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February 2, 2015

Now I know I’m probably a bit too old to be making a birthday list BUT it is my birthday in a couple of weeks and they are super fun to make so here are a few goodies I’m lusting after at the moment…


Measuring Spoons  // Paul Costello leather satchel // Disney Balloon // Le Volume de Chanel Mascara // Clintons Fresh Sea Salt candle // Soap and Glory Brow Archery // The Cove DVD // Baking Thermometer

Measuring Spoons

I absolutely love to bake and the last few times I’ve been making something I’ve found myself thinking how useful these little measuring spoons would be to help add just the right amount of ingredients.

Paul Costello Leather Satchel

My favourite bag is my vintage leather cross body Longchamp one which I use day and night and is perfect for every occasion. It’s starting to look quite battered and I’m worried that one day soon it might just fall apart completely so am looking for another good quality everyday bag I can use to alternate it with. I love the simple yet classic look of this Paul Costello satchel and it will be nice to have a black bag as my Longchamp is navy. This one looks like the perfect size for fitting in all my every day essentials and nice and secure for when riding on the Tube. 

Disney Balloon

I love balloons (except when they pop – terrifying!) and would always be envious of the kids who would wander around shopping centres with them when I was little. This year my boyfriend is taking me to Paris to celebrate my birthday and we’re thinking of spending one day at Disneyland ParisBEYOND EXCITED! I am definitely going to buy myself one of their helium balloons to bring home if we do go and I don’t care how many funny looks I get riding the Eurostar home!

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

I have really sensitive skin around my eyes so always struggle to find a mascara which doesn’t irritate and aggravate my skin **sigh** I recently got a sample of Le Volume de Chanel and am happy to report that I’m not allergic to it hurrah! I’ve also been blown away by the amazing volume it gives my lashes too so would love to get my hands on a full sized tube.

Clintons Fresh Sea Salt Candle

I popped into Clintons after Christmas to see if they had any Yankee Candles in the sale. Sadly they’d sold out of Yankees but they did have this lovely Sea Salt scented candle. It’s a really fresh, natural smell and would make my flat smell amazing.

Soap and Glory Brow Archery

I’ve had my first foray into Soap and Glory make up this Christmas and am really keen to try more. I’ve heard so many good things about the Brow Archery pens and think it’s just the thing to give my eyebrows a little pick me up. 

The Cove

I became weirdly obsessed with the documentary Black Fish last year and have watched it several times. It’s actually quite morbid when you think about it as it’s about the mistreatment of killer whales held captive at Seaworld and how this has resulted in a psychosis which has sadly lead to the death of several humans. I’ve heard of a similar documentary The Cove focusing on the mistreatment of dolphins during the filming of Flipper and would be quite interested in watching that too. 

Baking Thermometer

In October I tried my hand at making caramel and toffee. Recipes for both recommended using a sugar thermometer to make sure the correct boiling temperatures were reached and unfortunately I just had to guesstimate and see what happened! The caramel was a success but the toffee did not work at all! I’d love a baking thermometer to help me tackle more recipes this year.

What’s on your birthday wishlist this year?

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2 responses to “Lifestyle // Birthday Wishlist 2015”

  1. Lauren Percival says:

    You're never too old for a birthday list! Loving that leather satchel, it's so cute! I really like the sound of the Le Volume De Chanel mascara, I love a good ol' voluminous mascara!Lauren

  2. Kirsty Baker says:

    Random but I got those measuring spoons for Christmas in my stocking aha they've come in pretty handy!

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