Midweek Manicure | Models Own – Indian Ocean

August 14, 2013

Mermaid nails!

Models Own is one of my absolute favourite nail polish brands. They have such a huge range of colours, and some really great collections and they’re all just £5 per bottle! Amazing! I decided to try out one of their polishes from the Beetlejuice Collection, which change colour depending on what light / what angle your nails are at – exciting! I went for the super pretty Indian Ocean, which looks so amazing in the bottle and reminds me of a mermaid’s tail, it immediately drew my eye!

It is just as pretty on the nail as it is on the bottle! A gorgeous translucent, icy blue which has pretty pink glitter shimmers in. It makes me think of a sort of other-world, under-water colour and reminds me of the iridescent sheen of an oyster shell (or mermaids tail!) This translucent shimmery finish makes it a very hard polish to capture on camera however! Still, I did my best, trying to get lots of different angles and lights to show each depth of colour:

You can see the pink and blue here
The pale blue almost looks grey in some lights
You can really see the oyster shell effect here

In direct sunlight you can see how cool an icy blue it goes

Gorgeous pure blue

The pink shining through in the shade

I really like Models Own brushes as they are quite wide and easy to manage, meaning you don’t get many streaks as you sometimes do with a narrower brush. Indian Ocean was no exception, and applied well giving an even coverage of the nail in one sweep. It is quite a thin looking polish, but the multi-tonal colouring and added depth of the shimmer mean it helps to hide this somewhat. I applied two coats and you can still clearly see my tips, however I think this works nicely with the oceanic look of the polish, and looks just like how your nails do when under water. Indian Ocean really is the perfect name for this polish!

It really is such an interesting colour and finish, and unlike any other polishes I’ve seen. I often find myself stopping and staring at my hands, making the colour switch and shimmer! As well as being a very interesting colour, I think it’s also very wearable. The blue is quite a pale, calm colour so could be fine for work, but the pink undertones perk it up and make it fun for playtime too! I think it is also perfect for all year round wear – the icy blue reminds me of winter, however the sparkle and warming pink glimmers are very summery.

This photo really shows the pink and blue multi-tonal colour well

I really like Indian Ocean, it’s so versatile and different to everything else in my collection. It’s perfect for days when you can’t decide what colour to wear, as it’s mixes between the pink and the blue – which also means it goes with loads! I shall definitely be giving some more of the Beetlejuice Collection a go!

What do you think of this colour? Are you a fan of Models Own nail polishes?

xx emsypickle xx

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