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June 1, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I went along to a press event where The Body Shop unveiled their new Virgin Mojitorange which launches on 2nd June. Oh em gee it smells AMAZING! I was kindly given a couple of items from the range to try and I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek ahead of their launch tomorrow. I will be front of the queue to buy the rest of the range I can tell you!


The Virgin Mojito range is a limited edition collection designed to be skin-quenching and refreshing to help you stay cool all summer long. It’s made up of five products which cover three key skincare steps: cleanse, moisturise and splash!


1) Cleanse

There are two products to help you cleanse your skin – an invigorating Body Scrub (RRP £15) and Shower Gel (RRP £4).

2) Moisturise

As well as a classic The Body Shop Body Butter (RRP £13), the Virgin Mojito range also includes a refreshing Body Sorbet (RRP £8) to smooth the skin.

3) Splash 

A completely new product, the Virgin Mojito Body Splash (RRP £16) is a fragrance cocktail for your skin, to keep you smelling fresh and zingy all summer long.

The two products I was given to try out are the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet* and Virgin Mojito Body Splash*.


Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet

The Body Sorbet was my favourite product from the range and is described as being a “Light and frosty body moisturiser with lime and mint extracts from the Carribean”. I absolutely adore the texture of this! Frosty is the perfect word for it. It’s very cool on the skin and feels almost like snow particles between your fingers but melts in beautifully, leaving me with soft, supple feeling skin. I can’t wait to use this in the summer as I hate the feeling of moisturising my body in the heat as it just makes me feel all hot and bothered and like I need another shower! This will be such a lovely product to take on holiday. It also smells incredible – very light and fresh, which again will be lovely for summer evenings.


Virgin Mojito Body Splash

I’ve never used a product like Body Splash before, but the idea is that it used as a final step on your skin to layer up and make the Virgin Mojito scent last longer. It’s described as a “Refreshing fragrance with lime and mint extracts from the Caribbean…to extend the feeling of freshness all day”.

It’s a bit of a messy product and I would definitely advise using it in the bathroom (probably standing in the bath or shower) as it is quite hard to be totally precise with your splashing! The fragrance is in line with the rest of the range – light, fresh and zingy, and sinks into the skin easily without being oily. I think I will get most wear out of this in the evenings when I can take my time getting ready as I am usually in such a rush in the mornings and would definitely sacrifice this step for an extra few minutes in bed! However I think this would be a lovely product to use if going to a day festival to help layer up a nice fresh scent on your skin before facing a full day out and about.


I really love the Virgin Mojito range and can’t wait to pick up a few more products from the collection. I’ve particularly got my eye on the Shower Gel and Body Scrub as the zesty scent is just what I like to use in the shower and would kick start any day beautifully.

Will you be picking up any of the Virgin Mojito range when it launches at The Body Shop tomorrow? 

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*Big thanks to The Body Shop for letting me have a sneaky peek at their new range, particularly the Body Sorbet and Body Splash. All thoughts are honest and my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.

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4 responses to “Beauty // The Body Shop New Limited Edition Virgin Mojito Range”

  1. Stephanie Hartley says:

    I was eyeing them up in the body shop today, the colour is so pretty and I'm glad you reviewed the Body Splash – I had no idea what it would be like!Steph –

  2. Chloe Friend says:

    These sound amazing! The sorbet looks like something I need in my life 🙂

  3. LeviJade says:

    I love The Body Shop! Really want to try out this range! It sounds like these would be a great wake up call and great additions to my morning routine! LeviJade xx

  4. Emma Heapy says:

    Roll on payday so I can pick some of these up! xxGlossy Boutique

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