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December 24, 2014

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of reading Escape for the Summer by Ruth Saberton (read all about that here). I absolutely loved it and really identified with the characters so was thrilled to hear that Ruth was penning a Christmas sequelEscape for Christmas.


Escape for Christmas revolves mainly  around Gemma Pengelley your typical girl next door who, when we last met her over the summer, had given up trying to become a professional actress and instead opened her own bakery after falling in love with fellow battler of the bulge and ex premier league star Callum South. Gemma’s fun loving WAG-Wannabe best friend Angel is now happily married to her summer love Laurence and has wangled her dream come true – her own reality TV show Bread and Butlers which revolves around the gang as they work to restore Laurence’s family home -crumbling Kenniston Hall. Unfortunately Escape for Christmas doesn’t feature Angel’s sister Andi and the loveable Jonty from Escape for the Summer, but Gemma, Angel and all more than kept me entertained. 

The main storyline of Escape for Christmas focuses on Gemma and Cal’s relationship as they enter a bit of a turbulent stage following tensions at work and the ghosts of partners past. Gemma is desperate to get some alone time with Cal, away from the camera crews and the pressures of being on a reality TV show. Cal however seems to make Bread and Butlers his priority and has been very cagey about where his cash is going and why he’s been meeting up with his gorgeous ex behind Gemma’s back. Will they be able to make it up under the mistletoe or will they be starting the new year apart?


I really enjoyed Escape for Christmas and it got me perfectly in the festive spirit. Gemma was my favourite character in Escape for the Summer and I think is the most relatable of all the three girls, so I was thrilled that she was also the main focus for Escape for Christmas. Once again she was so likeable and I could see traits of myself and my best friends in her too. We saw less of Angel this time around but I have a suspicion Ruth might write another sequel focussing on her (please do Ruth!!) I’d also love to read about what Andi’s been up to too! (I told you I was a massive fan of the series!)

There were also some fab new additions to this novel including Laurence’s hilariously outrageous mother Lady Daphne and Cal’s outspoken family, especially Mammy South, who provide some real laugh out loud moments.

I also really enjoyed having a peek behind the scenes of a reality TV show. I’m a big fan of TOWIE, MiC and the like, so loved getting a sneaky look behind the scenes of Bread and Butlers. I’ve not read anything which focuses on this before so it was nice to read something completely different.


I am so glad Ruth wrote a sequel for her Escape girls. Gemma, Angel and Andi are such great characters and I’ve loved following their stories for a second time, and seeing how they’ve progressed. It’s also so much fun meeting their new friends and characters along the way. Ruth has a wonderful way of writing so that you really do feel as though Gemma and all are your friends and reading her books is (cheesy as it sounds) like sitting and having a catch up with your mates and hearing their hilarious tales of what they’ve been up to unfold. I can’t wait to see what else Ruth has in store for these characters, and in her other books for 2015.What are your favourite books for getting in the Christmas mood?

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2 responses to “Lifestyle // Book Review – Escape for Christmas by Ruth Saberton”

  1. Lemontierres says:

    Lovely review <3 it seems to be a really festive book!

  2. Claire says:

    Sounds like some perfect Christmas chicklit, right there!

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