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December 11, 2013

Novelty knits

Everyone loves a Christmas jumper, whether they be tacky, traditional, naughty or nice. They’ve become particularly popular in the last couple of years due to the Christmas charity campaign by Save The Children. Friday 13th December is this years Christmas Jumper Day, so I thought I’d share my top of the tops (see what I did there?!) with you!

1) Blue Chelsea Girl Cracker Jumper – River Island, £25

2) Mint-Green Fluffy Fairisle Christmas Jumper – New Look, £27.99

3) Snowflake Knitted Jumper – H&M, £14.99

4) Christmas Cat Sweat – Topshop, £29

5) Polar Bear Jumper – George at Asda, £16

6) Snowflake Sweater – Next, £32

7) Wildfox Christmas Jumper – ASOS £205

8) Pale Blue Polka Dot Pudding Christmas Jumper – New Look, £27.99

So there are a few of my festive faves! There’s so many about this year, with something to cater for all tastes and budgets!

I know I’ve posted it before, but wanted to give you a quick snap of my new Christmas jumper which I bought at Primark for £10. I have always been a massive fan of Coca-Cola, and the Holidays Are Coming advert really does mark the start of the festive season for me, so as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it!

Will you be wearing a Christmas jumper on Friday to help raise money for Save The Children? If so, which one are you going to go for?

xx emsypickle xx

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