Fashion // Donating your #NeverBeenWorn clothes to Oxfam

March 24, 2016

As you may know I recently moved (more about that here) and thought it was a good opportunity to get rid of some of the clothes which had been cluttering up my flat. I’m all about the new beginnings at the moment! I couldn’t believe the amount of things I found at the back of the wardrobe, stuffed into drawers and even in storage under the bed. Nobody needs that many clothes! I can definitely be guilty of holding on to things due to the good memories I had when wearing them, but I also found brand new items which I never quite found the right occasion to wear or (sadly more common) thought that “I’ll definitely slim into these and make them look AWESOME!” Well 9 times out of 10 that never actually happened and I forget all about them. They’re all now not my style and they’re just collecting dust when they could actually be worn and enjoyed by someone else. I decided to gather up all my excess pieces and send them off to Oxfam where they could be put to better use helping those in need.


Parcel service Collect+ recently ran a survey which discovered that 350 million items stay unworn and unloved at the back of cupboards in the UK, which have an estimated cost of £4.6 billion. THAT’S CRAZY! Now not only is that a massive waste of our hard earned dosh spent on unworn clothes, but imagine if that money had actually just been given to charity in the first place?! Better late than never eh?! So at least by donating your clothes to charity now they can raise funds to help those in need. Collect+ kindly decided to help me out on my quest to declutter my own life whilst helping others out and sent me a big box to fill with my unworn items to then be sent straight off to Oxfamwhere they can sold to raise money to help fight poverty worldwide.



I thought I’d give you a little look at some of the unworn items I’m sending off to Oxfamsome of which still even have their labels attached:

New Look Black Fringe Vest

I bought this ages ago purely so I could make my online order total up to get free next day delivery! You do that too right?! I had grand intentions of taking it back but it got swept up with other bits and bobs into the back of the wardrobe with label still attached and I never got round to it. And I wonder why I’m always skint! I actually really like it but it’s too big and the tassels just look silly hanging off my big boobs. It would be the perfect addition to someone’s festival wardrobe though.


River Island Floral Blazer

I bought this from River Island knowing I would wear it once at most, but it never actually got a wear at all! I really liked the floral blazer trend when it was huge a few years ago but I don’t think it’s terribly flattering on me. I adore the colours of this though so hopefully it can brighten up someone else’s wardrobe.


Primark Monochrome Tile Print Swing Dress

How cute is this little dress?! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on the rail, but sadly I have never actually worn it! I think the monochrome tile print is so pretty and quite timeless but unfortunately I find the material makes my hair really static! I always put it on but have to take it off before long as my fine hair starts sticking out everywhere!


New Look Black Shorts

I bought these shorts about five years ago but never wore them as I just don’t feel comfy in them. They’re a little too short to be becoming on me and I much prefer wearing the very similar pair I bought from Marks and Spencer’s which cover me up a little more. They’d look fab on someone a little bit more body confident than me.


Primark Grey Blouse

I love this little grey blouse from Primark but find it very tricky to wear so it’s never actually made it out the house! It’s very light weight and oversized – great for summer days when you want to be comfortable and cool but I just found it creases like nothing else! I’d put it on in the morning and by the time I was ready to leave the house it looked like it needs an iron again! 


Anne Taylor Loft Blue Dress 

I think this dress is so cute but sadly just doesn’t really suit my body shape. I bought this in New York at the end of my gap year and think I just got swept up in the moment of “you wont be in NYC again any time soon and you have got some dollars left to spend” mentality! The fact that I was coming back to a cold and rainy London didn’t help either – I just put the dress away with my hot weather travelling clothes and forgot all about it. I still haven’t worn it so think it’s about time it went to a new home. The nautical rope straps and neck tie are really sweet and different and would be perfect for taking on summer holidays, so hopefully someone can snap this up and enjoy it this year.


New Look Black Tassel Scarf

I bought this scarf with the intention of wearing it at Glastonbury to keep me warm in the evenings. In the end I didn’t take it and forgot all about it until I was packing up my flat to move. It’s not really my style now and I couldn’t get Glastonbury tickets this year so it’s time to move on!


I feel so much better for having a bit of a clear out – it’s a great way to free up space for new items and also brilliant to know you’re contributing to a great cause and helping those in need. On a stupid level I also couldn’t believe how many completely unworn items I had in my wardrobe and I also feel comforted knowing the clothes I loved but just couldn’t wear will finally get to fulfil their fashion destiny! Phoebe Buffay, I get you girl!

They say that charity begins at home – so it’s definitely worth having a look round yours and seeing what you can donate. To give you even more incentive, Collect+ are giving away 500 labels so you can send your clothes direct to the Oxfam hub for free – no cost to you or to Oxfam! You could also win a £50 shopping voucher to help you restock your wardrobe with brand new clothes you will want to wear! Everyone’s a winner!

To download your label to send off your unloved clothes to Oxfam and to enter to win a £50 shopping voucher just head to 

Which unworn items in your wardrobe would be better off given to charity?

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*This post is in collaboration with Collect+. All thoughts are honest and my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.

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  1. Pam Scalfi says:

    this is great! I definitely need to clear out my wardrobe asap! It's overflowing hahaPam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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