30 Day Snap | Day 8 – Primark Haul

Always time for shopping!

So in between all the soaking up the sun, Wimbledon watching and festival fun this weekend I managed to take a little trip to Primark, and came back with quite a big bag!

I got…..

  • 3 x pairs of shoes
  • 3 x dresses
  • 2 x knee high tights
  • 1 x sunglasses case
  • 2 x sunglasses (actually from TK Maxx)

……And a partridge in a pear tree!

Phew! No wonder I needed a glass of Gin Pimms and lie in the sun after that lot!

The shoes are (almost) all sensible purchases – a pair of black pumps that will be great for work, the same pair in beige which will look cute with little summery skirts, and then a not-so-sensible-but-totes-adorbs pair of glittery eared mouse shoes 🙂 Everyone needs a pair of novelty shoes every now and then!

The dresses are all the same style but different colours – a really nice shift dress in floaty fabric ideal for summer! I got one in cream, cream with a red woodland bird motif and my go-to colour navy.

Knee high tights – pretty standard, don’t need an explanation really! And the sunglasses case which I thought would be good to protect my non-prescription sunnies which are usually relatively cheap but still need to be looked after! The material is a thick kind of rubber which will stop the lenses from being scratched and hopefully be sturdy enough to offer some protection whilst they’re in my bag / if someone (*cough* me) sits on them, which definitely happens more than it should!

As I’d bought a sunglasses case, I thought it only right I nab me some new sunglasses to put in them! So I stopped by T K Maxx and got a pair of Steve Madden aviators and Storm Wayfarer-esque glasses for £12.99 each! Blinding (or not, hopefully!)

Have you been shopping for summer?

xx emsypickle xx



  1. Lauren Konopacz
    July 11, 2013 / 11:31 am

    Zomg that floral dress! It wants to be in my closet too!!These daily snaps keep reminding me that it's important for me to move to London for permanent!!

    • Emsypickle
      August 26, 2013 / 8:48 am

      YES IT IS!! That is my ulterior motive for this challenge 😉 xx

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