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December 22, 2015

I absolutely LOVE a murder mystery night! My friends and I have done the at-home dinner party evenings, stayed at hotels for murder mystery weekends and taken part in several London based detective activities too. Joe Blogs recently invited me to a murder mystery evening with a group of other bloggers and Agent November so I couldn’t wait to put my Sherlock hat on again!


After filling out a disclaimer / waiver form (this was a pretend murder mystery right?!) and being given a detectives fedora hat to make me look the part, I sat down to meet my team and have a quick drink and some nibbles. We were then whisked upstairs to investigate our crime scene! 




All contained in one room, Agent November poured us all a glass of wine, give us a quick pep talk and then told us that it appeared our wine had also been spiked with the deadly poison which had killed the poor victim. Yikes! With just one hour left to live we had to find clues, discover who had links to the victim, work out any potential motives, solve the crime and drink the antidote to save ourselves. Easy right?! Whilst there were a few moments when we thought we’d never succeed, we actually did really well – finding hidden objects, working out riddles and cracking clues (turns out I’m great at deciphering morse code!) and we actually solved the mystery and drank the antidote (more wine) with 5 minutes to spare hurrah!  We had to be careful about taking photos in the room, to help prevent any one reading this post from seeing sneaky spoilers which could ruin the experience for them, so there aren’t many to show in this post I’m afraid!


Whilst we waited for the other team to finish (who were in the room next door and weren’t progressing quite as successfully as we did!) we all had a play on some of BGO’s online games, which can be played for fun or for money. The other team (now sadly officially dead in terms of the game as they didn’t get to the antidote in time!) came in and we all had some delicious food and drinks and swapped tactics of how we’d all gotten on in the task.


It was a really fun night and a great alternative way to spend an evening with friends. It was also a really fun team building / ice breaking activity and although I’d never met anyone on my team before we soon got into the groove of working things out I together. I’m hoping to bring my team from work here for an away day activity too. Thanks for a great night BGO, Joe Blogs and Agent November!

Have you done any similar murder mystery activities?

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3 responses to “Lifestyle // Murder Mystery Night – #GamesOnTheBGO”

  1. Pam Scalfi says:

    ive never been to such thing! looks interesting!Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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  3. Leanne says:

    Gutted that I missed this it looked so cool! x

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