! 

What are your favourite pieces to wear to festivals? 

Do you go for a more practical style or for full on festival glamour?

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4 responses to “Fashion // Festival Fashion Wishlist 2016”

  1. charlienin says:

    I WANT THAT DRESSCxCharlie, Distracted

  2. Sophie Stewart says:

    Some great picks! I love the bag! Sophie x

  3. Serene Kurd says:

    I love the New Look Dungaree pinafore <3Serene | I Am Serene L

  4. Helen C says:

    Ah such a cute post, I love festival style, I’ve been really into tribal prints at the mo. Those tattoo stickers look gorgeous, and fit the theme perfectly! 🙂 xxHelen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

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