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November 7, 2013

Witness the fitness

As you may have seen, I’m a MASSIVE fan of baking, and for the last 10 weeks have undergone my Emsypickle’s GBBO Challenge– whereby I’ve baked along with the theme of each week’s The Great British Bake Off. Needless to say, I’ve definitely eaten more than my fair share of sweet treats over the last couple of months and am not feeling my best! With 7 weeks till Christmas (wahooooo!) I really want to try and get a bit fitter and healthier before the Season of Overeating begins!

I feel like I’ve become quite lazy in the last couple of months- spending my Sunday mornings baking, rather than making the half hour walk to do the food shopping; taking the lift instead of the stairs at work, and spending my lunch hour eating at my desk with friends, rather than going to stretch my legs.

I have a gym membership, but have to admit I very seldom go! And apparently you don’t lose pounds or build strength purely by carrying around the card in your purse! (A girl can dream right!) In fact I’ve been so little – read NOT AT ALL – in the last 2 months, that I’ve had an email from them asking where I’ve been haha!

So I’ve decided that with 7 weeks to go, I’m going to get motivated and get fitter before Christmas! (And I’m really hoping I catch the fabled “Exercise Bug” I hear people talking about, where they actually want and look forward to exercising! Who knows, I may even continue my health spree after The Big Day!) I’d love to do some kind of sponsored run etc in 2014, and right now I don’t even run for the bus as it seems a bit too much effort! So I think if I try and kick-start myself now, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be fit enough to do one in the new year!

So here’s my little pledge to myself. I’m going to make small changes, like using the stairs not the lift, making sure I go for at least a 10 minute walk every lunchtime, and I’m going to go to my gym!! I don’t like working out in the actual gym, but love a good dance aerobics class, so need to get down to one of those! If I shimmy and shake enough now, perhaps I won’t feel too guilty about sitting around and eating lots over the Christmas period! I’m also going to try to not eat too many sweet treats either, as it’s become quite an unhealthy habit! Wish me luck, I fear I may need it 🙂

Are you on a pre-Christmas health kick?xx emsypickle xx

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7 responses to “Lifestyle | Pre-Christmas Health Kick”

  1. Christina L says:

    good luck! I'm sure you will do well, send me some motivation pls haha x

  2. amy says:

    Good luck!!! I'm trying to push myself to go jogging again but it's not really working. It's so easy to exercise but just having the motivation to do it can be tough and that's what I lack…… I also love food too much and I could probably eat forever. xxx

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