30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 5 – Bon Jovi!

It’s My Life!

So first thing’s first – apologies this is actuallybeing posted on the morning of Day 6! The boyfriend went to bed early last night taking the laptop with him so didn’t want to wake him up! I got in quite late as I went to see BON JOVI!!

Livin’ On A Prayer!

My lovely cousin had a spare ticket so invited me along, and we had such a fun night! Hyde Park looked amazing with lots of fun fair rides, themed bars and farmers market style food stalls, all decked out in bright colours and fairy lights! We had a really fun evening chilling out in the sun and supping ciders whilst having a good old catch up! And of course, Bon Jovi was really great! I don’t know all his songs, but he did a really good set, mixing in his biggest hits with his lesser known (to me!) songs.


Are you going to any of the British Summer Time events in Hyde Park?


xx emsypickle xx


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