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February 11, 2014

Chow down in London Town!

Hello London fans! It’s time for week 2 of The London Blog Project, and this week I’ll be looking at some of my favourite places to eat and drink in the capital (and let me tell you, there are many! If I’m not shopping, I’m eating!) It has been very hard to whittle it down to my all time faves, so let’s see what made the grade….


We’re so spoiled in London with the huge number of places to eat and all the different cuisines to try. there literally is something for all tastes! As well as some amazing huge chains and big restaurants, there are so many small independent eateries, which I’ve chosen to focus on for this post.

1) Stingray Cafe, Tufnell Park

Stingray Cafe (in my humble – but well researched- opinion) serves the best pizza in London. A bold claim, but I dare anyone to try it and disagree! The pizza menu is vast, as are the pizzas themselves – huge sizzling plates of thin and crispy hand stretched dough, topped with plenty of fresh ingredients. They do an assortment of other meals too, but when they offer a special deal of beer and pizza for £6.95 why would you try anything else?!

TOP TIP: The chilli oil is incredible, and really hot. Nom nom nom!

The Capricciosa Pizza at Singray Cafe

2) Ariana II Afghan Restaurant,  Kilburn

If you’re craving a little bit of something different, the Ariana II restaurant in Kilburn is definitely worth a visit. Their Afghan menu is a mixture of kebabs, dumplings and rice dishes, all so delicious and richly flavoured. They have a great selection of vegetarian dishes too, and the portions are huge! The staff are super friendly and this is a great place if you’re looking to go with a large group.

TOP TIP: It’s bring your own booze too – another amazing reason to visit!

3) Yum Cha Silks and Spice, Chalk Farm

If Stingray Cafe offers the best pizza in London, Yum Cha does the best dim sum. This busy, bustling restaurant is always filled to the brim so it’s always best to book a table, but even if you have to wait I guarantee it will be worth it! Offering half price dim sum Monday – Wednesday this is the place to go if you want to eat a lot of good quality, traditional Chinese food super cheaply! Between us, my friends and I have pretty much tried everything on the menu, but I definitely recommend the mandarin ribs, salt and pepper squid and pork and prawn shumai. The staff are amazing, and have no problem with you keep adding to your order throughout the meal (seriously, one plate of the fat, juicy sesame prawn toasts is never enough!) . Go Go GO!!!!!

TOP TIP: Order as much as you can manage! It’s all delicious, and HALF PRICE! It’d be rude not to!

My last feast at Yum Cha


As with places to eat, there are also tons of great places to go out drinking and dancing in London. I have so many places I like to go, and could suggest loads ranging from quiet and quaint pubs, loud and lairy clubs and kooky, quirky cocktail bars. I’ve tried to pick one from each category

1) The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

The Southampton Arms is one of my favourite pubs in London. It has an amazing mix of clientèle- trendy Camden types, traditional old men types, normal just want a good drink types!  The Southampton sells locally brewed beer and cider (which makes it super cheap too!) and the best selection of bar snacks ever! Home-made scotch eggs, sausage rolls and hot pork baps YUM! It’s got a real old school authentic feel to the place, with traditional style interior décor and wooden pews, and an open fire crackling in the corner. Perfect!

TOP TIP: They only accept “real money”, no cards allowed so bring plenty of cash. Told you it was old school!

2) Freud Cocktail Bar, Shaftesbury Avenue

Best casual cocktail in London? Head to Freud’s! Set in a basement on Shaftesbury Avenue, Freud’s is a small concrete cavern of cocktail glory! Art and photography for sale lines the walls but the main thing you’ll stare at is the HUGE board of cocktails behind the bar! The menu is massive and drinks are about £6-7 each (hey, this is London!) but they’re mixed well, and there’s plenty of throwing and shaking to entertain you. The Moscow Mule is particularly amazing.

TOP TIP: If you’re going at the weekend get there early. A relatively small bar, it gets filled up very quickly.

3) Hootananny, Brixton

Hootananny’s is such a fun night out. It reminds me a bit of Brick Lane’s 93 Feet East in that it has a lovely large outside area (with an excellent burger van!) But is a lot more unadulterated and unpretentious. Live bands often play here (I saw an incredible ska band I can’t remember the name of), and there’s a large pool room area at the back, so something for everyone. Its always really lively and the crowd always super friendly!

TOP TIP: Go on, treat yourself to a boozy burger!

Phew! That was harder than I thought to whittle down! I love exploring all the different places to eat and drink in the city, so could quite happily bang on about my top spots for hours!

If you missed last week’s post about my fave shopping haunts you can read that HERE. And don’t forget to check out next Tuesday’s post which will be all about my favourite sights and attractions to see and do in London.

Let me know if you’d like me to do more posts like these in the future, looking at my fave restaurants, bars, burger joints etc. And please comment below with your favourite places, I’m always looking to try somewhere new!

xx emsypickle xx

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12 responses to “Lifestyle | The London Blog Project, Week 2 – Food & Drink”

  1. Whatlouiseisloving says:

    Fantastic post. I love finding new places to eat in London and I agree Hootananny is such a fun evening out!

  2. New Girl in Toon says:

    I wish I'd discovered blogs before leaving London, I could have found so many new places to try ..I was living there 5 years and missed so many lovely places! I think I'd best arrange a trip back soon! x

    • Emsypickle says:

      Yes, you'll have to come back for a visit! It's more fun as a visitor too, as you don't feel so guilty for going to all of the above haha as it's holiday time – splash out lol! xx

  3. April Beautiface says:

    Oh wow, such great places to eat 🙂 I think I might break my resolution to only eat out once a week…. April xxx

    • Emsypickle says:

      Haha I have to set myself these sorts of limits too, or I'd eat out for every meal lol! I'm LOVING taking part in The London Blog Project! xx

  4. Angie SilverSpoon says:

    What fabulous foodie finds and hootananny looks like great fun!!

  5. Lynsey @ Eternally Wanderlyn says:

    I adore London and miss it every day. I will definitely be keeping up with this series. 😀

  6. Nicola Bishop says:

    I'd love to see more posts like this 🙂 xx

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